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We have provided information for over 20 years, covering many ASCENSION related topics,

but specifically for the importance of understanding the 'Wheel of Rebirth' - which is considerably more important than the coming Ascension, but is not covered at all by the many online new information sources.

We are in the process of redoing this intro page to cover a number of different but related interests. We don't want to dive too soon into more in depth topics, but they do begin via the links.

This work also covers extremely important information on our world history and misrepresentation of reality, also the actual operation that is taking place on this planet, and it remains free of the incredible amount of misleading stuff that has been put out by those who started out as well intentioned 'truthers' and then found they had a very good income coming in from their online shows - so have had to keep coming up with content. .

People who come to this site which clearly is not an online show - even though that is the format that is easiest to follow - are AWAKE, and observant, thinking people - people who do actually think.

We urge you to consider the vast numbers on this planet who do not think and that our future as a Higher Consciousness world needs people who will help raise the standard.



If you have been following the Spiritual Health side of the teachings of this work, then you will NOT be aging in the way that is usually the case in this world.

This intro page will begin with

Health, Rejuvenation and Longevity

and further down,

The 'Planetary Shift Preparation Project'.



Watch Video 1 minute. In fact in more ancient medical teachings, they say that the circulation is what feeds into the Heart, which may well be the power vortex covered in this video.


Health & Restorative Youth.

It is important to remember that the cosmetic beauty industry is run by 'Big Pharma' and 'Big Pharma' is part of the 'agenda' and the 'sickness industry'.

We are presented with seemingly wonderful options now from fillers to the new style fillers which build collagen. But these products, like taking too many antibiotics as an example, stop the DNA and the innocent sounding fillers and the wonder product Hyaluronic Acid (which costs almost nothing to produce) now appears to damage the skin in the longterm by punching holes as discussed in the video below.

Rollers are okay as they do cause the skin to build more collagen in response, but Retin A although causing the skin to work in a frenzy at the beginning, apparently ceases to help the skin density after 6 months, and then according to studies discussed in videos, the skin loses the density! We will add the related videos.

Vitamin A pure oils, like Argan are good for the skin.

We will be adding more videos. But not the millions of youtube home businesses with housewives and nobodies presenting their shows. Nor celebrity cosmetic doctors as you can find them for yourselves.

One facet of our work is Health and Rejuvenation/Beauty, after all, most of us do want to look and remain youthful and healthy basically 'forever'.

Our work also covers current NEWS as the world plays out the agenda leading to the bankcruptcy of America and the CCP Marxist-Communist model some have planned as the replacement.

More important of all, is the SPIRITUAL NEWS. Yes the planet is going into its routine Ascension Phase of its long cycle, but the goal of SPIRITUALITY is to understand the 'Wheel of Rebirth' and how to get off that 'wheel' and back to the Eternal Living True Source System. Earth's Ascension does not do that! Links further down.


Say NO to Hyaluronic Acid!

New Video : Watch 14 minutes. Have we been misled?


Toothpaste Warning 

Watch Video 3 mins. 45 seconds. Yes, you know about this but a good video none the less.


The #1 Top Remedy for Dental Plaque (TARTAR)

Watch Video 6 mins.


The 'Planetary Shift Project'

also covers the mystical concepts from the indigenous people of Mexico, but mostly related to the very precise Mayan Calendar, which indicated the timing when 'this world' reaches its end. The Mayan Calendar is shown elsewhere. In the Book of Revelation, similar calculations also show what is called the 'End Times'.

Although various explanations and descriptions about what the imminent Planetary Shift in Frequency and Polarity is, right now this work is going to recommend taking care of your cardio-vascular system.

That is, the heart. It is very reasonable to expect that the heart may be challenged by this coming 'shift' so from a well being perspective we are looking at 'heart health'. One of the first things to consider, is make sure you are doing some kind of strength training with free weights, hand held weights and simply include a few sets and reps of that. This work will cover more on the 'health' topic.



We have a strong interest in HEALTH, restoring a longer natural lifespan - which should at least begin at being 120 years - and also all the healthy rejuvenation and regeneration that accompanies that.

One project we have followed is using SOUND. It is expected that as the changes come into this world, positive SOUND FREQUENCIES will be restored.

We don't have all these things added yet. Mostly we are focussing on the section added below. But much more is continually being added here.



This work will be adding a lot more on how to remain youthful, fit, healthy and looking YOUNG on a natural plant diet.


Plant Food and Natural Health

Intro to Herbs & Plants

Rejuvenation : Breatharianism : Regeneration


Why Die?



Sound Project.


Watch Video 21 mins.

Anders Holte SOUND

This is some of the sound this experiment was using.


This world, this planet, this universe, are part of the Illusion.




Please go to this page to Begin with Guidelines for Getting OFF the 'Wheel of Rebirth' and Connecting to the Eternal Living Source.




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