A quick overview of what you need to know or keep in mind + the Mayan Glyph for Galactic HQ.

This work keeps to the actual knowledge for SOUL FREEDOM from the 'Wheel of Rebirth'. Obviously there are some good things expected as the planet changes and all the detritus leaves.


*This planet is unique in that it travels between the Upper Realm of this galaxy and the dark side aka Underworld.

It is this planet which now provides a way for the SOUL to escape being in the underworld. Earth may be unique in this entire galaxy for this reason.

* Everything in this dark side holographic reality, the tiniest particle is the same pattern as the galaxy itself. It means the planet is off, and so too is the human brain. You are in fact trapped within the 'cave' in the brain at the 3rd Eye.

* No other planet offers the possibility to escape. If you get it right, you can escape entrapment in what is an ILLUSION - Maya.

* The journey to SOUL FREEDOM has to take place while incarnate in a human body.

Many people - the majority - will not be able to remain on this planet as it begins its ASCENT. There will be various ways they remove themselves. Being diverted into fascinating illusions is one way. That includes contact with 'space brothers' etc. All the worlds in this galaxy exist in the 'Underworld' and are also caught in the ILLUSION.


The Guidelines and Inspiration to find True God Source.

Remember what realy matters. This universe is the Realm of Illusions. Be aware that the Path of SOUL Freedom which escapes the Realm of Illusion, is not the same thing as the change to positive which has thrown out evil and darkness from this planet. We keep to the path of SOUL Freedom. However, we do also look at Health & Regeneration, Healthy Living, and interesting information about this universe or ancient mysteries etc - but we are never saying they are the path to SOUL FREEDOM.

Also, another very big clue.......

"The Kingdom of Heaven is within."


Okay, a second big clue....portals, stargates, plasma spaceships and so on are not 'within'.

Communication from 'other realms' seems to be within but are received from the fallen angle which has caused all the trouble, and been the source of pretty much every known religion, 'new consciousness', or 'spiritual journeying'. That is the mistake that has continued for many millennia.

And a third clue....

The entire universe is also a hologram within your head.


This Work will and does supply what you need to know to find and return to True Source as a free SOUL.

It also covers topics of interest but does not suggest that any of that will achieve SOUL Freedom.


The Planet Now Ascends and it is Known that People

can reach the highest spiritual heights - but then fall again. This is known knowledge. Indeed the planet does also reach almost to True Source, but because of its cycle, it does Fall again. This informs you that finding True Source is not achieved by the planet's Ascension - great as it absolutely is.

The Planet's Realignment Towards True Source Takes Place in Your Head.

Everything in this universe is a hologram - which means even the tiniest fragment has the whole picture. So too does the human brain.

This planet fell/descended to align with the Lower Realm, not in a vertical descent but a circular descent because of the cycle. Now it is a natural progression of that same circular cycle to ASCEND back upwards again - towards where it fell from. This reality, like the galactic nucleus that is shown in the Mayan Glyph has moved away and fallen from its rightful place. So too has the human brain.

During that time the consciousness that is this planet has been deeply infiltrated by dark forces and because of the holographic pattern of everything in this universe, the correction involves human people from the Higher Realm who have had to consciously work through these massively difficult dark forces. The clearing of the path takes place in the far fewer numbers of actual people who have taken on these forces as part of their lives and consciously worked through them. If they hadn't, then those dark forces would still have a hold on the consciousness here.

Nothing whatsoever to do with a few very easy and probably fun to do 'sacred site activations'. Oh how easy it would be if that were the case! But it is not. Those dark forces are cripplingly painful - obviously - they are destructive, evil forces. It has taken real work and sacrifice for the good of all humanity. Didn't it take the Christ dying on the cross to 'save humanity'? Nothing was easy was it? Clearing the way for the Ascension to happen in a broken and disabled planet, is HARD, just as your own path back to True Source is also HARD and painful. But those who can do it, do, do it. Then it becomes easier, and possible, for those who follow afterwards.

Because of its Ascending phase, this Planet itself, provides the chance for SOUL FREEDOM from the Illusion.

The Planet's Ascending Phase Can be Your Ticket Out of Here! You are already in the universe you see, the other planets and stars, and the same one accessed through the first 'spiritual realm' encountered on an inner jouney - and shown to you on the Mayan Glyph below.

Only this planet crosses into a Higher Universe. Because this planet corrects its Fall into the dark side of this galaxy the only chance in this entire galaxy for the SOUL to escape is via this planet and by being in human form. Everything in the Astral reality is part of the ILLUSION and the False Path/Energy Stream known as Light & Dark - Good & Evil etc.

