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An interesting idea that has been put forward is that :

Mankind was Living as, and were Monkeys until something altered their Brains.

That something was suggested to be a natural food source found in the areas most associated with the beginning of 'humanity' in the area once known as Lemuria. The food source was a mushroom also called Psilocybin mushrooms. These have a particular effect on the brain and it is believed this helped develop new and more advanced neural pathways.

Most importantly, they somehow learned to TALK and this is what led them to evolve. Other sources suggest this is what was given to certain species of monkeys/apes with the explicit purpose of raising them to an acceptably intelligent worker status. Of course there are questions like did monkeys and apes eat mushrooms (apparently they did!) and why didn't other animals eating these mushrooms also develop new neural pathways?



The Creation of Mankind, Neanderthals, and Monkey Man.

Once upon a time, long ago,

around 12,800 years ago, a comet from an exploded planet hurled through this solar system. The event was described as 'worlds in collision'. It was like a game of pool (snooker) where the first shot disperses all the balls.

A massive chunk of the exploded planet's central mass, landed on another planet. It gathered the 'prana' etheric energy of that planet around it's still active inner dynamo and the planet Earth came to be.

The planet which exploded was a tecnologically advanced planet also known as ATLANTIS (not a city, and described by Greek philosopher Plato). It was in the twin star system of Sirius. The 'twin' is a symbolism that has carried over with many symbols of 'twins' - twin spires on churches and cathedrals and twin towers etc. Being technologically advanced in no way meant consciously advanced, because it wasn't.

The 'people' from that planet came to the developing planet Earth. They were and are noted today as 'reptilian'. They were like the TV series 'V'. The planet Earth grew into a beautiful planet as it carried all the starseed DNA for the lush world that was the blown up planet. Then these 'V' 'people' needed to carry out genetic engineering in order to create a body they themselves could continue in, as well as create some people to become workers for them.

In a complex story that continues in the book, the creation of the 'workers' came about by upgrading an ape, a suitable monkey. This became the race of mankind - 'man' meaning 'with a mind/brain'. The existence of this creation is the reason the 'dark ones' - and 'dark forces'- who have been running this planet for 12,000 years wanted to remove this race with the covid and vaxx programme. However, that plan also included many others who were not their created ones.

Nevertheless, the race of mankind is a 'lower self' creation from an upgraded animal and some on this planet believed they had a right to remove them from the genepool and give them all the 'death jab'. They had to act at this time because the Earth is about to change polarity and they either had to stop that happening or have other plans (which is another topic).

However, others 'Higher up' determined that now these ones had been created, it was too late to uncreate them -

they must be given the chance to evolve to a higher status which would grant them - give them - eternal life. For this reason there are others who stepped in to stop the depopulation. Not everyone has gone along with the 'death jab' and depopulation agenda.

Even so, these ones MUST make a CHOICE of their own FREEWILL, to do what is needed to get to the Path of the Eternal Streams of Everlasting Life. Currently they are creations attached to the Path of Life and Death - Good and Evil/Sin and the 'Path of the Dead'.

The 'lower self' is the animal level. Not everyone can move beyond that status. There is a very great amount in the 'lower consciousness' that is still very low level and 'animal like'.

The Higher Self is the SOUL which is the only part of your existence which can enter and remain in the Endless River and Eternal Stream of Everlasting Life.


The 'Voluntary Euthanasia Programme' - via Mind Control

The 'deep state' want people to go out and kill themselves - which they have done in the millions, but not as many as who would have done. Those who are well and truly mind controlled say things like 'I don't want to hear any more about covid' - as if it is so overwhelming they simply cannot take hearing any information on it!

Then things like 'let's party and forget everything' or tune into their cell phones and 'switch off'. This is MIND CONTROLLED thinking and very unnatural, but is how you are intended to react. The key is in the sense that it is all 'too overwhelming' for them to think about - and that becomes successful Mind Control.

They say this nonsense because they are controlled. No-one thinking normally and for themselves says stupid things like these examples. These ones have undertaken 'Voluntary Euthanasia', that is, killed themselves. It can take 3 - 5 years before they too will just drop dead.

Other successful 'Thought Control' is 'that's negative thinking, I only think happy positive thoughts' - as said by my 'friend' Joanne 4 times jabbed and ready to drop dead, although she does not believe it. What is a belief anyway but something that has no factual basis to it but is defended as if it is real? The numbers of people in the SADS category - Sudden Adult Death Syndrome will increase over time to millions. Then they will begin to notice.



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