SOUND for this planet's transition out of evil. NEW TRACKS ADDED REGULARLY DOWN THE PAGE. . Best viewed on anything but Google




CURRENT UNFOLDING WORLD NEWS for RESET is added in the News intro page.

Pink Floyd Project to Clear 'Darkness' Higher Frequency sound : Alan Parsons Project
Guidelines : Health Intro (Therapeutae and Essenes) : Herbs & Plant Healing

Health Intro : Herbs & Plant Healing : Guidelines :

Besides Health, Rejuvenation & Longevity, Topics this work also covers here : The Upper Realm/Universe and the Lower Realm/Universe which includes the current change to the GOOD side.

For this work we may call it a synthesis which cultivates energy - chi or prana - and is used for health benefits, breatharian practice, and for building stamina. More will be added. This page is still about the 'Sound' for awakening the Higher Self and clearing 'dark forces'. Not crystal bowls or chimes, but Pink Floyd! We are moving into a new FUTURE that has nothing to do with the last 5,000 years (although this writer does have a diploma as a teacher of Hatha Yoga.)


The music presented here is within segments of written information to tell you about this planet's existence as a separate 'Truman Show' yet taking place within another planet called the 5th planet, but sometimes known as the 5th plane or realm.


Our Article on 'Dark Forces'

This project originally began with an encounter with 'dark forces' when I arrived in Mexico during the covid agenda. That was originally the introduction page but the pages grew and now, that part now begins further down.

We are going to begin with specific SOUND and MUSIC + small bite sized pieces of information.

The events of the past years saw the darkness try to claim this planet - and this was overcome by the 'Light'. They are two sides of a 'Duality' known as the Path of Good and Evil, Life and Death etc. It is an energy stream which entered this planet, and this 'battle' has happened before.

A lot of damage has been done by the 'darkness' to dumb down people for the purpose of MIND CONTROL. The music we use raises frequencies - so please listen and enjoy. Also read the information because there is more to know than appears on the surface!

SOUND frequencies in music have been blocked and reduced particularly during the last 20-25 years. Pop music has been about brain entrainment and behavioural programming. The higher frequencies being looked for in music to WAKE UP from the DREAM-Trance that leads to the Dead - were mostly brought into the planet before that time. Before the late 1990's.

It means you had future timeline people here doing that - they were ahead of the timeline they came into.



Future Timelines, Sound Frequencies and Missing SOUND Frequencies. Future Earth, Future Consciousness, Lost Chord.

Music and Sound to Clear Darkness.


For anyone who wishes to Remain - or Become - 'Shining and Beautiful' within.

The 'normal' world seems to only function on the 'lower level' to put it politely. and it is very sick. That is not life and that is not living. The 'reality consciousness' outside of this illusion, is absolutely BEAUTIFUL inside, and is LOVE.


Generally, over the last 20 years, we have found that people do not want to read large chunks of information

and consequently many have missed vital points that will help them break free or else remain on the 'Wheel of Rebirth'.



Begin the Journey Here - the Endless River and Eternal Stream


CURRENT UNFOLDING WORLD NEWS for RESET is added in the News intro page.

Part 1 of this page. here


Good music should not be forgotten.

Nights in White Satin - The Moody Blues Composed by Justin Hayward when he was 19 years old, sometime before 1967. This version is from 2001. 7 mins.


Generally, over the last 20 years, we have found that people do not want to read large chunks of information

and consequently many have missed vital points that will help them break free or else remain on the 'Wheel of Rebirth'.

Our aim with these pages is to have only short, easy to read segments, - which are intended to be read - followed by music and you can take all the time in the world to work through this webpage.

Our level of information is exceptional. We are the one source which can tell you about the 5th planet, an ethereal planet, but it is not simply a "plane" or realm. It is a planet. One day, maybe in a future life, you will be surprised at how simple the issue of entrapment in this 'false reality' is. Yet people keep on coming back! Even with 'spirituality' people do tend to 'follow the herd' and go where everyone else is going.

Most will have created 'energy ties' into the Path of Duality and will have to return during the next 'Fall' time to pay off that debt. However, it is possible now to learn as much as you can so that next time you return you will know not to make the mistake again. For other, these ones did pay attention and dropped doing the things that were warned about.

The music is chosen for several important reasons. Pink Floyd and the Moody Blues are 'spiritual frequencies'. Enigma has pretty tracks, ethereal music and are good, but the one music issue encountered has been the theme of one of the albums, and we do not like all their video clips. We have used some of this work under the 'Path of Sin'. The composers and musicians themselves are not spookey! Often there is work from artists which is so good, or meaningful, or has a message, that it should not be forgotten, nor should the message be forgotten. We aim to include these as appropriate for this reason.

The spiritual frequencies are 'Pink Floyd' and there is a link to the original page that just features Pink Floyd.


The project covers these, and more, topics

Earth's existence 'near' the 5th PLANET. Earth's Wake Up : Dividing of the Ways : those who go to the Matrix & those who may go to the '5th plane' : the DNA '3D Printer' : The Path of Light and Dark, Duality : a tech advanced planet near the 2 sun system of Sirius - blown up by its people.

Part of it arrived here on Earth as a comet 12,800 years ago - it is the history of that long lost planet that archeologists find! Astral entities, astral journeying, a Dark Force' and more.......



There is no rush to get through this. The entire page is EXPERIENTIAL - an EXPERIENCE - a preparation for the Future Earth. .

The article on the Darkness encountered in Mexico is in small sections, then there is SOUND/MUSIC to clear 'darkness'. There is a LOT of music!

Also a LOT of new information for those who can make it to the 5th Plane - not the Matrix.


Until 2020 when the final moves on this planet began, this work aimed to provide as much information as possible

to help you NOT choose the Path of Light that belongs to the Duality which is Light and Dark and also known as the Wheel of Rebirth.

The wait now is for whatever triggers the Good reset (not the bad one) and we move on but you HAD to have made the right choice before this time if you wanted to get to the Path of ETERNAL LIFE.

We are the one source which can tell you about the 5th planet, an ethereal planet on the 'soul frequency' but it is not simply a "plane" or realm. It is a planet.


There have also been frequencies missing from this planet - known as the LOST CHORD.

Some of this music, and harmonies, access some of those missing sound frequencies.

After going through the introduction section there is the Pink Floyd section - the recommended music - and guitar solos - for a deeper 'spiritual experience'.

Pink Floyd and Moody Blues are spiritual high frequency. Enigma is more 'iffy,' and Led Zeppelin is added for fun.


The world is still playing out the 'reset' of reality which began in 2020

with one side's attempt for world control, using asymmetrical warfare - unusual tactics that do not follow the 'rules' - and the ongoing countering of that, but also for control of the world. It is Good against Evil - a very real evil.

This is a war that is still ongoing. Covid was a Pearl Harbor attack. The vaxx was the weapon - 7 billion intended to be jabbed. It is the biggest war that has ever happened on this planet. A war for the continuance of the human race or the 'end times' as written in ancient scrolls. Yet the average person does not know about any of it - they have missed it - even though it could trap them in an instant and they would never even know until that moment. Many have already been taken (died) instantly, the numbers are increasing, and it is not known yet how many that number is going to be. People, including in government, are beginning to notice that this was an act of war. Yet they are only noticing a year after the fatal jabs were given. The target was 7 billion people.

SOUND is being used for the purpose to clear that 'darkness'. There are frequencies missing from this planet called the LOST CHORD. Some of this music accesses some of those missing sound frequencies.

The world situation brought me to Mexico, which was the country that those who do know what is happening came to. Yet being in Mexico unexpectedly presented the actual experience of 'darkness' and 'entities', and began the topic of a new book. Others may have also encountered some of the 'otherworld' experiences covered on this page. Therefore the topic of 'otherworld forces' should not be too difficult to understand.

Some of those forces are involved in the war this planet is currently involved in...........

What Shall We Do Now?

3 mins.

Unreleased track from: Pink Floyd The Wall - (also added to the Brick in the Wall section.) Play LOUD!


As the frequencies have been blocked and reduced particularly during the last 20-25 years, the frequencies being looked for to WAKE UP from the DREAM-Trance that leads to the Dead - were mostly brought into the planet before the late 1990's.

It means you had future timeline people here doing that - they were ahead of the timeline they came into. They are ahead of the current timeline people too, but they are now being helped out of it. Just as you have future timeline people providing information like this.

There are now additional pages to this one.

The Pink Floyd Project to Clear Darkness is here. (Only Pink Floyd music, no written articles added.)


"Regarding the music recommended, my always reaction is to cry.  Seems a river of tears of joy not pain. Can't explain it to myself. Erika" Oct.4th '22.

