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New Communities, Ventures, and Projects are Beginning

for when the new future eventually emerges - post Luciferian control, and of course, Mexico is the location. It has been the safe country awake people could get to during the plandemic and attempt to bring in the New World Order.

Some are modest and going back to nature, recognising people want an alternative to the Davos Reset but not to become primitive. One upcoming project here in Mexico is a surprisingly multi-million dollar development with a hint of trying to be a new Findhorn (a project in Scotland which produced giant vegetables and worked with cute and appealing plant devas). It is even a bit like Jurassic Park. A 'soft intro' to this project began in late May, showing a very slick sales video, and savvy enough to throw in that Unicorns (may) once have existed and could be genetically brought back. Who does not like the idea that a community will be re-introducing all the cute creatures from an ancient world - assumed to be a paradise, and not of course, a world connected to the idiots who blew up their planet through their ego-filled attempts to be God. As Basil Fawlty said in the classic Fawlty Towers, 'Don't mention the war'!

Although those developing such a project proclaim their lack of interest in money, they are clearly going to make a few bucks. Is that the consciousness of a God Source world? Something seems very off about this, and where did they get the money to do it?

Leave Room for Nature......Leave Room for Nature

- Georgia Guidestones.

However, it should be noted that the criminals who wanted to depopulate the planet, wanted it so it would 'Leave room for nature'. Nature is what they worship. This is the wording on the Georgia Guidestones along with what seems like good things except that they also like Marxism (communism) and a world government. *The Guidestones were blown up and removed in early July.

This worship of nature is what identifies those who are actually part of that group,

not the 'new Earth' even if they pretend to be or believe it is the same thing, because not everyone who follows the Luciferian religion wss part of the plan. Nature is wonderful and should be respected, but the religion of the Luciferians is nature over the lives of humans, along with all the weird rituals and relationships with children.

'Sex is god', which means sex in the soil, and in micro-organisms etc.

Because to them, sex is god, which also means sex in the soil, with micro-organisms, and especially powerful with human youth (infants and young children.) It is what made a dead planet live again.

The future will of course have

Medbeds and 'new' technologies, and it all exists because there was a high level of technology over 12,000 years ago - and that is the source of the 'new' technologies returning. They were the ones who experimented with genetic creations.

It was also what caused Earth's tilt and the fall into this lower realm which Earth does ascend from then fall in its ongoing cycle. So actually they were not the '5th realm' because that is Soul Level, not physicality.

The Soul Realm aspect of this reality was a much faster, higher frequency that was caught in the 'invisible force' when a huge chunk of an exploded planet from the Dog System ended up here. (Dog is the reverse of God.) *'Dog' is canine, in Latin Canis, the name of the Dog Star constellation. So easy to identify the false path!

The exploded planet was called Maldek.

Those who follow Lucifer - who interestingly 'fell from another place to Earth' (just like the chunk of rock and soil) -

are mad about the earth. Happy to kill off most of the humans, but love the Earth as more important than humans. That is their Reset goal. They follow the solstices and equinoxes - because they caused them to happen. They are the result of the planet's tilt off alignment. The real reality that is the higher world, obviously does not have these, so does not think they are anything to be celebrated!

The Luciferians, whose religion tells them they also 'came from another place which fell to Earth', always care about making money, and are obsessed with the cycles of the moon and with the soil. Certainly it is nice to have a healthy, flourishing planet, but that is nothing to do with the '5th Dimension' and 'Higher/Real Reality.

All of that is their ongoing attempts to restore their fallen, lost planet.

*** Now there may be an answer were funding came from, because a whole lot of connected people who have been introduced via videos on a crazily popular website that has drowned out all the far more spiritually advanced ones, all appear to be recipients of a huge interest free loan scheme entrusted to this internet personality. Obviously this still has to be checked further.


This work began by exploring the existence of the 'Essenes'.

which provided very helpful texts - from 2,000 years ago - on a clean, fresh Plant Based Diet etc which we began to follow in the '80's. Their original name was Therapeutae. It means Therapists - which is the same as Healers.

They also had historic records, including scrolls on the 'Children of Darkness'.

TIME does have a 'Year 1' beginning.

The recording of Time began straight after the Fall, around 12,000 or 11,000 years ago - specific to the time the planet fell, like a tree that had been logged. That is, it remained suspended for a while, then fell. There was a Year 1 from that specific time.

The current year, 2021 is from the beginning of the millennium which began 2,000 years ago - calculated from the original Year 1. It was a marker date in preparation for when the planet would begin its 'Ascending Phase'.

Earth's Ascension is the correction of its fall.

The Greek philosopher Plato wrote of the instant flooding of Atlantis around 11,000 years ago. In Siberia in the Arctic region of Russia, mammoths munching buttercups on a sunny tropical day, were snap frozen also dated around that time.

So, How did that lead to a Portal into the False Spiritual Realm instead of the True Portal back to Eternal Life?

Clearly the Earth's Ascension Phase is going to be good - going to be great. It is a little like a superimposed image which still overlays the fallen reality. It is good, but as the Cycle continues, it returns to the Fall phase again.

If you have the inner strength to accept the truth, then you have a chance to exit the False Realms and return to True Source.

Since the time when the woolly mammoths were snap frozen by a sudden shift in the Earth, and an island continent in the Atlantic was engulfed by water around 12,000 years ago - the planet has been aligned to a False Astral Portal. The True one was immediately lost. The False Portal is how all the 'dark' evil forces get into this planet - because they certainly don't enter from the True God Realms - they would have to be located there to do so. For this reason the first essential piece of the Lost Knowledge is to avoid the False Portal!

But unfortunately, millennia ago, no-one realized that. Life after death, astral travel, ayahuascha journeys, Oracles of Delphi or Tibet or anywhere else, all accessed the only 'Spiritual Portal' that was there. Since then, people would not let that go. So, a high being from the True Reality did come to this world to explain that. He was called the Christos.

Obviously, as the planet corrects from its Fall it is going to align more with the True Portal. The problem that has been encountered for every round of the Ascending-Descending Grand Cycle since probably nearly 800,000 years ago - is that people have established energy ties into the False Portal. People HAD to break those ties BEFORE the planet began its Ascension Phase. This is how and why people here remain energy bound into the 'Cycle of Rebirth' into this world.

Astral Portal . Hunab Ku Mayan Glyph.


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The physical Earth - the continents - are a chunk of a planet which blew up in the 'Dog Constellation'

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