Ancient words of wisdom tell us that the body and brain are the TOMB of the SOUL.

Like being in an avatar in a world you now cannot find the way out of. No matter what fascinating things exist in this reality - which include this galaxy - the spiritual goal is to find the way for the SOUL to get free of all of it. Perhaps being in this 'tomb' could indeed be likened to being in an avatar body within the Metaverse........ How do you get out?

When Holy Poets wrote their Beautiful works of LOVE,

did they ever even mention 'advanced technology' as being an attribute of True Eternal God Source?

FREE PDF recommended book.

Access here .

This is the Mayan glyph for the centre of this galaxy.

Viewed as a clockface, it shows there is a fault with the nucleus/centre of this galaxy. However, this planet does ascend to the Light side of this Fall problem during this part of its Grand Cycle.

The Light side should be at 9 o'clock to 3 o'clock, so this glyph shows the Fall

- to the LEFT (sin in Latin).

As the planet ASCENDS the fallen left rises from its current position at 8 o'clock to return to 9 o'clock. It is called the RA - right ascension.

This is how it looks with the actual planet :

Allow this animated example to load, then after seeing this you should be saying 'wow, yes now I can see it'. If you can't see it, ask yourself why?

If you can understand this simple thing, then you might make it out of the ILLUSION.

* MOST of humanity is not going to make it to the correct passage out of the ILLUSION.

* Some may feel they are from an 'advanced technology' civilization from another planet and align themselves into that. Indeed, it is probably real within the entirety that is the realm of the 'ASTRAL ILLUSION'.

* A significant majority of the current information sources reaching the masses and calling themselves 'truthers'

are low level consciousness, even if sincere. They may well be sincere, but MANY are also very savvy business people who are now latching on to sources which will bring in a large audience. There is a huge market/demographic ripe for this.

Although a number of these 'alt news' sources claim to have been into the weirder side of information for many years, most are now bringing forward exactly the same information that was popular in the 1980's.

A man who claims to be a Vatican translator of ancient books/scripts (which he may be, there are many ancient scripts) is saying the same that a 'channelled being' named Lazarus said in the 1980's about the creation of humanity as a race of workers for the alien visitors.

* Did alien visitors come to this planet?

This is possible, anything is possible in a simulated reality aka Illusion. All things are possible!

Mayan carvings show what surely must be space ships, and Vimana are space vehicles from thousands of years ago. For many years this work has explored the existence of a chunk of another planet which exploded long ago and 'from the stars' seeded life on this planet. It is interestng and very real!

"For a long time, NASA has been investigating a number of space rocks - in space - in the search for a connection with the same space rock which 'star' seeded life on Earth."

The most likely timing of the explosion which brought such a rock here is when the dinosaurs which existed on that planet became extinct. The DNA of one of the giant creatures of eons past, eventually became the early primate/ape and the prototype - says science - for the one which developed into today's human. Descended from the extinct reptiles of another planet. This ape, a kind of lemur, was genetically upgraded, and lived in Lemuria. It would seem to make this body the false creation.

A number of people with a consciousness that appears to be linked to the ones who may have been a kind of 'Battlestar Galactica' group escaping their exploding planet

(a planet takes a very long time to explode and break up into pieces) discuss genetic engineering in the creation from 'Adam and Eve' or their progeny. In science the mitochondrial DNA for 'Eve' goes back 200,000 years. Humans are different from Neanderthals who do fit the criteria as low intelligence but strong workers.

It is possible that those who came here to this planet have been living in human bodies but now preparing to leave the planet because they cannot remain here once it ascends. Glamorous as being a part of an 'advanced technology' may seem to be, these ones CANNOT travel into the UPPER REALM on the LIGHT side of this galaxy.

In ancient Greek Records, the civilization on this planet

- perhaps before the space rock arrived - was a transparent gel-like blue 'stone' which was a kind of etheric body of 'sky stone' - made from the etheric matter that was once this planet. The etheric body now inhabits and is trapped in, the physical body that appears to be from the other planet. The SOUL body that is trying get free?

Most of the information used here on the 'alien ET's' comes from the Egyptian Records 6

which are closely aligned with the Americas, and Maya. Ancient Egypt as once part of the ancient - more than 5,000 years ago - civilization (an earlier one that history claims). Those known as Essenes in Palestine were formerly based in Egypt and their name was THERAPEUTAE which is clearly Greek.




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