"I was just thinking about you as I had to set a mouse trap in my kitchen." - This work receives some interesting comments!! (Oct. 14th '22) *There was more, and a very good point made - but we liked this short version for fun!


Time to listen to some fun music -

HARD ROCK for Earth's Time to WAKE UP

and boogie.......!

But if you don't want to listen to Led Zeppelin, try the Foo Fighetrs beneath this.

*This project looks for SPECIFIC music that has energy, power, and frequencies. It also has to bypass the 'brain entrainment' of recent years.

Cannot think of many (any) in current times, that can equal this ENERGY, CHARISMA, STAGE PRESENCE or the MUSIC.

Undoubtedly clears 'darkness'.

Or at least shakes it up a bit!

.*There is a link to a doco on the Music Industry. Almost all music artists had to sign up to what those who run the music industry wanted. We are not going to trash those who did, they have to be able to work, BUT we are aware and WILL show where they do the wrong thing.

Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin Live in NYC | 720pᴴᴰ | 30fps | Hard Rock. Really rocks for 13 mins.

This video was 'blocked copyright'. Try this one



"The amount of coolness in this performance is insane!"

"Jimmy's dance moves make this worth watching all in itself."

"The coolest guy in Manhattan instantly became the 5th coolest guy in Manhattan the moment these 4 crossed the East River."

"It just gets more awesome every time I hear it, still by far the best ever rock band of all time, past or present, the masters UNTOUCHABLE." 1 month ago.

*We absolutely agree with this. This is the first time I have seen this and have been blown away by how good they are. There is nothing that matches this in today's music.

Anyone can see from these videos that LED ZEPPELIN were the best - Hard Rock. Didn't think we would have these up for long, but my goodness LED ZEPPELIN were good! (This music is definitely part of the Future Earth! - for those who get there, but NOT the deals they made for their success.) Maybe the current world NEEDS basic hard rock like this.

This is Hard Rock. Led Zeppelin are really good, never watched them before! Jimmy Page is so good with his performance and guitar. And Robert Plant of course - love the style, almost effeminate and so 'out of it', little girl top creating a really cool stage presence. Very well thought out and very professional.

Needs headphones or good speakers.

Love Jimmy Pages's moves playing the guitar. Robert Plant - singer- also great moves. This is really good. (My mum would have liked this!) It is difficult to impossible to find anything with this much power and energy in more recent music, and the stage presence too, is so good. Plus some real, get down and 'boogie' 50's style rock n' roll at its best because its Led Zeppelin playing. A lot of people would like to get up on stage and play and move like this!

Some real boogie rock 'n roll in this, and some great 'Chuck Berry' inspired moves which Jimmy Page adds to and does stupendously well. He is really good! Some of the moves later also used by Angus Young in AC/DC, but Jimmy's the one to watch. *It is known about who and what is running the music and entertainment industries and covered on this site. It is also known that Jimmy Page has an interest in the occult etc.Also, he does do some of 'their' weirdo hand symbols, this is acknowledged.

Led Zeppelin made a 'deal with the devil' like others in the music industry.

In this video you can see Jimmy Page doing a 'satanic reverse of blessing' (curse) with the hand symbol over the audience at 1.04. and 2.14 and 3.17 and 8.23.. Song is also about death and dying - which the cult loves. It looks like he is using the plectrum, but it is still a very clear and specific action taking place here. Almost all music artists had to sign up to what those who run the music industry wanted. We are not going to trash those who did, they have to be able to work.

Jimmy Page is a very sexy guitar player and good to watch, but this is still satanic symbols being used. Of interest the words 'shook me all night long' are in this song which later was the title of an AC/DC track 5 years later, who obviously modelled themselves a lot on Led Zeppelin. We don't put comparisons between real artists involved in different genres of rock etc - that is an unfair and ridiculous thing to do. They are exceptional in their styles because they are good, and they are the best. The style you personally prefer, is subjective. Appreciation of art is not decded by a democratic process. Led Zeppelin is for fun and it is good rock, certainly not 'spiritual'.

New 'Rock 'n Roll'

- The Foo Fighters. (Love this stuff!)

The Foo Fighter's drummer Taylor Hawkins died earlier in 2022 from "cardiovascular collapse"  Jabbed.



Begin here.

Back To The Rivers Of Belief : Way To Eternity 10.36 Best with headphones or good speakers.



to go through this page. There is no rush! It is to provide short segments of written information and video links of interest, and also include MUSIC.


There has been an MK Ultra and related operation gradually and progressively over the last 20/30/40 years to dumb down people.

Pop music has been about entraining brainwave frequencies into a particular beat and pattern that makes the brain receptive to behavioural conditioning. Slowed down in thinking and responses. This contributes to why the world actually was more creative before generations became 'brain conditioned' - ready for the final plan that began in 2020. This project is looking for ENERGY, POWER, 'RAW' or basically music and SOUND that reaches deep and is not part of an electronic brainwave pattern programme.

This page looks at the 'brain entrainment' through the pop music industry, also with cell phone use, and although it is sad to see there is also the point that in the last 20 years or thereabouts a great many lower beings - like the 'Doom Goblin' Greta Thunberg and other woke nutjobs - came into this world with the expectation of taking this planet. That means they were already these lower beings, and all on that bandwidth do not continue with the higher status.


The USA at its conception was a great idea for an experiment in freedom. It has not been able to achieve what was intended.

The current events from 2020 have been part of a long game plan which has consistently been to make this experiment fail since 1776.

An illegal new version of the Constitution went through in (I think)1865 under President Grant, which is connected to the whole story of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. This new Constitution made the USA a Corporation. Every person when their birth certificate is registered (happens in every country) becomes owned by that Corporation. No longer 'free souls' but owned under Admiralty Law, which is Maritime Law - the USA flag you see with the fringe on it. The events happening now are a battle to restore Common Law - where you the individual are a free soul. This corporation extends across the world. It is an Earth Corporation. You are not free, and you have agreed by accepting the Maritime Law. For example, if a policeman or a court of law read you 'your rights' and ask if you understand, the answer you should give is "NO, I do not stand under you" which is your Common Law right, otherwise you have given your consent.



Song from an irreverent Monty Python movie: ALWAYS LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE:

3 mins. Then 'Sheep' - GREAT Lyrics for the 'Covid vaxx era'.


The SOUND is to clear 'darkness', 'dark moods', negative thinking, and more.

But there is written information to read......................................

This page covers the topic of a lost, but also future world - for those who choose the soul and the heart.

It is not just the Light. The Path of Light and Dark has 'Light' and that is precisely the wrong path!

This work is, and always has been, about the Eternal Streams of Light and Life. The Living Light.


It is also a story about a 'Dark Force' which was encountered where I went to stay in Mexico.

I liked the place I stayed at. It was perfect.

The 'Dark Force' however, that's another story.........

Actual events inspired the story of something that happened when I first arrived in Mexico in March 2022, leaving Poland (where I have remaining family) because of the recently started war in the Ukraine. Not all the story is added here, just some parts of it, and the purpose is to provide the MUSIC.


Music - AND what you need to know

about what is happening with the changes to this planet.

Short sections of stuff to read, followed by a music track specifically using SOUND to clear 'darkness'.

LOTS of music - different styles - but specific to heal.


Real musical art to clear 'darkness'.

*Music tracks are added in amongst the article, below

which is in small sections leading to a music track - take the time to listen and hear

if its a lot to read, come back later for each next section.



There is no rush to get thru this. The entire page is EXPERIENTIAL - a preparation for the Future Earth. .

SOUND - MUSIC and HARMONIES are being used for the purpose to clear 'darkness'.

Higher and Higher

This track is a rocket - space shuttle taking off.


There have been frequencies missing from this planet - known as the LOST CHORD.

Some of this music, and harmonies, access some of those missing sound frequencies.

Currently this world and this planet is on the Path of Duality on the Dark Side / the 'fallen' side. This is about to change to the LIGHT side. It is still the Path of Duality.

There is a mystical '5th plane' but it cannot be accessed on the energy stream that is the Path of Duality - Light and Dark, Good and Evil etc. That is a different energy stream from the Path of Eternal LIfe which leads to the '5th plane'.

We are the one source which can tell you about the 5th planet, an ethereal planet on the 'soul frequency' but it is not simply a "plane" or realm. It is a planet.


"Bands like Floyd - Moody Blues - Enigma have those secret messages that you gotta listen closely LOVE that style music !! Especially driving at night alone thinking and listening to it." 1 year ago online comment.


Some of this music accesses some of those missing sound frequencies.

Please purchase the incredible work of these artists, visit their shops online.


The Path of Duality and the Path of Sin

'Good and Evil'.


