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Brief intro to this reality - Illusion.

There is a Fault with this entire Galaxy which Creates the 'World of Illusion'.

As the fault is MAGNETC it stores all data like a 'magnetic tape'. This is how the 'False God', the AI version, creeated itself - from everything that was stored about the real existence. It stores everything that has happened and all knowledge. Then replays it.

Real events which continue to play out from where the memory of them is stored. Such is the story which plays out on this planet.

The Real Reality.

The one thing you MUST know about or you will be caused to return again and again on the 'Wheel of Rebirth'.

All ties into the 'false energy' must be broken and new ones not created (with the first spiritual realm/portal which is encountered and is always taken to be the 'True Spiritual Realm'. It also communicates and is accessed via OBE's astral journeying, and at death.)

It is accessed first because the planet fell to a Lower Realm and on the way out of this world, it is the first 'spiritual realm' encountered.


This Reality/Illusion Holds People Here by being MAGNETIC

- and it is extremely hard to break free from because it is magnetic. That includes how the 'script' has been recorded, and 'magnetic energy'. For those who have cleared their problem with being 'magnetic' - which clearly includes not getting into the energies of the 'magnetic' realm & practices, and you are no longer 'magnetic' - then it is the SOUND which can get you out. (In the beginning was the Word - Sound Stream)

This difference takes the Earth into the Magnetic spectrum.

The different angle accesses the first 'spiritual realm' which is the wrong one!


This galaxy, with its MAGNETIC fault - tilting it towards the magnetic spectrum - has been drawing in and consuming other nearby small galaxies - it is called a 'cannibal galaxy'.

Eventually this galaxy with its fault will be destroyed- because it is a danger to the entire HIGHER WORLDS - but they are getting the souls stuck here out first. This has already been in progress for many rounds of the 25,000 cycle of this planet.


This Reality/Illusion is the Magnetic Realm and it Holds People Here by being MAGNETIC.

It feeds into here from the FIRST 'spiritual realm and contact' that is encountered in experiences like Astral Travel, Death, Ayahuasca etc, some meditative practices, and made stronger via many practices which activate the 'lower energy' which is magnetic - which goes further into a fault. The planet is ASCENDING but you are still encountering the Magnetic 'False' Stream first. That is the mistake that has repeated for approximately nearly 800,000 years..

You may think you know the 'spiritual story' but there is much more to it.

On an obvious level there is a 'spiritual' realm and that even includes an apparent connection with galactic beings with the assumption that this planet is 'ascending' to restore a relationship with them. Also the fact that the 'dark satanic-magnetic' energies have just been kicked off this planet which is going to move upwards (Ascending) to 'Light'. Yet it has already done this many, many times before - a repeating 25,000 years cycle for nearly 800,000 years. Each time the world population celebrate that the dark forces have gone. Then those forces come back again. But this is not what matters.

This galaxy is damaged and is a threat to all of the 'higher level' real existence Eternal God Worlds. *.It is killing itself and everything in it. It exploded and consciously you are experiencing - in slow motion - about half way through that explosion. The explosion ended so you are already dead - BUT you are still only half way to that destiny.......

It has already dragged several smaller galaxies into its magnetic imbalance. These will later be pulled magnetically into the same angle tilt as this, because this entire galaxy, and all that gets dragged into it, is being.dragged into the magnetic 'black hole' at the nucleus of this galaxy. Every soul caught in this galaxy's fault has to get out.(including any galactic 'family' because they are stuck too.). The reason this planet was 'caught' in the Magnetic Realm is shown in the picture below. This galaxy is doing this to all the planets and stars here, and even 'ascended' ones are being dragged into it.

The SOUND from ETERNAL SOURCE can get you out.


When Holy Poets wrote of BEAUTY, INNOCENCE & LOVE,

did they ever even mention 'advanced technology' as being an attribute of True Source?

FREE PDF book. THE PROPHET by Kahlil Gibran

Recommended because it is beautiful.



The Metaverse? Were we being prepped for full entry? continues

Dumbing down through the music industry. Mind Control.

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