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Main Topic :

'Advanced civilizations' in this galaxy, entering portals into a new reality, communications with the 'spirit realm' also experienced after death etc are all OBVIOUS levels that a consciousness perceives as being the way to 'True Source'.

So obvious, that all the "enlightened ones" find they are still back here reincarnating yet again (which has to mean they are here to help humanity, right!) The Way to the Eternal True Source is what everyone keeps missing.

There are a few things that people keep getting wrong.

Certainly there are those who contact other 'galactic beings' and there are also Ancient Records which discuss creating life on other planets.

This then leads to a story that we humans were created by these 'Gardeners' and they check in on us periodically to see how we are doing. They don't 'interfere' but in fact they do! A lot of people think they are from these "advanced civilizations" and have been sent here, usually as 'star seeds' and their purpose is to interfere. Sorry, I mean help humans develop. If this resonates with you, and this is how you see communications and contact from ET beings, then it actually goes against what you are told in the BIBLE. The Bible explains that you are GOD's creation, and there is a higher reality beyond this galaxy, and its dimensions etc, and that reality is GOD's CREATION.

There is a creation however, that wanted to be like God's creation. Even to replace God, and ultimately kill God. That is the god of this universe.

So, do you think you are GOD's Creation? OR are you Lucifer's Creation?

Where you are now in this reality, this galaxy, is the opposition creation to GOD's Realm. It is Lucifer's creation.


Another thing that people keep getting wrong

- and it is believed this planet has been through its cycle of Ascension and Descending Phase many times before.

Ascension does not mean some kind of massive evolution for humanity.

It definitely is a positive change and huge difference, so different that many people here now will not be able to live or be on this planet once it fully moves into its Ascending Phase. But it is not an evolution of humanity. That is what the Luciferian Teachings teach.


On this page we are starting with knowledge that has been missing. Then there is a little news, and possible indicators of things that do not line up with True Source, and then we return to very useful sources who provide information from their own knowledge of and participation in, the Luciferian System. This was a very real shadow government, and a kind of 'religious order'. Even Pope Francis calls Jesus the 'Son of Lucifer who is God'. Not so! The links we give are also 'Lesson' sections.

There is a logic to the 'Lucifer' thing. The opposition to God's creation was Lucifer, and he/they created outside God, in disobedience. They do think they created this world. But the Bible tells us they did not create HUmans. HUmans were GOD's creation. They were part of the Higher Realm. Those who fell were the ones thought they could do the same thing. HUmans were not created by any 'advanced civilization' in this galatic reality. The entire galactic reality is the False Realm the fallen Luciferians created.

The fallen ones/Luciferians also then described as the Eloha which is the plural form you also know as Elohim (which means a collective of them) did create a lot of whatever this false 'world of illusion' is. It is very possible the physical landmass did come from a planet that was blown up - by them - and that was part of the problems of going too far with science/intellect and wanting to replace God. They also, as Nephilim, did create a worker slave genetic combo which was the monkey-human DNA. Before any of that there was True God's created HUmans, and the lineages from that. Also Eve and a mating with the 'serpent' produced the Nephilim, aka Children of Cain. They did run this planet with their technology for a 'long time'. Ancient Freemason Records seem to suggest a couple of hundred thousand years. They set up the Pyramid Free Energy System across the planet - but using the energy from the 'Death Star' binary star system Sirius. This was the rival to God's System. Eventually that energy - called the 'black poison' or eitr - caused an explosion in the energy system which channelled like a lightening through the centre of this planet, and damaged the axis, causing the strange phenomenon of the North Pole, the Great Cycle, and the equally satanic created zodiac cycle and solstices and equinoxes.

Why not take a break from obvious thinking and place the galactic fellowships, or logical progressions through 1,2,3 or so steps to 'perfect' on a back burner for a while?

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'Voice of God' Project Watch Video ... Also .. British Royals ... "Taking the Piss" ... A REMINDER OF WHAT WE ARE FIGHTING AGAINST ... Climate Change, The Great Disaster Cycle, Atlantis & More | The Culture War with Tim Pool Watch Video 2 hours and 11 minutes.


This work is a Spiritual Work of the Living Light Streams.

Our planet is changing, not by some magic, and not because humans have evolved to a higher consciousness, but because of its cycle.

Just because the planet Ascends now, and remains 'upwards' for many thousands of years, does not mean humans have 'ascended'.

Yes, it will be 'heaven on Earth' for a good few thousand years.

But it is not freedom from the all important 'Wheel of Rebirth' or a return to the Eternal Life Source.

The planet has 'Ascended' many, many times before, and then surprise, surprise, good humans find they are still back again in the world controlled by the cabal and 'dark forcers'.

The planet Ascends and Descends, but you still need to know

The Way Out of the 'World of Illusion'........... .


For those who are truly looking for the Eternal Living Source, also called the 'Living Waters', there will be a burning need deep within. Others may be drawn to psychic phenomena, space aliens, advanced technology etc, and if that is you, then this part of the True Work is not for you! You may find our articles of interest though because we do cover all that, and also the incredible benefits for HEALTH and REJUVENATION of a natural, plant based diet with some additional know how.

There are 'rules' which are guidelines for how to keep to the Way. Here is a basic intro:

Always be kind and considerate to others. Also to animals. .

Do not sit in judgment of others. That doesn't mean accept it all, but turn the other cheek.

Overcome negative emotions and issues like jealousy, lust, ego agrandisement, vanity, greed, gluttonly and slothfulness etc.

Keep to a vegetarian, and reduced dairy diet where possible.

A little wine with a meal is okay, but keep away from alcohol and drugs!

Respect your meaningful relationships with those who are in your life and part of your family.

Your life goes on into old age and into times when you may need those who love you to be there for you. Make having those who truly love you important to your life.

Let's start with some nice music to inspire the soul.

Pink Floyd - Surfacing

3 mins. This track has a very uplifting video.



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This work will be adding a lot more on how to remain youthful, fit, healthy and looking YOUNG on a natural plant diet.


Plant Food and Natural Health

Intro to Herbs & Plants

Rejuvenation : Breatharianism : Regeneration


Why Die?





This world, this planet, this universe, are part of the Illusion.


Rumi Where All Is Music. 2 mins. Mystic poems of Rumi.



Please go to this page to Begin with Guidelines for Getting OFF the 'Wheel of Rebirth' and Connecting to the Eternal Living Source.







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