*The comment below was under a Pink Floyd track. It led to listening to Enigma again, so the intended music is being changed to Enigma.

"Bands like Floyd - Moody Blues - Enigma have those secret messages that you gotta listen closely LOVE that style music !! Especially driving at night alone thinking and listen to it." 1 year ago.

Enigma - German band.

Enigma follow the theme of Good and Evil.


Mea Culpa 5 mins


Introduction to Enigma.

Best with headphones. Some of these are from the one themed album MCMXC AD which did follow a more iffy theme. The other albums are different themes.

Enigma is Michael Cretu, a German of Romanian origin. The languages are French and English. A bit late night theme. The French sounds like it's saying more but is basically only saying 'I am here with you'. The expert linguists at google translated 'je te desire' as 'I wish you'. Enigma is a German band. Thought it best to see and introduce these artists first via their live stage show.

Best with headphones. Most of these are from the one themed album MCMXC AD

Singer Andru Donalds was born in Jamaica. Fantastic voice.

Enigma - Gravity Of Love (Live 2019) Andru Donalds - fantastic voice. Great stage presence. Live show, bootleg, not good quality, but an introduction.


This web page : Those who awaken and make it to the Earth's Future World must be able to operate from the Heart and Higher Self/Soul. Did you pass the test? Decisions based on superficiality and the Mind are of the current world. Not everyone on this planet now is able to travel to exist in a Higher Status world - is the matrix real?

Are you already in a computer generated reality? Control from the 'darkness' to influence behaviour/outcomes, Mind Control and MK Ultra, The Earth's electronic change from negative to positive. The world reality reset, every 12,000+ years. Dividing of the Ways, The Consciousness of the 'Future' - which already exists - the planet travels to it. Is Earth currently waiting for a signal from the sun - the solar brain - to activate and begin the Awakening?

For all of those affected by the full moon - after all, just look at the topics we discuss!

Almost Full Moon 3.26




The 'Higher Self' is the Soul Level - the real 'True Self' which is separated from the ego self identity.

To not know and be your Higher Self is to only half live your life, and miss everything that really matters.

Music-sound to remove 'dark forces'.

.I have added some tracks by the Moody Blue from a concert in 2001 at the Royal Albert Hall in London, with full orchestra. beautiful and inspirational lyrics, very pretty harmonies, in a progressive rock format. There is a comment to be made on today's satanic run music industry - all artists (using the word loosely) in today's world have to sign up to that - they have to agree to include material that is to 'guide' behaviour to the acceptance of the abnormal. To normalize the abnormal. This is covered in several documentaries. It is why you have Ed Sheeran who produces work like 'Perfect' yet has to throw in some other stuff that in the words in some of his songs he calls 'rubbish'. Most so called 'artists' have their music sold by their looks, by outlandish costumes and stupid dance routines. (As with the not as talented as made out to be, Beyonce.) These people have become 'stars' because they have done certain things that the satanic cult (which controls the industry) wants them to do. This is why they become successful. Katy Perry (who is talented) has openly said how she 'made a deal with the devil, signed it in blood' etc, as also said by Bob Dylan (a musician from the 60s). These progressive rock works are added with the intention to be viewed from a wider perspective of inspiration and artistic integrity which is rarely included in what is produced in today's world (much as I really like a lot of the music, and of course there is some very good stuff.)


Rock, Transcendent, and Sophisticated Sound.

Real musical art to clear 'darkness'.

"Bands like Floyd - Moody Blues - Enigma have those secret messages that you gotta listen closely LOVE that style music !! Especially driving at night alone thinking and listen to it." 1 year ago.

The artist is driven by an inner force which is something like a 'Higher Source' expressing through you. Most produce their work because of this. If you think about it, those people - and perhaps that should be all of us - who can bring something from a 'Higher Source' to the Earth, might be doing something that may just be more important than just about anything else. For this reason there are a lot of people who choose to live to express their art and it is not necessarily financially rewarded. Actors, musicians, painters, writers. I can't tell you how much work I have done, just for this reason! It is also an ever evolving journey to make it right, or better, or get to some elusive status that no-one but yourself really understands - which is why so many complete their work then put it away because it is not quite how they wanted it to be! That also shows you what an achievement it is when you as the artist actually get what you wanted to create.

At the moment this page is looking at three bands who truly are producing their work for the right reasons. You can guess that each 'stage performance' or studio recording by all of these artists, is always an extension of what has gone before, always another nuance, always some extra hidden meaning or depth, even though the best version may have already happened.

*It is really good if you can FEEL this music right through you and move.


The Moody Blues.

This band is one of the few stand out exceptional creators of very special music, harmonies, and lyrics.

There will be more added about The Moody Blues here. I wondered if their sound might be more of their 'time' but so what, the music is great! They deserve so much better than that type of thinking, with their beautiful work - musically, their magical harmonies, and beautiful lyrics.

The Moody Blues are also progressive rock icons.

They are much 'prettier' in sound, with beautiful HARMONIES.

Excellent lyrics and their hallmark magical harmonies which defined their 'sound'. Always lots of energy.

Their albums include 'A Question of Balance' and 'In Search of the Lost Chord'. This is a real thing. There is a range of frequencies missing from this planet known as the 'Lost Chord'. It will return as the planet changes.

The SOUND of their harmonies is very special.



"The Moody Blues can teach the whole "pop" music world how to SING (no "autotune"!) and PLAY actual freakin' MUSIC! We were BLESSED to have such records played on the radio in the 70's. I genuinely feel sorry for today's youth that they don't have anything CLOSE to such greatness now!"

MOODY BLUES The Story in Your Eyes

The Moody Blues - Watching And Waiting (Music Video)

From the album 'To Our Children's Children's Children'.

"The Moody Blues are an English rock band. Among their innovations was a fusion with classical music, most notably in their 1967 album Days of Future Passed. The Moody Blues have sold in excess of 70 million albums worldwide and have been awarded 14 platinum and gold discs."

I don't know why, but I had this track start playing in my head, I didn't even know I knew it. I am now including it,

This is an incredibly open, moving, beautiful, heartfelt song by Justin. I think it is very hard to express something like this, which is also a spiritual search. How beautiful Justin is. This does bring tears to my eyes!. You don't get someone speaking from the heart/soul like this, much today. Sometime around 1967 and now it really is a message to the Children's Children's Children.

The Moody Blues - The Voice


Earth goes through several levels of change.

The first level of people who cannot continue (or are not continuing) with the ASCENSION of this planet are those who accept what they are told, and do not think for themselves. Those who automatcally were jabbed and did not question. Often they are the ones, and do include those, who have an extraordinarily high opinion of themselves as part of the ego. Those ones were described by the 'dark side' as unnecessary for the future world, a waste of space, and 'useless eaters'.These ones are the target of those behind the 'jab agenda' for depopulation. Most of these HAVE been jabbed.

They are also the ones who those from amongst their ranks, have deliberately and purposefully been made rich and famous, to be the examples some people look up to. That has been to reduce the overall standards of everyone on the planet. These ones were also jabbed - some of them doing so to tell the rest of us to do it - and they are being removed too.

The next level which cannot continue as the Earth ASCENDS higher, and aligns with the REAL Reality, are those who continued with the spiritual practices warned against, and also continued with the psychic communication and 'other realm' contact, and 'astral' or out of body journeying, which have now bound them into the 'astral' or the reality of the 'Illusion'. They also 'followed the herd', but just a different level of it. They keep returning on the 'Wheel of Rebirth' often offering their services' to keep other people stuck there too.

For those who made it passed these mistakes, then a whole new real reality is possible!

Topics in this article located near these pictures.

'Now we are flying'.

Accessing the 'Real Reality' - 5th plane aka 5th Planet.

Aztec astronauts.

'The Light side of the energy stream of Duality is not the energy stream of Eternal Life'. The chunk of an exploded planet which landed on an ethereal '5th planet'. The stored DNA and stored uploaded consciousness of the people from the exploded planet and more.


This page is presenting information AND specific music as part of a 'spiritual wake up'.

You can read small sections, take a break and listen to the sound tracks.

Take your time, Most of this music cannot be listened to casually, you will miss it.



The work of Pink Floyd is extraordinarily good.

Guitarist David Gilmour and keyboard player Rick Wright - deeply moves the soul. The amazingly good drummer Nick Mason. The lyrics of Roger Waters which provided the theme for their earlier albums, which are always composed as connected pieces, like a classical composition. Their work is Timeless. Waters left the band after artistic differences made it impossible to continue together. That has to be respected, but the split was acrimonious. You can see the direction that Gilmour and Wright wished to go - which became more cosmic and something almost spiritual. Waters wanted to continue with a more aggressive, angst ridden commentary on his experiences of life which produced the brilliance of 'Another Brick in the Wall'. But how much further could that anger and bitterness about his early life go?

