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There are 3 main satanic or 'dark side' Orders which have been teaching their craft specifically to a wider audience of the population since about the 1980's, or late '70's.

These Orders leading to the 'top of the Pyramid', have been known by known names of Orders and also very often as someone who just happened to channel some healing energy information etc. Thus courses training people in these have been very popular.

This work was as fascinated by this as anyone else, but also did notice anomalies which raised questions.

This work has decided to use the work of a high level person with the Satanic Order, a "Mother of Darkness" now helping the side of Goodness and Light, to explain what 'skills', 'energies' and practices etc are actually witchcraft, and Luciferian. We are letting her explain it, not us.

Now, after the revelations from 2020, many more previously very everyday. normal people, are a great deal more aware of agendas that involve child trafficking and Luciferian rituals etc. Jeffrey Epstein as one example. People now are aware of these things.

There are very useful alternative video channels providing useful information and relevant news.

But these are not, and never were, 'spiritual guides' for how to get OFF this cycling planet and get to the True Eternal Source.

Also, achieving that absolutely does NOT mean other planets in this galaxy! There are no Higher World planets in this fallen, damaged galaxy. The new video featured below provides some great information on this planet and its cycling Pole Shifts.


This work does consider it is important to know about the very real evil and its governing structure that has been running this planet. This is because even now, people still want to be part of it.

We are going to let former "Mother of Darkness" JESSIE CZEBOTAR (not us)

explain what comes under the banner of the Luciferian energies and 'witchcraft'.

People will rebel against what she reveals, yet she was part of the 'top of the tree' of the satanic order. When this work tried explaining these things over 10 years ago, we had quite a hard job dealing with some of the responses to it. People saying "that's negative thinking" - which is simply a level of stupidity and low IQ. It is negative, but not about 'thinking'. It was a negative reality which these people who said that kind of thing, made possible to thrive. Duncan Roads at Nexus surprised us the most! Now of course, since the pandemic scam and the information that was revealed from then, people do know about it.

Once you understand the structure of the Luciferian Rulership on and in this planet,

and you understand the almost infinite vastness of what it covers

including psychic contacts and how to enter 'gateways' into human bodies etc, then you begin to see how almost impossible it is to avoid being caught in that system, not only in the physical world, but in the astral, and the world you go to after death - because it is still the Luciferian 'spirit realms' you go to.


JESSIE CZEBOTAR, a former 'Mother of Darkness', born into a Lucifer-worshipping hierarchy family,

now working for the 'white hats', is an important source of information on the entire existence of the Satanic Government which has existed alongside, throughout thousands of years on this planet, and inside this planet. She is credible and presents the information with detachment and intelligence.

HOWEVER, she also discusses the types of occult things that people just can't stop themselves wanting to find out about.

Occult things, and fascinating 'skills' like transforming the body so it can pass through walls, so called magical skills, and 'sovereign' (Luciferian) government projects like Looking Glass, and Voice of God.

All these fascinating things are what attract people onto the Luciferian Path, and then they cannot get out of it. This is how it works! It is how the 'dark side' do it. Please be aware of this!


How the System which has been Running this Planet is Structured.


Watch Video 16 minutes. When it gets to the song it is just the usual ending of these vodeos.

Jesse is an excellent source of Luciferian information. No question about that. She has also stated that pretending to be 'good' and God, and other experiences associated with channelling and 'galactic fleets' etc are THEM fooling you. Jesse has said that.

There is an issue that some people will want to find out about the 'gateways' and portals and things to do with that system - and that means they start to learn and get into that energy stream.

This work suggests you let any desire to do that go. It does not matter. This work has already told you that exiting this body via even the highest 'gateway' of the Luciferian knowledge system, takes you straight into their reality. Astral Projection is the main example, or shamanic journeying. With all due respect from what he has said, David Icke has taken this route. Sorry but that is a fact. It also shows how difficult it is not to get caught.

FYI 'gateways' are taught in the Chinese 'chi kung' system, so we know what they are. Its not important! Work towards the only 'exit point' that gets you to True Eternal God Source. We have always taught that.

Mentioned (by Jesse) of interest. The way Luciferians choose people for certain roles is very similar to how they choose high roles in the Tibetan system, which is based on the ancient religion and not so much actual Buddhism. She also describes the Tarot and some other forms of divination as 'witchcraft'. She describes that there is a Light Side and a Dark Side to the System. The Golden Dawn is the light side of the System, and the dark side is called the Phoenix. The Order of Melchizadek is above both of them. It is the false Order of Melchizadek which did include the Nazis.

Beyond the 3rd degree (recruiting levels) of the Masons are speciality groups, such as magic groups, the Rosicrucians which founded Findhorn in Scotland, and many other named groups like Elks, 'Tall Trees', Hibernians etc and in these circles they are taught either white magic or black magic or grey magic. You also have to be aware of the 'grandmothers' who come forward now. All of it is the same system, and is the false reality. All of it!


Mother of Darkness Jesse Czebotar's videos.

Wake Update Read More on Code, Spells and Witchcraft :


In case you don't know, the teachings of Jesus Christ say

NOT to take any notice of 'channelling', psychic stuff, magical stuff, and not to do certain oriental exercises and activations, like Kundalini. Don't try to 'clear' bad energies, and 'entities'.

Absolutely don't try to create your reality, or 'manifest' what you think you want because that uses the false energy! Always allow God to guide you to what you want, if it is right for you. You do not know what is required for you to clear your bad karma, and that is what matters. Do not judge others. Discern but do not judge.

Jesus said practice forgiveness, and to love one another, live honourably, keep away from people doing the things warned against, and trust in True God Source - allow God to 'wash away your sins' (karma).

Yet what do we have happening in this world, in the 'truther movement', even as the Earth changes to its Ascending Phase?!


For those who are truly looking for the Eternal Living Source,

also called the 'Living Waters', there will be a burning need deep within. Others may be drawn to psychic phenomena, space aliens, advanced technology etc, and if that is you, then this part of the True Work is not for you! You may find our articles of interest though because we do cover all that, and also the incredible benefits for HEALTH and REJUVENATION of a natural, plant based diet with some additional know how.

There are 'rules' which are guidelines for how to keep to the Way. Here is a basic intro:

Always be kind and considerate to others. Also to animals. .

Do not sit in judgment of others. That doesn't mean accept it all, but turn the other cheek.

Overcome negative emotions and issues like jealousy, lust, ego agrandisement, vanity, greed, gluttonly and slothfulness etc.

Keep to a vegetarian, and reduced dairy diet where possible.

A little wine with a meal is okay, but keep away from alcohol and drugs!

Respect your meaningful relationships with those who are in your life and part of your family.

Your life goes on into old age and into times when you may need those who love you to be there for you. Make having those who truly love you important to your


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