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More of the story that led to the separation from the Higher Self, and connection into the Higher Universe.


Linkin Park - The Catalyst [Live]


Once upon a time, 12,500 years ago, there really was a 'war in heaven'.

Those involved in that war are the same people who had the 'covid agenda'. This was to be the next stage follow on from that 'ancient war'.

"I remember black skies. The lightning all around me. I remember each flash. As time began to blur........

Give me reason. To fill this hole. Connect this space between. Let it be enough to reach the truth that lies. Across this new divide." 'New Divide' Lyrics.

Consider the many legends kept by various people, The Nordic legends, the Dreamtime, the many stories of someone 'being put to sleep' by a 'poisoned apple' etc. These are ways that information was preserved. There are photos (if I can find them) of ancient wall carvings found in an Egyption tomb said to be 18,000 years old but certainly covering the 12,500 we are talking about, showing clearly what are modern day tanks, helicopters, and aircraft. Similar 'artwork' can be found in the Americas. But of course, some secret groups kept actual records.

Some of these Secret Scieties included the 'Thule' and the 'Vrill' and/or others which the Nazi leaders were members of. They had many ancient books with full instructions for what we would call today 'advanced technology' which eventually went over to America. Some of that world war was about getting hold of that technology, and those ancient books.

What is the story?

Around 12,000+ years ago this planet began its 'Fall' towards a lower realm which also accessed darkness (Sirius B the 'Death Star').

It is part of the 'religion' of Ancient Egypt. Before that fall, there was a 'battle in heaven'.

There are many records and sources indicating high level military equipment and planetary power systems in use many thousands of years ago. They were lost after the 'Fall' and the world went 'back to the Stone Age'.

Some of the 'records' exist carved in stone, not just hieroglyphs but carvings of actual military equipment and planes. An archeological dig in the Indus Valley dug far enough to locate an ancient city with enough radiation to indicate it was wiped out in a nuclear explosion.


"Asgard, Old Norse Ásgardr, in Scandinavian mythology, Asgard is the dwelling place of the gods, comparable to the Greek Mount Olympus  (the ancient Greek 'abode of the gods' and a similar legend).

Valhalla is the home of Odin   and the abode of heroes slain in earthly battle. Thrudheim, the realm of Thor". The story is that there was a battle in the skies, with weapons like 'thunderbolts of lightening' from 'Thor', and in the process Earth lost its 'Rainbow Bridge' connection with the Higher Self realm.  The part we are on now, fell into a lower realm and the 'Rainbow Bridge' connection was lost. This is what is reconnecting now.


New Divide



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