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As mentioned, there are two types of people on this unusual planet, and those from the lower realm do tend to accept what they are told because they do not see as complete a picture of their world reality as it actually is.

Alternative news sources say that 'people are 'waking up' but I don't get to see many - or any - of them here

where I am in Mexico in a place full of western tourists, mostly from Northern America but also the UK, and some Europeans. They have all been jabbed.

The 'Red Pill' news may be freaky - but it was said that the world would be watching a 'movie' after Jan. 2021. A movie with cgi, body doubles etc until the event (whatever it is) being waited for, actually happens. In the USA there are procedures that come in when TREASON has been discovered. Treason on a world scale. There were untold numbers of people involved, on all levels, and they were completely invisible.

It was necessary for these people to identify themselves - and there was a way that they would do that. If you get it, then that is your answer to why there is a 'movie' playing out, and the reality is not what it seems to be.

It is also the reason why there was plenty of information given out warning right from the beginning, not to have the jab. Sources included professors from Oxfor University, Stanford, and Yale. Also why some of us had to get to a 'safe' country to see this through.

*But I do not want to freak anyone, or freak any 'lower self'. No-one has to "believe" what I say! It is interesting though. It has been implemented beautifully - with no interference from the masses and no civil wars because of it. As far as I can see this was the only way they could do this, they had to let the plan of these nutjobs go ahead so they could find out who was involved. Sadly large masses of people were jabbed. The understanding is that it was the real, intended jab, and people have begun dying in large numbers explained as SADS - Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. With this happening it raises questions and begins all important lawsuits.

As far as we can see, many of those who had this jab - sheep - are still absolutely clueless! ( March 5th 2023.)

From Pink Floyd 'ANIMALS'

The Zen of Sheep

and the looming collapse of the banking system/central banks. Listen again!

(2018 remix)

Average Humans are basically like sheep.

They wait to be told or shown what is happening in their world. They get shaken up a bit - find they are on the way to the slaughterhouse, and panic - then that changes, so they get complacent again, and pretend to themselves there never was anything that shook them in the first place! If they took note of what shook them up and researched the whole story, they would have a much clearer perspective than pretending there was nothing and waiting for it to surprise them again! But thats the weird thing. They don't research. They just wait. *The economists of the world are saying the banks are in trouble.


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