The words to 'Lost for Words' - Later Years.Pink Floyd, may be telling : "So I opened the door to my enemies, and asked if we could wipe the slate clean. And they told me to just 'go f..k yourself'. you know you just can't win." We have added the film of Brick in the Wall Part 2 which is about Water's anger with the school experience, yet the irony with the 'artistic differences' included the tyrannical behaviour of Herr Waters - who may have become more like those teachers he hated so much!

Pink Floyd moved on.They evolved into a new legendary status, and produced almost all the work featured here.

Apart from knowing their extremely famous classics and Astronomy Domine, and Careful with that Axe Eugene, I did not come upon most of this music until 2022, and 'Sorrow' and David Gilmour's solos in around 2018 early 2019. Once I discovered it, I had to keep listening and learning more about everything about them. We have truly been blessed on this planet to ever have access to music like this. Some full albums added at the end.


Some people will have had enough awareness to do what is needed to reach the 'Real Reality. Now you can begin this


The 5th Plane is the 5th Planet.

An actual real world.

The Garden of Eden was the ethereal, higher realm '5th planet' theoretically located between Mars and Jupiter, yet a higher, faster frequency than any of these. On a map of this solar system after the remnants of an exploded planet - in a 'worlds in collision scenario - 'landed' here, then the ethereal planet would be 'located' as the 5th planet.

The Garden of Eden is a massive body attached to the 'Eternal Stream' - the river of Living Light and Eternal Life.

Then a comparatively tiny 'something' arrived on that planet bringing with it a different energy stream that was Duality, Good and Evil, Light and Dark, and also 'Knowledge. With it came the opportunity for those of that lost world to live again.

It brought with it, the 'people' from a planet they had destroyed, much like Atlantis was destroyed. They have the choice to continue with their ancient, lost world which entered the 'Realm of the Dead' or accept what is required to use the gift of the '5th plane/planet' to return to the Eternal Stream of Light and everlasting Life. You cannot get to the '5th plane/planet' via the Path of Light of the Duality. It is a different path/stream.

It takes a lot to destroy an entire planet, and a very large planet at that. It is said those from this planet had developed technology and taken it too far. It is said they had become nchanted with the powers available in the 'black poison' the 'eitr'.

The segments of written information introduce you to this planet's existence a separate 'Truman Show' yet taking place

......................................................within another planet called the 5th planet.

The planet has a name, or various names. It has been known as Hera and Thera, also Tara pronounced with an Irish lilt as Tairah.


The SOUND is about specific music, and not about TIME.

Rock, Transcendent, and Sophisticated Sound.

Being 'new' does not mean anything has become 'better' or 'moved forward'. The construct of TIME limits and restricts your reality. The peak of dancing may have been with Nureyev or  Baryshnikov, not because someone was born in 2000. At times there are absolute Masters who bring something unique - and that is what you learn or move forward from. It takes nearly 30 years for the human brain to mature and gain the wisdom. You have to get there first, then after that if you keep the body healthy and functioning well, you can remain at that level and live outside the restriction and idea of 'Time'.

The SOUND music features Pink Floyd and David Gilmour, with a mix of transcendent, cosmic, spiritual and rock.

There are no lists of 'rankings' and doing that is a way of thinking that misses the point. Appreciation of guitar/creative work is subjective Judging an artist's work is not decided by a democracy. Why? Because not all people appreciate whatever is being appreciated, at the same level of awareness. It may be far less who see the 'higher value' while large masses may see 'the obvious'. These are works as produced during different stages of an entire lifetime. People change, music changes. Music is music and sometimes it may be part of a 'theme concept', other times, it is music for the sake of music.



Mexico has a strong connection with magic and Portals into the Astral.

Being here unexpectedly presented the actual experience of that 'darkness' and 'entities'. We are using that theme in the article below which is interspersed with recommended SOUND.


The Story which follows is on a 'darkness' experienced. The SOUND helps to CLEAR DARKNESS and ENTITIES which attach.

.............Shine on You Crazy Diamond

< David Gilmour

"I don't know how many times I listen to their songs. At the moment, i'm here by the fire, with my cup of tea, reading my book while listening to Shine On as a reward for my hard-working day lol. Life is still beautiful, after all." 22 hours ago. .


Beginning of Our Article on 'Dark Forces'


DARK 'FORCES' and the existence of ASTRAL ENTITIES - including from the extensive use of 'dope' which brings in Entities.

The mid to southern part of the Americas, and Caribbean, are some of the most significant (known) places on this planet for 'dark magic', astral entities, astral travel and journeying, shamanism, voodoo - much or which arrived from Africa - the use of Ayahuasca, and the kinds of 'other world' mystical adventures that the author Carlos Castenada wrote about. "......wrote a series of books which describe training in shamanism that he received under the tutelage of a Yaqui "Man of Knowledge"."

The Yaqui, Hiaki, or Yoeme, are an Indigenous people of Mexico.


2020 saw the beginning of the activation of a plan for who and what controls this planet

after it goes through its soon to be 'electrical change'. It is called a RESET.


It is a RESET of the reality.


Here we introduce some of what has happened since 2020 that people have missed seeing, and an encounter with 'dark forces' that I did not expect to encounter.


Always listen to the SOUND tracks given while reading, to disperse 'dark entities'.



'One of These Days'

"Pink Floyd, one of the most Third Eye openers !!!" (Use Extra Bass.)

In the improvised section with just the bass, do you, like us, think it seems to sound like saying 'happy people'?


Because of the disruptions of 2020-2022, I came to where I am now, in Mexico,

and from the first time I arrived this property was ideal and the best place to get through what is in play.


..Plant Based & other 'Assisted Spirituality' and Inner Journeying

I had forgotten that this part of the world was associated so definitively not only with 'dark magic', the astral world, the use of Ayahuasca, and spirit journeying and so on,

but also the controlling 'entities' which exist there and can attach to humans who unknowingly give them the opportunity to do so. This work is about clearing that darkness and those entities. That is what the use of specific SOUND is for.

Although many will not relate to the idea of 'higher communication', there is also that involved, and with the work I do now,I have to go with it. However, if you are interested in plant based 'shamanic journeying' etc what is written here may not seem too otherworldly. The 'magic' in the Americas and Mexico has been powerful but this is changing as the planet's 'electronics' change. Now the LIGHT is more powerful.

Is such a thing real? Well, it has never, ever been wrong. Never, including now. But I never, ever believed that would have placed me in this situation.

Thoughts, inner feelings, and the Higher Self level are all electrical pulses,

and if someone has the receptors for those additional wavelengths, they can be picked up, translated, and actual communication takes place. This is what happened here, and nothing to do with the 'lower self' level which is very different and a much lower frequency than this higher level part.



............................Signs Of Life



There has been an extraordinary level of 'darkness' in the place I came to in Mexico.

Not other places here, just there.

I arrived in March and it seemed that this was going to be just the right place for getting through what was going to play out in the world. Yet, by its nature, it also attracts people with 'entities attached'.

But I immediately began to experience 'bad energy' and when someone who was there in March briefly returned here in August I then knew who had been involved with that experience. More recently I noticed a pattern and then began to look into 'darkness'.

A question I asked was about a difference between a particular person's behaviour and the actual information from this person's own Higher Self - not that that would mean anything to this person because there isn't that kind of level of awareness. On the other hand there must be a reason behind why anyone does so much 'inner experience', so even if not aware of why, it was valid to consider that higher level of self.

Spirit teachings and 'vision quests' do reveal another world - the same as the level some of what is happening in the world now with the vaxx and reset is from but hidden and invisible to most.

The journey into that 'otherworld' can also bring contact with 'spirit teachers' and reveal that at a certain time - now - this planet might begin entry to that world through the Portal that would be lining up at that time.


The place itself was ideal, just right for what I was looking for. So what was wrong?

No owls watching from trees, no wolves howling at the moon - at least none of these in the normal vision!

In fact there are symbolic paintings of the 'evil eye' on a number of walls.

Is this something that has been seen on an 'inner journey'? Did whoever drew them or saw them know what it is?

*We will show you what the 'eye' is further down.



Pink Floyd Astronomy Domine From PULSE

"Lord, what fools these mortals be."

Spoken by Puck in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' - Shakespeare. This play is about the 'otherworld'. Oberon, Titania and Miranda are some of the moons of Uranus. In this play, Titania is the queen of the fairies and, like her husband Oberon, she possesses powerful magic. Oberon asks Puck to fetch a special flower that, when rubbed on a sleeper's eyes, can make that person fall in love with the first creature he or she sees upon waking. He hopes Titania will fall in love with something ridiculous, which she does. Miranda is the daughter of Prospero in another mystical play by Shakespeare 'The Tempest'.

