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Introduction to The Mystery Continent Beyond Antarctica.



The Lands and Realms Beyond Antarctica.

And it is North!

The landmass known as Antarctica may be the outer rim round an Earth realm - as shown in the next picture.


The Antarctic is the border round a circle which contains the land mass within a big pond

and beyond that outer ice circle is another larger circle of land within a pond,

and beyond that another circle, all at progressively higher frequencies and lesser density, which are etheric - or thera, ethera.



- the top of this cone as the lower part of picture above. This reality?

This plane - planet - is on the tipping point between positive and negative - attached to the upper cone, but also being pulled into the lower realm, reverse negative.


This reality is the small inner circle - as seen from the Upper Realms.

The negative levels are also where the Cosmic Energy Pulse issues from (at the Galactic HQ black hole) which would have pulled the plane - planet - into reversal (the lower cone in the picture).

Those awaiting this Cosmic Pulse to transform this world into its new birth (and new human-cyborgs) are learning from the negative path, the Osiris Path.

As the planet is beginning to move upwards, this satanic cosmic pulse (hopefully) misses. The satanists want it as a great step forward for them, because it makes here more negative and helps with death.

This planet - plane - Ascends, which means it is simply the planet moving out of its falling phase (and the incoming cosmic force misses!) The planet - plane - therefore does not get pulled further into the Osiris energy fields - the cyan fields.

The fact that this planet-plane tips shows Time and a journey through the cycle. The True Reality - Sat means Truth and sat-an means the opposite of truth - does not travel through a cycle. It is fully attached to the God Realms and therefore is Timeless. The zodiac cycle is real but false.

Any 'cosmic forces' from the cosmic negative would never normally reach this plane. The planet/plane has been tampered with to make it go to where those forces are.

No-one is discovering anything new, the planet's ascending and descending has happened before.

The planet's Ascending does and does not need human consciousness. It is part of the unnatural cycle but it did require assisatnce to pull out of the lower forces. The important thing before this happened was that people did not continue to bind themselves into the energy structure of the deceiving source (which seems to be the same thing as True).

We do not need to bring in information from 'cosmic sources' or the universe, or 'higher teachers' etc. All of this work is an existing, known Teaching - you just don't know it.


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The Blue Bloodline ruling families.



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