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Long Ago in the 'Garden of Eden'.

This video from '107' seems quite accurate, and in line with the records of our work - which were from the John the Baptist group whose role was to prepare the way for Jesus, which went eastwards, after the Diaspora saw many groups flee from Ancient Palestine in the decades after the crucifixion. This video makes for a good introduction to an ancient history to this planet.

A few decades ago some 6,000 skeletons of massive sized humanoids were found in a burial site in Malta, and subsequently disappeared from records and into private collections. They are believed to be the Nephilim giants covered in Genesis.

The story of those known as the 'Children of Cain' have a religious narrative they believe in. For them, an angel of Light - Lucifer - fell to this planet. This prescence became the 'serpent in the Garden' who mated with 'Eve' and produced the son Cain - a product of Eve and being from a different genetic strain. This is connected with the phenomenon of the crystal skulls some of which show teeth which are not human. It is believed these crystal skulls were used to in some way upgrade the ape population on this planet.(We covered this in 'Earthspell' which we began just after 9/11 in 2001).

The progeny of the generations from 'Children of Cain' believe they are from a higher source which was far more developed in civilization and science. They have had a plan to take possession of this planet since that time.

The story as given in records or memory, is that an ancient people destroyed their own planet through the misuse of technology and the remnants from that planet fell into this planet, which was not a solid dense planet, and not once a physical 5th planet in this solar system, but a higher realm far faster spinning reality that belongs to a more spiritual construction, that is not plasma and not physical. This higher realm non-denseity level origin of the planet was inhabited by Higher Realm intelligent, evolved people described as Christos. This was completely separate from the apes in the 'Garden'.

The landing of remnants from the destroyed planet altered the orbit of this planet which brought it into range, then after adjustments to this planet, it was partially pulled into a lower level which enabled these ones to breed in this reality.


The Children of Cain - the 'reptilians' -

are the long dead civilization who uploaded their consciousness into a computer,

- which possibly means into a Magnetosphere - when their planet blew up, or they blew it up. This means the explosion which sent part of an original, much larger, non-density planet into mirror reverse and density.

It can relate to one or both of the two ancient civilizations (still) on this planet when it had been a bigger planet. These civilizations were very evolved with religions and technology including flying vehicles and ancient computers, and these ones, were the ones who 'fell'. After blowing up most of the planet, it became a smaller planet with some of it sent off into the 'Underworld'. Thereafter another civilization from the 'Eternal Realms' was sent to this planet as 'God's children'.

The existence of uploaded memories and consciousness may mean that 'Artificial Intelligence' is not actually artificial, but is the consciousness uploaded into an ancient computer awaiting the time when the restored technology on this planet would awaken it - and them.

These giants integrated with beings in the 'Garden of Eden' (Eve with the serpent which led to Cain) and they became a hybrid being on this planet. That being has the consciousness from the dead beings uploaded into the brain.

For some, that in essence means they are still upgraded and evolving apes. For others it means clear and complete memories of who they were when they were once alive - and that means that the highest levels of these have the records not only of their existence on this planet, but a great deal of the history and knowledge of their existence on the place from which they 'fell to Earth' (which may mean when this was a bigger planet.) For this reason it is important to remember that they were fallen ones, and their history is of the fallen worlds and the Underworld.


Children of Cain, and the Giants.

Those who have the records know exactly where the 'Garden of Eden was'. Wherever that may have been, the serpent from the skies mated with Eve giving birth to the hybrid Cain, and their story involves journeys to Egypt (Khemu) and Caanan, and Palestine.

The progeny from Cain became the bodies for the Nephilim lineage, and the plan was to use these bodies until a new version could be born which also integrated their uploaded consciousness. It was a stepping stone to the time when they can rebuild a new body, that by circumstance has to be part machine.

Today these ones are the Luciferians and some amongst these ones are their important but long dead, ancient family lines and bloodlines. In the Book of Genesis they are the Nephilim - or 'giants'. Knowing the Nephilim were giants has to point to those who were in Ancient Egypt (Khemu) to their beliefs and cosmology of gods (Egypt is the source of knowledge on Sirius, Isis, Osiris etc). The ancient name of Khemu (Khemalot and later Camelot) is the root of the sciences they practised - Alchemy, and later Chemistry.