When darkness works through people it means those people have enough negative energy that the 'darkness' can use them. It happens all the time. Within one week of being at that place, there was the beginning of the slander situation. There were people there who fitted the category of no clue about what has happened or is ever happening in the world, and whose eyes glaze over, and others who simply do not 'get it'. Asleep.

It was to make me go. The threat to the 'darkness' was that someone it currently had control over, could 'Wake Up'. So, the darkness had a whole team in there! This lasted during my stay in March and April. I even said right at the beginning that I felt 'anger' and something wanted to get me to leave.

In May through to July, there were no issues at all. The energy was clear and allowed for those who might 'awaken' to actually have some contact with the soul level or 'real self'. This was actually happening. But as soon as I returned to this place, once again, the 'darkness' was in there within the first weeks! The energy was okay at first but after that the 'dark force' was active again.

Several times I have been 'attacked' and scratched by plants, random nails - both drawing blood - stung by some venomous insect that required I go to the mediclal emergency, and then allergies!

So, its purpose was to make me go. Because I know about the Light. It was not only that a person involved in the slander from before returned for about 3 weeks - that person's story is added below. There were more aspects brought in to ensure there wasn't any possibility of this person 'Awakening'.

Use the music below - there is something powerful about the deep note and what follows that in 'Any Colour You Like' which follows the lyrics. There are sounds in this which are quite unusual. It is very much like a wake up call for the 'inner you' and for any of Us who are not Them.....



'Us And Them' and 'Any Colour You Like' (**Extra Bass.)

This includes Brain Damage and Eclipse.

"I like how you used the word “heavy” to describe the album, and I do agree with you man, this is something just too deep, you really have to sit or lay down whenever you know you got spare time, to take it all in and enjoy it and reflect on the lyrics." 10 months ago Juan Lopez.

"...million percent....only the very few will get it's true meaning....." 8 months ago.

"The message is heavy in that it weighs into whatever is rockin your world negatively, like a ladder or a cloud you jump on and float away. Whenever this world gets me down I put on Pink Floyd and float to a land where the possibility of peace lives, and uncoil my mind." 2 months agp.

"Everything about this song, the sound of every keyboard, synthesizer, guitar effects, drum sound, vocal etc is second to none. The mix is perfect. No other band has equaled this !" 10 months ago.

"The most hypnotic music ever written." 8 months ago.

"There had never been music like this before or since." 2 months ago.

"This music is so well written and spiritual it has a mystical magical vibe. So cool." 10 months ago.



The 'Higher Self' is the Soul Level

- the real 'True Self' which is separated from the ego self identity. YOU are not your brain.

The brain is nothing but the way YOU experience being in this world. It functions much like a computer from the data programming which has been entered. YOU inhabit the brain, but are not the brain/mind.

The original intention was that the real YOU would remain in control of that, not that the brain would cut off and separate from the real 'you'.

BUT that is what happened.

The Brain-Mind, like a computer, does not know what happiness and feelings are. It does not know what love is. It experiences energy highs and lows via the body system's 'senses', which are part of the overall vehicle through which YOU experience being in this world. All of that, all of the programming or learned identity, can be completely at odds with who YOU really are. That is a reason people look to find what is missing.


There are levels of awareness. Clearly there are those who were manipulated into being jabbed, and who did not see what was happening.

There are also those who only see the Path of Duality. They can see the change from Dark to Light, but they cannot see further than that to the other Path to Eternal Life.

These ones kept doing the things or practices that bind them into the energy of the fault.

They also are ones who 'follow the herd' just at a different level.

A person will not look for 'waking up' unless there is a need making them look and try. But if they are given something else instead, then they will not bother about any 'soul level' and that is exactly what the Mind level will do. So it is all the darkness has to do. It is why this world is filled with people who operate on the lower level. That is why darkness can control them.

But was the energy here darker than that?

Average people simply don't bother with or recognize the immense treasure that a soul is. It seems probable that most of those ones are not just 'asleep' but could not 'wake up' anyway because they don't have the capacity to exist on a higher level. Many will think that even what is said here is not real - because they are not aware of it. It all exists but these ones can't access it, so for them, it does not exist.

Many may choose to disregard it, yet do experience inner-worlds with dope, magic mushrooms, peyote cactus, or Ayahuasca.

What if someone in the situation described, perhaps on the soul level (Higher Self) or unconsciously was actually looking?

So a 'darkness op' was in place again, the second time it happened, and soon 'something' had changed in the energy - less than one week after the returned person manifested. I moved out by the end of August to somewhere else. But other vehicles for 'darkness' were already in place and followed on from that, like a 'step 2' - this time to make sure I would never be going back.

I was not at that place during September but I thought the event I am waiting for might happen so I continued to pay to be there, although I was not there, but that actually kept me there. The date September 26th was significant because a 'darkness' came in to someone - the same person obviously - a person who might have 'woken up' - whose soul level was trying to 'wake up' and connect - and that had to be stopped from happening. This is not saying that 'darkness' didn't come in at other times. It can be from actual darkness, or a 'depression' can be the soul indicating it is not happy and the person then knows s/he is looking for something. Which is when actual darkness will provide an alternative!

Yet isn't that a reason, even if unconscious, for someone to continue with an 'inner quest'?

It seems significant on the day mentoned because the 'Higher Self' was okay. but then this suddenly changed. It is possible to give actual dates for most of this, when the 'True Self' was communicating the reality, or against what it's human was doing, though not sure if it helps. The soul level is what a person really is, and was being 'walked over' by its 'lower self' which is the level that can be controlled. I was in 'touch' with this person's soul level from the beginning. In fact, it connected with me. The point of the 'darkness' is always to stop any awakening if it can. It matters because of the coming changes called the 'Dividing of the Ways' - those who wake up, and those who don't.

This completely kept/keeps the person locked in the 'lower self', so the 'Higher Self' is not getting through to its person here. As said before, a person actually has a higher level of self - the soul - which is separated from the human person you know as and think is 'you'.

The only way anyone in this situation can know about this, is by becoming more sensitive to their feelings -

getting in touch with the real inner feelings. It is less likely because they have now been diverted into other feelings, but the inner feelings are those from the Higher Self. The Higher Self is always very different from the 'lower self' character. It is gentle, beautiful and free. The 'lower self' is always a prisoner of the darkness and the 'lower energies'. That is why the 'Real Self' when it can, does try to break free of it.

This is a negative place dominated by 'the dead and the dark' and obviously my work now is part of the change happening to this planet kicking that out. The darkness has a function to make sure that does not happen. The 'dark forces' want to prevent you (anyone) from 'waking up' and connecting to your 'Higher Self'. Most of course, do not have a connection to their 'Higher Self' but that part of you does communicate with you and if you can wake up just a little, you can try to recognize when it does. It does it NOT by talking but by feeling. You (anyone) will feel it. When it wants you to pay attention it communicates by you feeling it. So you need to be aware of what you feel.

You can help yourself by beginning to learn to get in touch with what you FEEL. Not what you think, but what you actually feel. Because that will guide you to what is going to bring you the most happiness. Things you think will bring whatever you think is happiness, are illusions and are presented to you by the 'darkness'. .



Hey You 4 mins .


The 'trap' is the MIND -

the way of thinking and apparent logic - and also an identity you think is 'you', but it is nothing but learned material like a computer, and it is disconnected from the REAL self. That is why some people feel there is something missing, something they need to find.

...................The Mind ID - the conscious self as it is and seems to be who you are - is run by the lower aspects of the self.

The Mind is not a real person. Only when you reconnect to your 'Higher Self', the 'Real Self', do you exist and become real.


This is a very dark continent, more of place people escaped to.

The Nazi's went to South America, the USA has been under the control of those behind the World Economic Forum with a continuing battle since 1776 for a side which follows what it was supposed to be, (and we hope they get there) and who on earth has ever heard of Canada! "Canada. It's famous for being just north of the USA."

This is the 'land of the dead' and that is probably why those who are so asleep are attracted here and seem to like it. The region is full of condos mostly to attract ordinary, retired Americans. There are no real shopping centres, and this is not my home. I once had a 200 acre self-sufficiency farm project, with a cow (Lucy) and loved buying all the plants, but I really learned a lesson about lack of social infrastructure.Nothing to nurture the other meaningful aspects of self expression.

