Marxist Ideas.

The Beliefs of Marxism.

Karl Marx

wrote the Communist Manifesto based on some very specific beliefs about the human mind, feelings, instincts, and God. It developed into a system by which to run the world - and that system is exactly the Luciferian system. The New World Order is State Owned Capitalism.

Generally the system seems to have merits on paper. Probably Luciferianism - the light bringer - also seems to have merits.

The people share in the wealth of the State. In the final world control system, the people are to be given a home, car, clothes, food - basically all they need - and there is a way to accrue 'brownie points' which enable you to do a few extra things, or if you disobey in some way, you can lose 'points' and be denied being able to do a few things. That brings law and order. The belief is 'You will own nothing, and you will be happy'.

The new State is an extension on Marx's thoughts, because a system has to have a government - and for the new State Capitalism that was the Davos Economic Green New Deal, Build Back Better, and UN, WHO etc. The Russian version of this thinking did not work. The Chinese CCP version is State Capitalism. In reality it is the thinking, the beliefs and the perception of what the mind thinks identity is that shape the worldview of this system - the Luciferian system. It is the beliefs of the 'left hand path'.

As we all now know, the satanists have very real beliefs in the rightness of what is their lifestyle choice - not just the system for how people are going to live, but how they own that system. It included pedophilia, satanic rape and sacrifices, torturing and killing the sacrifice and drinking the blood, but its introductory levels involved a very non-discerning attitude to sex and acceptance of drug taking.

It also involved psychic things, entitiy channelling and possession, and some very definite ideas that the person is in fact equal to the True God and is God - not just is God, but because of this can replace God. This is where that line of thinking goes. The goal is to destroy everything that is of God and by doing that you become a god. So let's just keep that in mind - because the satanist philosophy will be coming back again many, many thousands of years in the future, you are going to go through all of this again, and most people easily accepted the introductory levels of the beliefs. These perverted beliefs - which at the introductory level seem okay - are vovered in the next section.

As with the system in the former Soviet Union, the State is where corruption comes in. It seems that the USSR followed the system not the satanism, but the system does seeks and it did seek, to erase religion. Because it is not a democracy and people do not vote, or that deceision may appear to be happening but in reality is not. The leaders are the leaders. They are always the leaders. Then the State provides for all the people, which means the money goes to the government leaders and they give it all back to the people - er well, no they don't.

Some of it goes to the people, the rest is managed by the leaders. In the communist system that is how it works, which means there is no way for peope to build up their own businesses, because the system is socialist and everything belongs to everyone - but is managed by the leaders.

It then becomes necessary that people all conform to the system - because it works better if all people generally comply. In China there cannot be any assets or ownership of land, no freedom of expression, freedom of religion and so on because in Marxist and Communist views and with Antifa and BLM etc there is no higher power than the government. There is no God, yet they are in a secret deal with the Vatican which supports the CCP.

The CCP under Mao promised that people would be able to vote and there would be land reform, but it didn't happen. The CCP gained power then according to China Freedom Fighter Miles Guo, Mao said 'all power comes from the barrel of a gun' instead.

In order to produce enough food, the one child policy was introduced. This led to 400,000,000 forced abortions even near the end of term where the living, moving baby was still killed. Again, known to the Pope and Vatican. In today's world China is involved in forced live organ harvesting, particularly from citizen groups who are against the CCP. China's organ donor programme has been praise by Pope Francis.

Communism is seen as an entirely new existence that supercedes anything and everything before. For this reason it requires that all history is removed and existence returns to a new beginning - Year Zero. This is what is taking place in the attempt to intoduce the Technocratic NWO which is using various communist groups to do the groundwork for them.


The word 'communism' was coined by a man known as the ‘Rousseau of the gutter’.

It has always had a 'spiritual face' too, and in recent times it was ‘gurus of the gutter’ who were teaching the exact same ideas, and the same sexuality.  Although these cult members had to go underground and change names, they still exist and one of their biggest areas was in Oregan and Washington State.

