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Because of the Lockdowns and changes to the world, this work is following what is happening in the world with awareness that it is part of Agenda 21 and the Great Reset.

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This is a Living Light System of Health, not medical advice.



A Longevity and Rejuvenation Health System that is part of the Living Life Streams

and for Connecting in to the Living Energy Life Streams

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Detoxing, juice and other fasts,

High ORAC - high level anti-oxidant values,

Raw Fruit and Vege Dietary Lifestyles, quality natural health supplements,

Healing with Herbs, Seeds, and Fruits,

Vegan based, and Vegetarian Lifestyle,

Healthy organic fruits and vegetables for Rejuvenation and Beauty

Intermittent fasting, Bio-genic - which means life force generating, and more.

Genetic Disruption - non-living codes which invade the body.

And a TEACHING that was aware of altered CODES entering this planet. Academie




Does it matter how you BEHAVE in this world?

In today's world people often behave in an atrocious manner - through petty judgment of another/others 'enjoyed' as gossip, the already existent social distancing from those judged accordingly! The fun of considering yourself 'better than' and putting down or excluding another, indifference to others because you think you can etc are all examples of what are not polite, not good manners, and definitely not good breeding!

The 'art' of being a 'lesser person pretending to be a better person' and other quirks of bad behaviour may now in the times of a global pandemic, have to be revised.


In an ancient time, people had far higher standards in how they behaved towards each other, therefore a Happy World naturally followed.

How to Behave with Grace and Dignity for a Better World.

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Now you live in a world where people

AGE and DIE.

But in some ancient books and records you are told

that that isn't how it used to be.


...........Once upon a time,

People lived in a place described as PARADISE.

They lived with higher values and behaved with far higher principles than how it is in this world and the people were always DIPLOMATIC and POLITE to each other.

They were always CONSIDERATE of OTHERS and the FEELINGS of OTHERS.


................................made the difference.

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is not just a System for Health, Rejuvenation, Longevity, Wellness,


and how to BEHAVE to make a Better World.


It is also a story of a planet and a universe that existed before TIME began,

and a Mystery of How this ASTRAL UNIVERSE Became Your Home


It is thought that somewhere between the dates of 2023 nd 2034 - during the NEXT Solar Maximum - is the time when this planet begins to reverse its journey and return to where it originally came from.

- Which is a place where 'this planet belongs to those who are the

....................gentle, the kind, and the innocent'.


Academie section on Virus Resistance Health.



NEW BOOK coming for 2020!

How to Behave with Grace and Dignity ....... Intro article


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There are absolute basics which are part and parcel of the natural approach to Healthy Living and Rejuvenation. Yet there is also one vital and foundational necessity which people have been taught about.

That is the existence of a Living System that this planet was disconnected from.

A place this planet was actually once part of, that was a higher frequency and more LUMINOUS and ETHEREAL.

Certainly, detoxing, juice and other fasts, quality health supplements, organic fruits and vegetables, intermittent fasting etc are on that list, but the most important one of all relates to something that was done to this planet which CAUSED AGING and the DEATH of the BODY, and also created a 'false reality' and 'world of illusion' which has now produced a world with mental health issues for pre-teens, teens and adults alike.




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How to Behave with Grace and Dignity


(general intro) General Acceptable Standards for Beginning to Connect to the Real World - Higher Realm

                 *The 'Fruit' and the 'Tree' of the Living Life Streams     


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