Many of the people who visit here were jabbed for the reason that they could be tourists. Yet all of this has been a depopulation agenda. A 'voluntary euthanasia' or 'self-extinction' programme with an almost perfect storyline to remove those who complied with getting jabbed - a jab being the perfect kill weapon. People were told, coerced, threatened, and offered rewards to do it. It is part of the deal with the CCP - and where did this virus come from? This planet started out as a 'higher voltage' planet, but there are many here as it is now, who cannot go on with the planet when it changes back to a higher 'voltage' because they do not have the DNA capacity to do so..So would this genepool clearout have happened anyway?



'Welcome to the Machine' 2019 remix NEW version.

'"What did you dream? It's alright we told you what to dream.


Your elected leaders would never lie to you would they? 2 mins.


You don't have a cell phone to use for your entertainment. You have an item that you will always carry with you, created for surveillance.

You don't have Facebook 'to connect you with the world'. You have a product developed by DARPA, not Zuckerberg or the twins, for surveillance.


The 'otherworld' realm of darkness has to operate through your MIND.

Many people have been controlled because of traumatisation as part of 'Behavioural Programming'

and also part of a very much darker agenda which has been hidden from you.. The programming has been for decades, known as MK Ultra, also a project of the Tavistock Institute in the UK (which included The Beatles) other 'think tanks', a military base at Laurel Canyon in Hollywood where most pop stars lived (see the Music Industry link) which is a military base that actress Marliyn Monroe had a pass for. Why did she have a pass to a military base? Mind programming was the topic of a film by George Clooney 'The Men Who Stare at Goats' and so on. The only document to hand at the moment : The person with 'bad energy' and causing trouble at the place I went to stay on arrival in Mexico, had been traumatised and had a hatred towards females because of his mother. (He told me.) Harmful gossip about another is slander, not a legal case but incredibly damaging (people who hear it only process it as 'information' and assume it is factual.)

When told about behavioural programming or contact with deliberate satanic traumatisation (both of which someone might have had) those affected by it, usually give a kind of vague conspiratorial smile - because they cannot quite grasp what you mean. It does not completely register. Then they just return to what they were doing, which is usually absorbed on the cell phone. This is how the man mentioned above responded.

He had also associated unknowingly with nutjob satanists which - again he told me - involved a much older man he thought at 15 that he was 'in love with' who was going to 'make him immortal'. Fifteen years old is a very vulnerable age for a boy who has been traumatised and not had his father in his life. The 'making immortal' is a satanic ritual for killing and then eating the boy. This is part of what has been hidden and involves popular, admired and respected TV and other celebrities and politicians etc who are all represented as upright, decent people, just as Obama was a 'perfect' example of a 'family man'. The programming encourages behaviour that leads to broken familes, they target those kids particularly.

'Another Brick In The Wall' - lyrics.

"When we grew up and went to school : There were certain teachers who would : Hurt the children any way they could

By pouring their derision : Upon anything we did

And exposing every weakness : However carefully hidden by the kids

But in the town it was well known

When they got home at night, their fat and : Psychopathic wives would thrash them : Within inches of their lives."

"We don't need no education : We don't need no thought control

No dark sarcasm in the classroom."



Another Brick In The Wall

(Part 3)

Another Brick in the Wall new version Part 2.

What Shall We Do Now?

Unreleased track from: Pink Floyd The Wall - (also added to the Brick in the Wall section.)

"This album was made when giants still walked the earth. There's no better dope than Pink Floyd 's music. The world needs more songs like this. One of the best ever written". 2 years ago.

"A band that was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY ahead of their time!!!" 5 years ago

Pink Floyd from the film - Another Brick In The Wall (HQ)

From the movie, version of Pt2.

"This song is not anti-school, it's against a certain type of education system."

" for big corporations like a slaves"

"......... It's about the teachers who caned, and made fun of a shy boy who lost his father in the war as he falls more and more into seclusion. Stuff like this gets seen more in the later tracks. anyways if ye haven't heard all of The Wall, how can you have any pudding?"

" have no idea the chaos this song caused. It was banned from the radio stations but the stations didn't care they played it anyway."

"I reckon this song and its message is more actual now than the time was written."

"This song is more relevant now than it was before." 2 months ago.

Comment on a particular system of education stifling artistic and personal expression. Very MK Ultra. Misses out featuring the great guitar work at the end of this following the kids. .

End of section



The SOUL (Higher Self) is LOVE.

'The Prophet' by mystical poet, Kahlil Gibran

"Speak to us of Love.

...........All these things shall love do unto you that you may know the secrets of your heart, and in that knowledge become a fragment of Life’s heart.

     But if in your heart you would seek only love’s peace and love’s pleasure,
     Then it is better for you that you cover your nakedness and pass out of love’s threshing-floor,
     Into the seasonless world where you shall laugh, but not all of your laughter, and weep, but not all of your tears."

(continues further down.)



In many traditions including shamanism, and with out of body experiences using magic mushrooms, peyote cactus, or Ayahuasca, the goal is 'the realm of the dead' -

which the Astral Realm is. Death is seen as the highest spiritual state that can be attained, as it represents death of the ego which is believed leads to spiritual ascension, and you can also access the 'Portal' into the 'Otherworld'.

This is fairly true, it does require the death of the 'lower self', the ego. But the 'realm of the dead' does not mean filled with dead egos.

'The dead' means DEAD doesn't it!

The Astral Realm is the first 'spirit realm' accessed, and it is actually a bit of a bummer really,

because it turns out there is another 'spiritual realm' which lies beyond that one. That is the one you were meant to get to because it is not death - it is Eternal Life.

Also important to know is that it turns out that bit is not just death of the ego. It literally means actual death - extinction - of the soul for real.

This is what all that fuss was about.

Very soon this planet is going to change and begin to access that other 'spiritual realm' which lies somewhere at a different angle to the Astral one.

So those who journeyed into the Astral 'otherworld' now get left behind. We can tell you where that goes to, but will do so later.

This work does not recommend

Plant Based 'Assisted Spirituality'

and Inner Journeying because of this and the information that follows.........

and also because -

We are coming up to this planet's 'Dividing of the Ways'.

There is the curious possibility that when this happens - and that could be quite soon - the very signifcant energy change in frequency could see vast numbers of people just disappear from this reality. Those who continue with the ascension of this planet to a higher path could suddenly separate from those who cannot do that - who then do not have a planet. The ones on the higher version can then connect to their Higher Self or almost already have.

Those who can't 'wake up' and connect to their Higher Self, or were stopped from it, do not have a 'self' that exists in the higher status! They also get left behind. The 'parallel' version of Earth that remained, did not actually remain at all. It only exists in the 'matrix' - in the programme - a synthetic or AI reality, or Astral Realm. Presumably some kind of life goes on, although people have suddenly disapeared in 'an event'. These ones may have gone through a blackout, temporarily unconscious, then come back again and although it seems the same they are actually in some kind of 'Vanilla Sky' reality (Tom Crusie movie from the Spanish film 'Open Your Eyes'.)

The dividing determines whether a person goes on to the new ongoing existence of this planet or remains behind (because their higher level is unable to get through to the conscious mind and 'wake up' the ego self). Obviously this is nonsense to someone who does not know or believe in this! But it is actually real. (And introduced below.) It really does matter - because remaining behind is still the path of the dead. Only the Higher Self really exists. The you, you think is you, is often doing the opposite of what the Real You wants.

The choice, or even ability for apparent 'choice' depends on whether your conscious self is on the lower level or has begun to access the higher level. The lower level self is a lot lesser person than the 'high' level, but the everyday self (lower) does not know that. If a person is to 'wake up' from that, usually there will be feelings of feeling depressed because there is an inner search happening to fill a kind of void. This is basically how a person either goes to the right and ongoing existence of this planet into the future. Or they remain as they are now and cannot take the ongoing existence. It is interesting to consider where these ones go if they can no longer continue to incarnate on this planet. There is no planet for them - its transformed to something on a different frequency.

Others who followed a whole heap of 'spiritual practices' have actually moved into the 'Astral World' and unfortunately integrated into the portal entrance to the dying star of Sirius B which is now part of a Black Hole linked to the supermassive one at the centre of the galaxy.

Those who did this from other lifetimes became the ones who in our times now, began the Covid and vaxx, and follow bizarre rituals as mentioned in the MK Ultra section above.

We are very familiar with the existence of this path and its hypnotic attributes - and its destination is 'the eye'.

This is what 'the eye' is. The portal into a Black Hole.


The MAYAN 'Hunab Ku' glyph shows the centre of this galaxy. The 'eye' above is part of a pathway to the 'underside' darkside of the galactic HQ which is a supermassive Black Hole.




Careful With That Axe, Eugene (Live At Pompeii 2016 Remix)


There are changes to the Physics of this Planet.

