The Dark Force



Future Timelines, Sound Frequencies and Missing SOUND Frequencies. Future Earth, Future Consciousness, Lost Chord.


.......................Capture of the SOUL by the Dark


This is to show you what the 'Dark Force' is.

In short it is a powerful, hugely magnetic FORCE which attracts people who are 'negative', and it issues from the Supermassive Black Hole at the centre of this galaxy.

Because of this, the FORCE can 'capture' the soul and take it into the 'Dark Energy'. The soul then goes into reverse and can come back here as a normal human being, but is in fact a reversed being. Such ones only come back here to help take others into 'reverse' and ultimately to take the whole planet into the Black Hole. This would be the 'hell' spoken of. Just to be there on outside borders is bad enough, then there is the reversal.

That process is the spookey, yet real stuff of the soul's actual capture.

Lots of misery so the person does more negative things, which then helps turn them towards the 'darkness'. Once captured, or being shadowed by the 'Dark Force' - such as the person's Higher Self here which 'asked' me to remain here because I could 'hold the Light' and thus with the Light present which is coming in to help this person, gives a chance to break free and become a FREE SOUL

Earth is being pulled towards a 'Black Hole' which is incredibly close, about 1000 light years off the coast of Antarctica

and can be seen with the naked eye from that location (there is some kind of energy movement at the event horizon into a 'Black Hole' which shows where it is.) Because of the planet's cycle, the time now is when Earth pulls out of it, and will move away for the next 12,000+ years. This is why the military operation has been so important. There are people who have completely integrated into that dark energy stream and they did have full control of the planet, and practised a dark religion which included Black Magic but has a number of other faces to it, too. The United Nations has an office attached called the Lucis Trust but in the 1920's it was registered as the Luciferian Trust. So what has been happening on this planet over the last years has been extremely significant to successully moving into the energy stream which takes this planet away from the forcefield of the Black Hole. The multitudes of 'sleeping zombies' have no idea of what has been going on, but now you may get an idea about what has been happening. Its a Black Hole.

The Travis Scott concert in late 2021

was hypnotic for some people, and it was to lead a certain number, or perhaps it was as many as possible through 'the portal'. The picture on the left was a physical portal at the concert and at least 8 people died at that show. It was big news. Madonna did many shows like this, placing curses on the audience, and you may remember how she was dressing, it was totally satanic, and not hidden. It was all a preparation to take all the people of this planet into the 'Black Hole' presumably with the planet if they could get it. They didn't. I don't really want to put up any of her 'music' but I have a video which also includes the words that many of that audience are going to be dead soon.


This galaxy is a spiral.

It has an Upper Side and a Lower Side, called the 'Underworld'. It is not flat. The Upper Side of the spiral is Light and Positive. The Lower Side is Magnetic, Dark, absorbs energy and light, and is the 'negative' charge of the 'battery'.

This picture is the best I could find to represent what I wanted to show. The green represents the Upper Galaxy, the red represents the Lower Galaxy.

The Lower part of this galaxy is a super massive Black Hole.

This planet was in the Upper Galaxy but has tilted so is accessing the Lower Galaxy - and that is the energy of a Black Hole.

So, this planet is caught in the MAGNETIC FORCE that is the Black Hole. Although the hole exists near the centre of the galaxy, dead stars also provide pathways into the Black Hole. One such dead star has a pathway nearby to this planet.

There is a Black Hole very near by, which comes online so to speak during this part of the Earth's cycle.

It can be seen just off the coast from Antarctica. 'Seen' means there is some kind of energy movement which indicates when there is a Black Hole.

At this time the force is strong, it is also hypnotic - a reason why there are so many 'sleeping zombies' who have not seen what is happening, and think they are on holiday or living life as normal. The planet, by way of its cycle, does pull out of it. However, not all people do.

A typical 'sleeping zombie' is the usual tourist who comes here in Mexico, so fairly normal appearing people, yet those who have been programmed to just accept what they are told is true.

That is part of what's been going on, on this planet.


The planet has to change to the positive polarity.

As consistently mentioned there is to be a time called 'The Dividing of the Ways' when there will be a split between those who cannot adapt to the positive polarity of this planet. This is the 'sleeping zombies' and those with 'Dark Forces'. Those who are of the positive, Light side of the energy dynamic that makes up this planet's cycle of course, are okay. . Dividing of the Ways. Not sure when that time will be but one could assume that it happens with the switch to the new system.

The Dividing of the Ways is when the literal planet switches into the positive side of the 'battery' that it is. A lot of people are identifying themselves as 'negative' at the moment. The 'sleeping zombies', those who are now identifying with ET's and Sirius etc (yes, they are doing this!) , and those who have 'Dark Forces' which they did not attempt to release themselves from. As a majority of this planet cannot adapt to the positive polarity, it is possible the 'Nuke Alert' could be for real.

The planet has to change to the positive polarity.


Dividing of the Ways




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