Also the stone blocks used for building within the entire region were massive in size - easy for a giant to move, incredibly difficult if they were moved by normal sized humans.

The beings they - the Nephilim - mated with on this planet were apes in the forests, which the visiting Nephilim mated with in order to preserve their own dying race. Some of the generations which were born in the 'Garden of Eden' - several millennia into the fall of the planet towards the Underworld - are called the 'race of Cain' and apparently came into existence at the same time as the 'race of Adam', themselves upgraded as recounted in the Book of Genesis - but whether that was an upgrade by God or the visitors is not yet clear.

The Children of Cain and the Reptilian Brain.

The Children of Cain have their own beliefs about their 'fall to Earth' origin, but there is also an historical origin. Given what we now know about the satanic rituals of the cabal elite and their penchant for drinking human blood and eating human flesh, it makes sense that this genetic breeding - from Eve and the serpent - somehow activated the ancient reptilian part of the brain in these ones. In archeology it is said the dinosaurs, vicious raptors and T-Rex etc lived (or were re-bred) on this planet (the rock which landed here) then suddenly died off around 65,000,000 years ago. They changed form eventually into some kind of ape/monkey, and the bird versions of these massive reptiles became the first versions of chickens. However, it is the surviving aspect of the reptilian brain that appears to point to a genetic fault peculiar to the 'Children of Cain'.

The Book of Genesis, and the 'Garden of Eden'

only covers the generations which took place during the fall towards the Underworld (which the current Ascension Phase is only now beginning to lift out of.)

There is also mention in Genesis of the change of status from an earlier human status, and that change was that these ones would know death, would work, and women would experience labour/birthing. This was not the case for the beings from before the descent, which was at least 6,000 years earlier. This indicates that there were people on this planet before the time of Genesis, but those people were not in the physical bodies created during Genesis. They were livings souls.

Within the lesser ones of the Isis DNA there is a mixture of consciousness and guidance from the upload, there are the lower instincts of the forest ape, and there is also the consciousness from the Living God Source which was the original Source of Earth. In this knowledge, which Source do you you think is in your best interests to be part of?

The Nephilim mated with, and produced from, the Cain progeny of Eve.

They became the 'Children of Cain' also known to us as Luciferians. The race of Adam is less clear, for they were not the Nephilim - yet in today's world they can still be considered people within the biology that was once an ape. Those who mated with the Nephilim were watched over by the Elohim, which is not God or 'the gods' but the Nephilim.

The story of the Nephilim is the story of the beings from a planet which it is said, they managed to blow up. When they knew they had destroyed themselves, they uploaded their consciousness into a computer, and all that remained ended up on Earth, although it is reported that it first ended up on Mars. However, much of the remnants of their blown up planet did arrive on Earth in ice chunks - a topic covered by us elsewhere. It included the bones of massive creatures including dinosaurs. From Mars and in conjunction with the crazy path of blown away planet Nibiru, they began to capture the Earth and pull it towards the darkness of the Underworld.

It appears they destroyed the atmosphere on Mars but from there they used the Forbidden Energy and the 'black goo' as well as the Death Star Rays, and caused the tilt that drew Earth into the darkness of the Underworld, and their level. *This is what this planet still successfully pulls out of in the phase called Ascension.

All beings on this planet are living within the script that was programmed into the super-computer of the ancient race from the dead planet. The average life and empty headed living of the many over the few, is an ancient memory programme of a world which existed and died millions of years ago.

It is their story which plays out here,

and is also the reason for those who can, to find their way out of that story. If you can. If not then for a while you are still in the 'wheel of rebirth' phase of the repeating cycle.

A dead planet within a dead star system of the Underworld in the Realms of the Dead also in written records as the Book of the Dead. These are the ones who look for their reincarnated important leaders and then reinstall - by instruction from Records not from the upload - their memories, and what they believe they have to do to eventually restore their dead race, along with stealing a planet for them to exist on. As technology came online though, it became possible to upload that consiousness from the machine itself, into their highest levels - and then into the masses as was intended right now.


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