The Dividing of the Ways: "2 planets in one."

INFO Put simply, the electronics of this planet will go from a hypothetical "100 volts to 10,000'' because of its CYCLE.

This topic will be unusual to some of those this page link was given to. However, we do need to explain it. There is nothing unusual about a planet changing, but it is not something that people have experienced before so can sound unusual.


This planet is like two planets in one. It began as a high level planet with a different type of humanity, more developed and with more range of sensitivity and an inner purity and higher qualities. But an accident saw it lose its magnet like connection to a particular energy stream, and fall into a connection with a lower level energy stream This produced a second planetary people without the higher level qualities. The planet you live on now is that planet.


It is soon going to change though and become the higher level status again. That event could possibly be part of what we are waiting for now - and a lot of people will not be able to handle it. Or it might be a long while off yet.


What this means is that the planet falls lower and remains a low level planet for many thousands of years. Some people are plugged into that lower frequency. They have less capacity than others. At this time, the planet is about to raise frequencies again to a higher level that these people cannot accommodate. That is a simple explanation (and the timing for it is unknown except to the supercomputer monitoring it.) It is called the Dividing of the Ways. It means the ones who cannot 'see' what happened etc are on a narrower bandwidth of energy receptors.The ones whose eyes glaze over in confusion if a person, or anything mentioned, is beyond that bandwidth. They just don't get it, even though many can be very intelligent. They also can be those who are just not getting the real picture.


But some people can be dangerous as the 'dark' easily works through them - they are used as a vehicle for slander, gossip, jealousy, unkind stuff, dark moods, depression etc - because they are controlled by it, which makes them in a category that is difficult to associate with, along with their lack of awareness. The awake and the asleep are literally from 2 different planets - which is what the 'Dividing of the Ways' is. .It matters if that person was supposed to 'wake up' but could not do so, especially if a 'dark force' is in control of them. Not being able to move on is a very big problem.

SOUND can help those who might 'wake up' though. This project is to help those ones - and we are always happy to talk to anyone who might be waking up. It was started because of a very real 'dark mood' which did happen to someone who might 'wake up' but it is strangling the 'real self'. Those controlled by it will not do this because the 'dark mood' is running them and fights to keep that control. This darkness does not bring happiness.


Now we are flying!!

There is also a little more to the story behind what is happening now with kicking out the darkness and bringing in the other side of the 'Path of Duality' energy stream.


Long ago the planet went into reverse and began to slowly tilt towards the 'dead'.

At some point, during that fall towards 'the dead', this planet then changed rotation from right to left.

It now rotates left to right.

But this may change again now or it could be a thousand years away, but it will change.

This is when it starts to access the 'Real Reality'.


."12,800 years ago Earth Experienced a Cataclysm."

....A comet hit the planet, particularly associated with the continent of the Americas.

What followed was a world flood, a world tsunami and an instant Ice Age. Gigantic hairy mammoths were instantly frozen still munching on buttercups on a hot summer's day in Siberia.

This region later became Tartaria and led to the Khazarians, the communist Bolsheviks, and the people behind the attempt to take the Earth via Covid, jabs and so on.

That comet was the entire landmass that you now know as the physical planet Earth.

The 'comet' is the physical Earth you see as this planet.

The energy stream or path of that 'comet' issued from the star system of Sirius. It was the 'worlds in collision' known to science.



Pink Floyd - Marooned


Still flying.........

The 'comet' which arrived here was from another much larger planet which had literally blown up, named Maldek, Earth is actually very tiny.

a planet in the star system of Sirius.

It is a DIFFERENT energy stream from the larger planet which is connected to the ETERNAL LIFE STREAM.

This information is from the Sumerian Tablets on which an ancient people detailed the history of the event, so the record of it would survive in to the future.

The energy stream or path of that 'comet' issued from Sirius which is a solar system with TWO suns, one still light (Sirius A) the other dark (Sirus B which died.)

It has its own axis which angles towards the energy stream or path of Sirius - a solar system with TWO suns, one still light, the other dark.

The explosion happened many hundreds of thousands years earlier, and the comet - a chunk of rock called Pangaea/Gaia - brought the 'seeding for life' from that planet, as it had been.

It also brought its history, including Atlantis. It was the 'starseed'.

There was both good and bad on that planet in the star system with 2 suns. Once a paradise, they went too far with the use and development of technology.

The events of sunken cities like New York, of Atlantis, pyramid power networks, an ancient world of huge reptiles and dinosaurs, were on the exploded planet Maldek not on this ethereal planet - Etheria/Thera which reversed and became Earth..

The physical landmass cannot fully ASCEND - nor can the people who are aligned into it.

It is the comet which intermingled with a much larger etheral higher frequency planet.

It is also about the ethereal planet which is attached to the energy stream of the Living Source. Not the 'comet'.

The 'comet' also carried the 'magnetic data' of that reality.


There is also a different perspective. Same event, but seen from a different place.


"12,800 years ago A Very Much Larger Planet was Hit by a Comet which became the landmass of Earth"

Earth does exist as its own identity planet. Yet it is also said it, as that comet, hit a much larger planet.

This work has told you about the missing '5th planet' or '5th plane'. The name of that planet was Hera or Thera.

Have you ever considered that Earth might still exist on that larger planet which is a higher level and faster spin, so is invisible?

Earth's current electronic change to 'positive' will take it back into where that is. It can be seen.

The Annunaki (those behind the dark Reset) cannot get to it, even though they know it exists beyond Antarctica, because they are marked 'negative' charge.

Currently Earth is about to change from having slid into the negative where it remains for around 12,000 years. The larger planet is invisible because the electronics are positive. After being in this Lower Realm - negative, there is the RESET.

What if Earth is like the centre landmass in the description given by Plato and surrounded by a much larger planet?

It is possible that the larger planet the comet landed on. actually exists beyond Antarctica.

That is, the comet exists separately as Earth, yet is on the larger planet.

The Earth body does rotate. Left to right.

The larger planet also rotates - Right to Left.

The larger planet, known as Hera or Thera, is part of an energy stream called Living Light and Eternal Life.

It is not the same energy stream as the comet or planet Earth is (currently) aligned into.

Even though this planet (Earth) changes to Light, it is the Light side of the DUALITY energy stream. If aligned into this then a person cannot access the larger planet - the 5th planet or 5th plane.

The larger planet is very probably the 'Real Reality'.




Pink Floyd - A New Machine/ "Terminal Frost" (Live Remix 2019)


"I have always been here.

I have always looked out from behind these eyes.

Feels like more than a lifetime. Feels like more than a lifetime.

Sometimes I get tired of the waiting.

Sometimes I get tired of being here.

Is this the way it has always been?


Do you ever get tired of the waiting?

Do you ever get tired of being there?

Don't worry.

Nobody lives forever. Nobody lives forever."


"I will always be here.

I will always look out from behind these eyes.

It's only a lifetime. Only a lifetime. Only a lifetime."


'Inner Earth' & 'Earth' - "2 Planets in One".




< David Gilmour - Sorrow (Live At Pompeii)

Plumes of smoke rise and merge into the leaden sky:
A man lies and dreams of green fields and rivers

But awakes to a morning with no reason for waking
He’s haunted by the memory of a Lost Paradise

In his youth or a dream, he can’t be precise

He’s chained forever to a world that’s departed
It’s not enough, it’s not enough.


The knowledge of the planet which exploded, and its journey into this system,

as well as the 'seed for life' that it brought, is from the Sumerian Tablets and general Mesopotamian records, such as the 'Epic of Gilgamesh'.

The exploded planet has been considered to be the result of the 'advanced use of technology' on that planet, which went too far. The people on that planet were aware of what had happened and planned for their journey to 'find another planet' - yet followed the 'comet' since it was part of their blown up planet.

Earth and its moon - which has evidence of once supporting life - were part of the lost planet. As Mars is considered to be part of the inner part of that planet too, it may explain why there is mention of civilization on that planet too. They relocated to Egypt to what became El Kahira a name for Mars. They were not good people.

They did what some sources were doing today, saving DNA, and saving consciousness and memories uploaded into a computer, so the information could be downloaded into those born in a new body here.

In their secret societies, they have done this for centuries/millennia - downloaded the consciousness and memories of their lineages throughout the generations. *These are the ones behind the covid-jab plan - it is said.

'Aztec 'Astronauts'.

They were described as sort of mermen with short beards and very tall, and had to adapt with other versions of mankind to create a DNA which could live on this planet - the 'comet' remnants. They were not good people. They took their technology too far and are responsible for destroying their planet.They were depicted in Mayan artwork. .

Asteroid Belt. Space debris, planetoids etc between Mars and Jupiter.

