July 17th 2022.


The Planet's Realignment Towards True Source

Takes Place in Your Head.


Everything in this universe is a hologram - which means even the tiniest fragment has the whole picture. So too does the human brain.

This planet fell/descended to align with the Lower Realm, not in a vertical descent but a circular descent because of the cycle. Now it is a natural progression of that same circular cycle to ASCEND back upwards again - towards where it fell from. This reality, like the galactic nucleus that is shown in the Mayan Glyph has moved away and fallen from its rightful place. So too has the human brain.

During that time the consciousness that is this planet has been deeply infiltrated by dark forces and because of the holographic pattern of everything in this universe, the correction involves human people from the Higher Realm who have had to consciously work through these massively difficult dark forces. The clearing of the path takes place in the far fewer numbers of actual people who have taken on these forces as part of their lives and consciously worked through them. If they hadn't, then those dark forces would still have a hold on the consciousness here.

Nothing whatsoever to do with a few very easy and probably fun to do 'sacred site activations'. Oh how easy it would be if that were the case! But it is not. Those dark forces are cripplingly painful - obviously - they are destructive, evil forces. It has taken real work and sacrifice for the good of all humanity. Didn't it take the Christ dying on the cross to 'save humanity'? Nothing was easy was it? Clearing the way for the Ascension to happen in a broken and disabled planet, is HARD, just as your own path back to True Source is also HARD and painful. But those who can do it, do, do it. Then it becomes easier, and possible, for those who follow afterwards. - so long as they do not bind themselves into the false reality.



The Mayan Glyph for the Centre of this Galaxy - the Hunab Ku -

is really Interesting and provides a Lot of Information which shows there is Still a Bigger Picture. If you want to find Soul Freedom you must understand there is more than just this planet changing. continue here.




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