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Whatever our surface world has appeared to be, there has been a global practice of the satanic religion

in control, which includes sacrifices, and the obvious Mind Programming of people into a consciousness that is in reverse of what makes for a 'good world'. This has mainly been done through pop culture, pop music and videos and TV and movies. These demonstrate behaviour and attitudes that are not at all good, but presented to 'normalise the abnormal'.

This is programmed behaviour. There is a great deal that can be commented on and once realised, and questioned, you do not 'unsee it'.

Part of the psyche of the Luciferian Religion is the 'Trickster', the 'Deceiver'

and it is to trick you into praising and choosing extremely bad people, and punishing or even calling for the deaths of those who are in fact good people, doing good. This is tricking you, it is the work of Master Magician Illusionists. There are many ways this can easily be done, but they also seek to break down society and turn it into the reverse.

One way to do this is target the young, because the human brain does not mature until around the mid-twenties. For this reason, it is very easy to gain control of the young from very early in their lives. Generation Z is a completely controlled generation - yet they would never know it. But so were the generations before that! If 'they' can get the control from anytime in childhood, 'they' mostly will have a programmed, fully under control majority in society. Also why they lower the age to vote.

We are all, and have all, been targeted, but some people stop and question it.

Just some people do, but most do not. As to the topic of Human Trafficking, this is the trafficking, often kidnapping of young boys and girls, to be sold off to pervets and pedophiles who are knowing practitioners of the Luciferian Religion. Also suitable young girls are approached groomed for 'elite parties'. The ages may be from early teens, but always within the age group of 17 to 24 -before the brain has matured. They are coached in how to look and behave for the 'elite customers/guests.

The girls at Jeffrey Epstein's parties

(sex parties for the elite in business, entertainment, and royalty).

.............." Preying on the innocent". 

Epstein's girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell (in white next to Epstein) recruited the girls for the parties. Molly Brown was 14 years old when approached. "Brown said Maxwell first introduced herself as a modeling scout, handed her a business card, and told her she could “easily pass for eighteen years old.” These words meant a lot to Brown at the time, who had been pursuing jobs in modeling, acting, and singing. 

Some of these girls also became recruiters.

The girls at Jeffrey Epstein's parties (sex parties for the elite in business, entertainment, and royalty) were not old enough to realise that it was not a fun party, but that they were being used and exploited as low priced whores for the elite - while they thought they were at a party having a 'good time'. A few years later they began to realise what had happened to them, so they began to speak out. Most of the girls were typical young girls who were approached and agreed. Most were very happy with what they were doing. The people-trafficking side of this, where some of the 'party girls' come from, was done through the tunnels. Not just in the Middle East, but worldwide. There was an underground, and under ocean network.

It may seem mean to identify some of these things for what they really are, but it is not. It is about creating a better and GOOD world, and that means those who recognize these things for what they really are, are HELPING make this world the kind of world it should be (if you want a happy, caring world, which respects humans and is not encouraging ego and arrogance etc).

We have some very obvious 'low level' people in positions to influence the masses, and a significant lowering of the standard of education. In some US schools they are no longer considering whether a person can read and write as a criteria for 'graduation'!


The Sacrificial Assassination of Paul McCartney of The Beatles in 1966.

The article is still being constructed and will be expanded upon on this page

What Happens When The Intelligence Services Discover Treason? + section on DUMBs and Underground Facilities.




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