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My Own Experience with the 'Dark Side'.

This is exactly the first mistake I made when I began looking for 'spiritual answers'. As a teen, maybe 18, I began with Egyptian Magic yet had no idea what it was, I thought it was 'Hidden Knowledge'. Never stayed with the works I found but ended up with a few versions of it, and about 6 wasted years with one of the incoming energy works for that 'Dark Side' which was explained as being for bringing in the 'New Age'.

For the entire time I experienced progressively worse levels of doom, depression and sometimes worse. For some crazy reasoning I could not make the connection that the reason I was not very good with these energies was because they were dark energies. I thought the reason was because I was not 'good enough' with it - which made me persist even harder! Totally the wrong thing. That lack of being okay with the energies was not me being 'not good enough' but because they were the wrong energies.

Eventually, after seeing how doggedly determined I was to 'succeed' with this obviously wrong thing, those from the 'True Realm' stepped in and literally showed me I should make a move somewhere. I did, and in moving away from it I began to see what those energies were. Talk about slow to 'get it'! There was a definite sense of being a 'square peg in a round hole' - that is just something that was said, and I began to realise that was the reason I couldn't really do it. I cannot remember all the details but it did make a massive difference and I absolutely managed to break away.

Trouble was I then started looking again and ended up with another version of it! That led to a Kundalini activation which was enormously powerful, with waves of energy unravelling up the spine and then reaching a 'god' which spoke. Seemed a pretty reasonable 'god'. This 'god' has a good sense of humour, something noticed by others, but it is not the actual True Source. This is why we explain, show you why, and teach not to activate Kundalini. yet so many 'Yoga' places are ignorantly teaching this, including just up the road from where I am staying. Most will never activate it as I did, and they never actually understand what they are in actuality doing.

This energy is also the sex energy and is why that is used so much with satanism, also to get people, and why there is this twisted hateful and self-hate stuff with it, as it ends up having as much meaning as going to the bathroom. People generally hate themselves or laugh at themselves for it - a basic need apparently like the need for going to the bathroom - but are by then caught, it does seem to be a need with as much significance as that, yet leads them looking for endless 'bathrooms' instead of looking for the right 'bathroom' (to continue with that analogy.) So there is for some, a self hatred about it, but they have never understood that isn't what it is. They have been programmed into it deliberately but wrong.

So I could say, as the Kundalini activated (it was not an overly long process, but took a few weeks) that sex energy was overpowering, overwhelming, and I did not know what to do with it. Thankfully I was not in one of the many cults and what that was in that state, safely passed. But it is worth mentioning how powerful it is. The energies then activated up the spine. Those energies then took me to the 'god' who sits at the top of it - the misaligned path to the wrong 'god'. Most of those who have done this then think and believe they have found 'god' and reteach this mistake to others (like the yoga classes)

From this I realised it was the wrong 'god' and this was a very serious mistake to have made. I knew I had to get out of it - I never integrated with it - but this is why that 'Dark Side' brought so much angst, pain and disasters into my life - because it NEVER lets you go. But if you attach to the Higher Source that is positive, then the 'dark' has to let you go. It does not have the power to overcome that, but it still makes your life hell. The Higher Source is infinitely more powerful than the 'dark'.

I did not have an attaching entity, but I did have the Dark Force itself attacking me. I have explained some of the things - some of them very close to a potential death experience. I was poisoned, I sliced through a major nerve pathway, I had generally and endlessly bad things happening in my life. But I got FREE of it.

From early 2000's the energies to do with the change of the planet to positive (which is NOT the 'new age') began to hit this planet. From 2001 I had the same 'awakening' energies which registered with the Higher Self person here in Mexico in late March 2022. I had things like 'forcefields of Light' come in around me to protect me from my continuing ventures into the wrong works!

Eventually I understood.

My expectation is that after the positive energy establishes and the old system is completely removed - current info is that all that we have been told is about to happen and is 'approaching like a steam train, right now' - then I will be able to 'rebuild' everything - life, body, remove all the posion. When I was ill in January here, that was part of the same poison. It was a tiny version of what that had been, and I am glad because it got rid of what was still lingering there.


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