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Blue Bloodlines




Saturnalian Brotherhood – The Real 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati:

House of Borja –

House of Breakspear –

House of Somaglia –

House of Orsini –

House of Conti –

House of Chigi –

House of Colonna –

House of Farnese –

House of Medici –

House of Gaetani –

House of Pamphili –

House of Este & House of Aldobrandini.

There is also the House of PAYSEUR

and The House of Merovignon.

These “black nobility” bloodlines net worth is rumored to be in the TRILLIONS, - more like QUINTRILLIONS.

The “British” Windsor crown and those like the Rothschilds & Rockefellers are subservient to these 13 Saturnalian bloodlines. They are the “true” power, the authority.

You can explore information on these families on the internet.

Other names connected to these lineages include Freemans, Russells, and Sassoons.

Those who are born into this stuff, are always the blue blood families connected to upper governments, royalty, the particular type of upper class, Masonic members, MI5, MI6. It is indoctrinated into their children who then one way or another follow the same path - either into the upper levels of rulership or as self-appointed gurus.

The beliefs of the cult are in the Earth and nature, paganism, Druidism, GAIA, fairies and goblins, nature spirits etc which all sounds fairly okay except that Bohemian Grove also embraces the same beliefs.

It includes Natural Law which is actually not God's Law.

Natural Law is the belief of the cult, and the Osiris Path. Research Prince William and Kate's marriage at Westmister Abbey with the trees, which was a typical Druid-pagan ceremony. Look at Prince Charles with his interest in nature. Look at the Davos Green Reset.

Obviously we should all respect and care for nature and the planet, but those of the cult take it to a level that has only just been made public knowledge.

Those who promote this view point and some of the occult gematria and so on, are very often connected to British military intelligence etc.

They always have charismatic figures who may sound good but not necessarily say anything other than it sounding good! So it is best to know this and do your own research - carefully.


Their Symbols.

The Roman laurel leaf crown also used with the UN, and the Sun King.

The pine cone while symbolising the 3rd Eye, is also a pagan fertility symbol, associated with the child-sacrifice god Baal and the cult of the goddess Cybele.

The pine cone is a prominent symbol in Vatican City, where a statue sits on “Cortile della Pigna.” The armored roof of "Archivio Segreto Vaticano" contains the archives, where all of the Vatican’s secrets and treasures are stored. The pine cone symbolizes the church’s hijack of humanity’s enlightenment and replacement with religious surrogate dogmas. 

The artichoke is known as the magic flower representing hope for a prosperous future. In the 18th century, the artichoke was a culinary privilege reserved for the aristocracy and can be considered a symbol of the Italian upper-class. The artichoke is also a symbol of the Italian Mafia.

Project Artichoke was a C.I.A. program precursor of Project MK-Ultra,

a form of mind control through hypnosis, drugs, sleep deprivation, and torture.

Many Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors are victims of MK-Ultra techniques.

The 'new earth' pagan beliefs in the new green Earth is somehow part of the satanic cult's belief. Like get rid of humans because they harm the Earth. Some use these occult symbols to bring people to the light - because they do think it is the light.

These rituals are used by those who set themselves up as self-styled messiahs and gurus based of waffle language to describe concepts of realms etc, which is a topic explored elsewhere as part of the left hand path, which is the false reality, or a Realm of Illusion - or also the Matrix.



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