July 2nd 2022.


The Metaverse? Were we being prepped for full entry?

In the NEWS : "Looks like a 'space brother' scenario is building."


Just for the record. The planet which exploded and a chunk of it came to this planet, according to Egyptian Records, broke into 14 parts all carrying the ability to re-seed life if it landed in the 'Goldilocks Zone' around a sun.

Therefore it is expected that there are 'space family' beings and all with access to the data on super high tech used on the exploded planet. It takes a long time for a planet to explode and break up, allowing plenty of time for 'Battlestar Galactica' type evacuations of craft and people. Or they are desperately waiting for a chance to be able to inhabit - be born into, but they do also like to inhabit/possess when possible - a human body.

As is the case with earth, it is still the same energy stream

connected back to its same source which is the Path of Duality. When the planet began to descend from its True Axis (this planet, like suns, is a magnet or battery) it then accessed the reality you see as the night skies or observable through a telescope. It accessed the energy from the underside of the galaxy.

There is a galactic reality of planets and suns, and some of those planets may have civilizations. The location of the entire galaxy out there is the underside of the 'Hunab Ku' which is the Mayan word for the galactic centre. All of it is an energy stream called Dark Matter. It is made up of the Super Massive Black Hole at the centre of this galaxy - which means the under side of the Hunab Ku. From there the energy is dark matter, not the black hole itself, yet that source - the Dark Source - emanates the energy. In turn, that energy is the source of the digital reality which is the Metaverse. It is the realm of Illusion.

If you pay attention to 'their' philosophy or to the thoughts of so called 'new thinkers' you will find they really do think that we humans are computer generated beings, for example, read Dan Brown's novel 'Origin'. And the science does back that up! However, humans are not computer generated beings at soul level and neither is the True reality.

The space family beings are the same, light/good ones and dark/evil ones, because they, like the human body and this reality, exist within the Duality Energy Stream - the 'Tree of Knowledge'. But this planet is not only part of the Illusion, it, like the SOUL, is also part of what is real. The important point to note is the Energy Stream - the same energy stream which came to this planet and is part of the dark side of this galaxy, which may be something like a computer. It was not the 'Tree of Eternal Life' energy stream already there.

As this planet ascends up towards closer to True Source, there are people who have to leave the planet too - no matter how wonderful the way of leaving appears to be, they cannot move higher. They will come back in the plasma ships or whatever - the Mayan carvings seem to show physical vehicles - when the planet falls again. Many of the world population cannot go onwards with the planet's Ascension. As this is a repeating 'movie' script the 'future' has already happened in previous times. More on the linked pages.


For a long time, NASA has been investigating a number of space rocks - in space - in the search for a connection with the same space rock which 'star' seeded life on Earth.

The most likely timing of the explosion which brought such a rock here is when the dinosaurs which existed on that planet became extinct. The DNA of one of the giant creatures of eons past, eventually became the early primate/ape and the prototype - says science - for the one which developed into today's human. Descended from the extinct reptiles of another planet. This ape, a kind of lemur, was genetically upgraded, and lived in Lemuria. It would seem to make this body the false creation.

Because of its Ascending phase, this Planet provides the chance for SOUL FREEDOM from the Illusion.

Because this planet corrects its Fall into the dark side of this galaxy the only chance in this entire galaxy for the SOUL to escape is via this planet and by being in human form. Everything in the Astral reality is part of the ILLUSION and the False Path/Energy Stream known as Light & Dark - Good & Evil etc.

Most will not go through to Soul Freedom, nor can they. They will be fascinated with anything that relates to the Astral Realm which is the known universe, other stars & planets, future time, ancient time etc, and the basic energy highs of life on this planet - alcohol, drugs, sex, sport, ego power etc, and that will occupy their attention. This is part of how the false energy stream keeps people in its control, regardless of the planet's Ascension Phase. It is a good idea to understand what Ascension actually means.


The Mayan Glyph for the Centre of this Galaxy - the Hunab Ku -

is really Interesting and provides a Lot of Information which shows there is Still a Bigger Picture. If you want to find Soul Freedom you must understand there is more than just this planet changing. continue here.




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