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The initial years of this work explained the damage done to the axis and central rod of this planet which made it tilt over

'to the left' and forced it to enter a Lower Universe. This is where it accessed the energy stream of the other exit point from this planet, which allowed the 'dark forces' to enter. The job of the 'dark forces' is to take this planet into a 'black hole' and end its existence. That just is what it is.

The energy is a duality, so it also has a good side that is 'light' yet it is still the same lower universe. This cycle of energy and this planet, which falls downwards then cycles upwards again, is called the 'Wheel of Rebirth' - it is simply the cycle of this planet. The spiritual goal however, is to get off this planet and its damaged cycle. The existence of this cycle is not good.

The mistake that people meant to go to the Higher Universe make, is identifying the good, upward cycle of this planet - which is the 'Wheel of Rebirth' (or Wheel of Shiva) that everyone here is trapped on - as being the Way to the True Reality. It isn't because it never makes that final connection that would take it there. It returns to the cycle. That is why it is called the 'Wheel of Rebirth'. So you still have to look for something else to get you Home Free.

We did as much as we could because this awareness had to be understood before the time we are at now, when the 'extinction agenda' began. The 'extinction agenda' and the exciting change to the positive side (of the same duality, same energy stream). .

So having very briefly mentioned that, it is noted that 12,500 years ago

(although time can vary) but basically 12,500 years ago, the major act of those who belong to the 'dark forces' was to force this planet to fall right into the Lower Universe where it would be a 'sitting duck' for the 'forces of darkness' to then begin the 'extinction agenda'. They succeeded in doing that. The planet does tilt because of its broken axis which makes it dip downwards, as it cycles through a 25,000 year rotation. The cycle, and therefore TIME exist because of that tilt. Without that, this world would be TIMELESS, as it is in all the Upper Universe.

If you doubt that 'people of darkness' exist, first you don't yet know how strong the religion of Luciferianism has been on this planet. Secondly, they are written about in the 'Dead Sea Scrolls' which were found hidden in caves in the Middle East and date back thousands of years. They are called the 'Children of Darkness', There are also 'Children of Light'. So there you go.


This planet 'fell' in a slow manner and in doing so accessed a lower realm,

it suggests it is possible that dark beings from that lower realm (reptilians etc) did have the opportunity to come to this planet.

That same lower realm also has good beings, and the lower realm is associated with the development of technology and advanced technology. It is still the lower realm - the lower universe.

In fact this small planet is possibly part of the remnant from an exploded planet in this lower universe, the Astral universe.

The explosion hured the pieces throuugh space, and iIt landed on a higher world 'spherical body'. You can visualize this as an invisible 'sphercal body' an etheric body, and the physical chunk of rock 'landed' in its outer atmosphere. nevertheless it then oriented to the 'True Source'. From there it was targetted and attacked from the lower realm to make it fall to access the lower realm.

That lower realm is also taught as the 'spiritual path', is accessed for 'astral travel', includes the 'good' side of the duality and if there are dark entities with craft, why wouldn;t there be good craft too? Its is still the lower universe.

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