Both Earth and Mars were part of the inner dynamo of the exploded planet. The Asteroid Belt - which exists between Mars and Jupiter - would also seem to be remnant parts.

They had vehicles which could travel space - some called Vimana. "Vimāna are flying bell shaped chariots described in Hindu texts and Sanskrit epics. The "Pushpaka Vimana" of Ravana is the most quoted example of a vimana. Vimanas are also mentioned in Jain texts." There is a carving high on the walls of an Egyptian tomb which look very much like a modern day tank, and aircraft!

Both Earth and Mars were part of the inner dynamo of the exploded planet. The Asteroid Belt - which exists between Mars and Jupiter - would also seem to be remnant parts.

Very 'Battlestar Galactica' but from records of such a journey. Remember : They were not good people.


It is believed/interpreted that two massive computers accompanied the journey to where the 'comet' landed,

one known as the Cube. This is where all the data of the stored DNA, and uploaded consciousnesses were stored. Also aupported by the magnetic sphere which surrounds this planet when in its reverse phase. Sometimes this is called the Akashic Records, the records of Ak (or sometimes written as Ek.)

Are You Living in the World Reality as it Was on the Exploded Planet?

Some have suggested that the reality experienced in this world on Earth is actually projected onto the rock that was the 'comet' that was the exploded planet, and that it is experienced through the brain and body.

The reality that is this world spins on an axis that even when it reverses back to positive, despite being far more aligned with the Higher Plane/Planet, aka 5th Planet/Plane - it never actuallyy synchronizes with it. It returns to the usual cycle that is the 'Wheel of Rebirth'.



Cluster One

"Listening to this Pink Floyd music makes me feel like flying". (6 days ago.)


Returning to a Dead System, or Accepting the Requirements of the Living System they came to?

The choice for these ones is to build their 'spiritual identity' aligned to the LIVING system. They can also, and they still continue to, align into the Sirius system

If they really remained on that path, regardless that there is a Light side, it is finite because one of the suns died.

So they HAVE to accept the Living Eternal Source. Or remain aligned towards Sirius. These beings may have been quite higgh level ones, enough to consider themselves 'royal bloodlines'.

There are also the level of people on this planet who do as they arre told, do not question, and did get jabbed. They also have to choose a Higher Path and if they don't, they cannot go on.




2020 saw the beginning of the activation of the Satanic Dark Side plan to take and control this planet..


Either way, Light or Dark, this time is called a RESET.

...................................It is a RESET of the reality, for the next 12,000 years.


The Dark Plan was about taking Earth into the 'Otherworld'.

The ones who are behind the Great RESET, Covid, jabs, the Green New Deal Agenda come from the exploded planet which became the physical Earth.

From that ancient time, these ones continue to try to find the way to their home. But that world Died, and now is a Path of Duality - Life and Death - Good and Evil.

It also has a switch towards its still living sun called the Lesser Light - Lucifer, the chosen path of most. But the system had two suns, not just one.

The LIGHT Plan is the positive version of that same dual pathway.

THAT is not the ethereal planet/plane and it is not Eternal Life.




Pink Floyd - Allons-Y (Let's go.)



Some have suggested that the reality we are in is a simulated version of reality - one that is projected onto the rock that became Earth.

It is not yet the matrix or Metaverse version because it exists on the physical world. But it is projected none the less from 'the cube'.

The planet now switches to the Light side of that dual Sirius projected path - the quantum computer takes control.

It is a change in the outer axis of this planet which synchronizes with the stable, unchanging inner axis.

Many new 'spiritual teachers' right now are preparing for that as the future world. A new, RESET computer programme. You could check this out with the work of Simon Parkes, and is also what Charlie Ward is saying. In fact a very large number are awaiting a connecting with a galactic family, and why shouldn't that be the case in that quatum based programme? Higher beings who created the simulated reality, and created that programme.

It makes sense doesn't it. However,

True God Source - the Living Source is NOT a Quantum Computer!

But the Light side of the duality does overlap with the Path of the EnergySteam of the ethereal, higher frequency planet the 'comet' landed on. BUT it is different.

If you have the extended capacity to access an even bigger 'bandwidth' then you will be able to see this. Most do not, because they keep returning on the Wheel of Rebirth - and this difference is the reason why.




Pink Floyd - Surfacing (2014)



As for not making it onto the right side of the 'Dividing of the Ways' -



..........................'Run Like Hell' !

< David Gilmour (2016 show) - Run Like Hell (Live At Pompeii)


Earth goes through several levels of change.

The first level of people who cannot continue (or are not continuing) with the ASCENSION of this planet are those who accept what they are told, and do not think for themselves. Those who automatcally were jabbed and did not question. Often they are the ones, and do include those, who have an extraordinarily high opinion of themselves as part of the ego. Those ones were described by the 'dark side' as unnecessary for the future world, a waste of space, and 'useless eaters'.These ones are the target of those behind the 'jab agenda' for depopulation. Most of these HAVE been jabbed.

When they leave the body they go 'to the left' and into the 'Akasha Computer' Metaverse' aka Matrix because there is no planet for them during the positive phase when Earth pulls out of reverse for the 12-18,000 years of the cycle.

They are also the ones who those from amongst their ranks, have deliberately and purposefully been made rich and famous, to be the examples some people look up to. That has been to reduce the overall standards of everyone on the planet. These ones were also jabbed - some of them doing so to tell the rest of us to do it - and they are being removed too.

The next level which cannot continue as the Earth ASCENDS higher, and aligns with the REAL Reality, are those who continued with the spiritual practices warned against, and also continued with the psychic communication and 'other realm' contact, and 'astral' or out of body journeying, which have now bound them into the 'astral' or the reality of the 'Illusion'. They also 'followed the herd', but just a different level of it. They keep returning on the 'Wheel of Rebirth' often offering their services' to keep other people stuck there too.


This work is specifically featuring the work of Pink Floyd and particularly David Gilmour and if you read the typical responses of people to their shows and music, you will see that it is a kind of cosmic and spiritual experience.

We are of the opinion that David Gilmour comes from the same place that we do. Not the blown up planet! But maybe literally a different star system so that is why we naturally go into concepts that those who are the consciousness of the general world now may find difficult to grasp. Dark forces, entities, levels of consciousness, Higher Self, communication from the Higher Self and so on.

Don't worry about it!

It is the only way some of these things can be explained.


The original list of SOUND Tracks

(without the written article)

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Dark Side of the Moon

- full album." In 2012, it was selected for preservation in the United States National Recording Registry by the Library of Congress for being deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".




Pink Floyd - The Division Bell

(Full Album)




The Endless River.

- full album.

Pink Floyd produced albums that were complete themes as classical composers do. There was material that was not included on the albums. They are still good pieces and were released on the album 'The Endless River'.


The SOUL (Higher Self) is LOVE.

'The Prophet' by mystical poet, Kahlil Gibran

"Speak to us of Love.
     And he raised his head and looked upon the people, and there fell a stillness upon them. And with a great voice he said:
     When love beckons to you, follow him,
     Though his ways are hard and steep.
     And when his wings enfold you yield to him,
     Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you.
     And when he speaks to you believe in him,
     Though his voice may shatter your dreams
as the north wind lays waste the garden.

     For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you. Even as he is for your growth so is he for your pruning.
     Even as he ascends to your height and caresses your tenderest branches that quiver in the sun,
     So shall he descend to your roots and shake them in their clinging to the earth...............

     All these things shall love do unto you that you may know the secrets of your heart, and in that knowledge become a fragment of Life’s heart.

     But if in your heart you would seek only love’s peace and love’s pleasure,
     Then it is better for you that you cover your nakedness and pass out of love’s threshing-floor,
     Into the seasonless world where you shall laugh, but not all of your laughter, and weep, but not all of your tears."


When Holy Poets wrote of BEAUTY, INNOCENCE & LOVE,

did they ever even mention 'advanced technology' as being an attribute of True Source?

FREE PDF book. THE PROPHET by Kahlil Gibran

Recommended because it is beautiful.




The original list of SOUND Tracks

(without the written article)

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....... ..........

Guidelines for Humans to be Better at Being Human.

- as You Would Hope it to be in a More Aware World.

The world has not only been dumbed down, but deliberately made less civilized - and that is considered 'the way it is now'.

It should be normal for there to be the basic civility of saying hello, or how are you for everyone not just an accepted standard apparently only known to those who come from a higher status. Basic common courtesy, or hospitality should be the norm. I have experienced levels of rudeness I never believed anyone would be capable of when someone thinks they do have some kind of right to do that. This should never happen even in a less developed country.

Rules for being civilized' - and what a surprise, the world suddenly is a better place!





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