Seattle - location of the Marxist CHOP - is home to a large tech industry, with Microsoft and Amazon headquartered in its metropolitan area.


“The Rousseau of the gutter.” 

Jean-Jacques Rousseau - was a Genevan philosopher, writer and composer. His political philosophy influenced the progress of the Enlightenment throughout Europe, as well as aspects of the French Revolution and the development of modern political, economic and educational thought. He was a respected philosphere and is not the person who was the 'gutter version'.

The word communism was not introduced by Karl Marx. In Marx's time communistic ideas were taking many forms, his ideas were the 5 Stages of Communism. The word communism was first introduced back in the 18th century at the time of the French Revolution by Restif De La Bretonne, (born Oct. 23, 1734, France Died, 1806, Paris) a French novelist whose works provide lively, detailed accounts of the sordid aspects of French life and society in the 18th century. He envisioned a system that was governed like a brothel and his focus was that humans were run by basic urges and animal sexuality.

His novels are rambling and carelessly written. While he parades his moralistic intentions and frequently airs his views on the reform of society, his preoccupation with eroticism, tinged with mysticism, has led to his being called “the Rousseau of the gutter.” 

There were many weird and perverse ideas developing in the 19th century laced with occultism, mysticism and Luciferianism -because Lucifer was beginning to look like a misrepresented light bringer who had been misunderstood. Communism is a belief and socialism is the form it takes. Even though the Nazi movement was socialist, it was against Soviet communism. Communism does not get rid of the businesses. It takes over ownership.

 Its agents have infiltrated everywhere as it is no longer in the shadows now. They have infiltrated councils, and higher levels of government, the media, celebrities, tech run social media, and of course influenced spiritual thought, which is Marxist too but from the earlier time of the French Revolution. The word communisim was coined by Restif De La Bretonne known as the ‘Rousseau of the gutter’. It has always had a 'spiritual face' too, and in recent times it was ‘gurus of the gutter’ who were teaching the exact same ideas, and the same sexuality. 

Although these cult members had to go underground and change names, they still exist and one of their biggest areas was in Oregan Washington State, which inevitably identifies the majority of the 'peaceful, festive' face of the Seattle occupation in CHAZ/CHOP.

The communist, Stasi style model and the current CCP, maintain power through fear and through censorship. People tend not to want to rebel because they receive money from the government.

Cultural Marxism - in contemporary usage, the term Cultural Marxism refers to a 'conspiracy theory' which claims that there is an ongoing academic and intellectual effort to undermine and destroy Western culture and values.

Marxism is a political and economic way of organizing society, where the workers own the means of production. Socialism is a way of organizing a society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the proletariat - means state owned. This became totalitarian systems where everything was 'owned by the state' and run by self appointed owners of the state - self appointe government - as in today's CCP and North Korea.  Marx proposed that this was the next necessary step in the progress of history.


Marxist thinking as the 'new world consciousness' - these are useful videos.

The Forgotten Nature of Socialism: Metaphysics and Ontology  22 mins.  

and Metaphysical Rebellion and the Nature of Karl Marx 22 mins.


Crossroads, Brainwashing. 6 mins.

Emotions over Logic.

The word communisim was coined by a French sexual pervert named Restif De La Bretonne known as the ‘Rousseau of the gutter' and taught the same things as happened in the 20th century with gutter gurus - clearly teaching offensive behaviour regardless of wheher it 'challenges' . This kind of teaching was popular and prolific throughout the 19th century and into the 20th century - and is mentioned for perspective.

Those now stuck in the way of reasoning that is taught - just as people are brain trained now in the new order courses using NLP reframing for brainwashing are controlled by it. It is an example because if you are in that prison of thinking you believe things that are real are 'negative thinking' and meant to cause 'fear' hence the thinking renders a person inactive and easily kept under control.


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