The actual Way out of this universe of Illusion leads to SOUL Freedom. It is not the same path as Light and Dark with Light winning over Dark. It is also not at all the same thing as uncovering information on the past. We have had to work at interpreting the distant past like anyone else.


The Ancient World in the Middle East region including Greece.

Luciferian Records.

The Middle East region was an important area for mining of precious metals - gold, silver etc. In fact early in the Old Testament of the Bible there is mention of the 'metal workers'. It was a massive industry and the character associated with Jesus, Joseph of Arimathea was reported to hve travelled to England, especially Cornwall on business to do with the tin mines there. It is also said that those who came to this planet in the distant past were 'mining for gold' because the gold had properties that could 'save their planet' (which by then had already blown up many eons before.) Having physical workers to do most of this work is a reason reported in their own Luciferian Records, that a race of workers/slaves was genetically created from a suitable primate (ape).

That race was Neanderthals which is actually not the same as humans. Of interest here is that the primate was an end result 'evolution' from the time of large reptiles and dinosaurs etc (believed to have been on the planet which blew up Maldek) and the small version they became on Earth, a much smaller planet than Maldek. The Bible also says that the Nephilim (giants) had relations with the females - the 'daughters of men' - thus created a hybrid - which became the elite? After all, the primate was a diminution of the original reptilian form. Chickens are another ancient and large reptile that greatly reduced in size.

The mitochondrial DNA for the female (Eve) began 200,000 years ago. This suggests a mating that produced those who became the 'Children of Cain'. These ones apparently had 'blue blood' and were not used for slave work. There are huge skeletons, over 6,000 found in Malta, of people well over 7 ft tall.

Apparently another version of this primate produced the lineage from Seth but the females did not mate with the Nephilim to produce these, they used 'Adam'. An earlier version produced a lineage from 'Abel' but it is not clear that this line was the Neanderthal, although it could have been. Genesis also indicates that there were people before any of this breeding took place in Genesis. *Greek Records say the first human race (no genetic engineering or interference) was made from 'stone'.

Today's human does have an ancient reptilian brain which is usually dormant (unless activated by Adrenochrome etc.) Neanderthals were supposed to remain genetically separate from humans but something happened and interbreeding occured, possibly after the massive turmoil of the Deluge (Global Flood) and fall from the planet's axis 12,000 years ago.


Most of the information on the 'alien ET's' comes from the Egyptian Records and another easily available source is Greek Records.

which are closely aligned with the Americas, and Maya. Ancient Egypt as once part of the ancient - more than 5,000 years ago - civilization (an earlier one that history claims.) Those known as Essenes in Palestine were formerly based in Egypt and their name was THERAPEUTAE which is clearly Greek.



For a long time, NASA has been investigating a number of space rocks - in space - in the search for a connection with the same space rock which 'star' seeded life on Earth.

The most likely timing of the explosion which brought such a rock here is when the dinosaurs which existed on that planet became extinct. The DNA of one of the giant creatures of eons past, eventually became the early primate/ape and the prototype - says science - for the one which developed into today's human. Descended from the extinct reptiles of another planet. This ape, a kind of lemur, was genetically upgraded.

The Luciferian religion and the cabal elite/reptilians worship the feminine - the Divine Mother, the Catholic Virgin Mary as higher than God, the 'Queen' Bee in the Hive, the Madonna.....etc. The feminine = negative = reverse of positive. But those into this are the same ones who want to go through the portals like the old Norway Spiral and travel in plasma spaceships to other planets - probably Sirius! What is wrong with Sirius - firstly it is the 'God Star' of the cabal's secret societies and beyond that, do your research! Lots of enthusiastic newbies being targeted from the astral realm (first portal) and sadly prolific on the alt news sites.





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