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The CCP.

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"The CCP's fundamental loathing of the Bill of Rights and other legal protections should be chilling to anyone who vlues freedom.........I want to alert the world to the CCP's stealth war and its strategy to dominate the planet by focusing on six spheres of influence: the economy, the military, global diplomacy and infrastructure."

"......chronicling how Wall Street billionaires and elite powerbrokers on both sides - from Mitch McConnell to Joe Biden - have enabled China since the Cold War....." Brigadier General Robert Spalding


CCP - to be the Global Leader and

Uphold the thinking of Marxist-Leninist and Mao Zedong.

11 mins.


The CCP has gained its massive wealth by using the system of the West - which it now seeks to remove and is the process of doing so. I hates the Bill of Rights or that people should have freedom and democracy.

The West is to be replaced by the Davos model which is the same as the CCP since it and communists hidden within the US system, became part of a secret partnership at the time of Deng Xiaoping - (and perhaps a name connected to the current Xi Jinping.)

It is a system to make the elite richer and oppress the majority based on the original times when this technocratic system -using the eitr dark energy - was on the planet before. It is carried forward from the dark hierarchy as it was last time round. There is an inherent believe that the dark hierarchy has a right to rule the earth. And to rule it as a computer would, as a beehive type hierarchy.

It is imporant to note that this thinking is an ancient thinking, which is limited and restricted in exactly the same way as a computer would make decisions and judgments. This is the same way you can see with 'leaders' answering to the 'science and data' from a computer as the 'unfit to be leader' of Victoria, Australia is doing. It is the same way the social credit system does and trains people as would happen with being given an electric shock for every mistake.

The thinking - which people are being trained into - is woke, restricted and limiting. It stifles incentive and expression. The original name of communisim developed amongst people with perverted and sexually perverted characteristics - exactly the same as in the current time wih paedophilia and satanic abuse.

The word communisim was coined by a French sexual pervert named Restif De La Bretonne known as the ‘Rousseau of the gutter' and taught the same things as happened in the 20th century with gutter gurus - clearly teaching offensive behaviour regardless of wheher it 'challenges' . This kind of teaching was popular and prolific throughout the 19th century and into the 20th century - and is mentioned for perspective.

Those now stuck in the way of reasoning that is taught - just as people are brain trained now in the new order courses using NLP reframing for brainwashing (covered on this page) - are controlled by it. It is an example because if you are in that prison of thinking you believe things that are real are 'negative thinking' and meant to cause 'fear' hence the thinking renders a person inactive and easily kept under control.


CCP Officials CAUGHT Lying to Xi Jinping

7 mins.


'Riding the Dragon' -

Biden's Financial Dealings with the CCP.

50 mins.



The CCP is in a world power grab at the moment taking advantage of the coronavirus situation,

while initially insisting flights should go to countries from China and spread the virus, and that they bought up all the medical supplies in countries just ahead of the virus becoming an issue. They have since threatened to destroy the economies of many western countries - knowing most countries have gone into significant debt - and they are trying to cause a downfall of western countries. June 1st 2020. 14 minutes

Sky Turns Black When CCP's Biggest Conference Begins; US Says NO to China Wanting Full Control of HK

Sky News 11 mins

CCP Strategy 50 mins. documentary. - recommended

China’s Unrestricted Warfare Could Lead to Collapse in One Year

Censorship : China has enormous control of the UN, the W.H.O, and over the social media crackdown on 'misinformation'.

It includes all the tracking and forced vaccination issues that have recently dominated which are all connected into the agenda of the Illuminati 1% to establish the CCP style of government for the new one world government through the UN which supports the interests of Big Pharma and the many paid off experts advising western governments...............

Independent sources have connected people at various colleges, institutes and organizatons all involved in calling for the economicly damaging lockdowns. The connections also link to the CCP, UN, W.H.O., Big Pharma, Illuminati and the 1%.

The CCP has people in key positions of control of the UN, W.H.O. and has executives in charge of removing 'disinformation' from social media. For example, Fei-Fei Li a CCP member and connected to the United Front Work Dept - which is involved with overt espionage,  who is now in charge of removing 'disinformation' for Twitter.

Here is a 12 min video checking the UN NWO website.  

Recommended. The first documentary movie on CCP virus, Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus 54 minutes

Premiered April 8, 2020


It is a decidely odd situation with this virus -

A number of countries paid for coronavirus bat related research to be carried out at Wuhan, including Australia. It does not not serve a useful purpose for some alternative news sources to say the virus arrived with the games held in Wuhan in October. It didn't, the research on the genome sequence etc shows it originated there. But of course the W.H.O. were doing some things with viruses and Wuhan, and the questionable W.H.O. are linked to both the CCP and to tech billionaires with vaccine agendas.

An article on ActivistPost is concerned about Trump's attack on the censorship happening on platforms like Twitter. Why is someone who would have an article on ActivistPost worried about government preventing that platform censoring information? This is the kind of action we want to see, and it would never have happened under anyone but Trump. If Hillary had been president there would be no-one doing anything and the next choice is Biden.

These tech platforms have been censoring all the information alternative sources have been trying to get out - why? - because they are part of the tracking and restriction agendas? Being paid by the CCP? These nobodies like the head of Youtube laying down the law on the right to free speech and expression and deleting accounts.



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Academie .Economy ... . Spider Web Info Links - facemasks health dangers, CCP, Virus Sting etc . ... Spy Infiltration . ... .. Communism . ... . CCP . ... . Featured Show Links. .. Weather War. ..... . Matrix - the conversion of humans to entities within the A.I. Matrix. ... .. . Previous Daily Videos page including 'Targeted for Termination . .... . Recommended BOOKs . .. . The planet pre 780,000 years ago.



Newly discovered black hole can be seen with the naked eye

This new black hole is near the constellation of Telescopium coming into view in the night skies of the Southern Hemisphere - magnetic polarity - the opposite of the current North Pole alignment with Polaris. The energy for satanic cults comes from a black hole - the planet is within its outer rim.


The Forces of the 'Destroyer'

and atheistic communistic Marxist thinking as the 'new world consciousness' - these are useful videos.

The Forgotten Nature of Socialism: Metaphysics and Ontology  22 mins.  

and Metaphysical Rebellion and the Nature of Karl Marx 22 mins.


The links above provide the source of the atheist, Anti-Christ, communist, Marxist, Maoist and God Killer gurus mainly of the 60's and 70's who had a powerful influence on perception and although they themselves were not necessarily reading and teaching Marx or the doctrines of Mao Tse Tung etc, the thought and interpretation issue from the same source.

Usually, although people have heard of Karl Marx, Maoism, National Socialism (Nazi) etc they are not aware of what that interpretation of reality and life actually is. Yet you will see it is the dominant view of the world and is the new consciousness.


FREE Download 'Behold a Pale Horse'

Bill Cooper pdf

"I believe.......that a grand game of chess is being played on a level that we can barely imagine, and we are the pawns. Pawns are valuable only under certain circumstances and are frequently sacrificed to gain an advantage.

Anyone who has studied military strategy is familiar with the concept of sacrifice."


Some of the first chapter of this book can now be read on the

Recommended BOOKs page. It is recommended to read. BOOKs>


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Mike Smith10 hours ago said -

"For all the idiots wishing doom and gloom. This virus dies when it comes in contact with hand soap. Just remember that the big scary killer that’s shut down a country dies with just hand soap."


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