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Wake Update

Just a few topics we are going to cover.

At this point in the planet's 25,000+ year cycle it passes very near to a portal into the supermassive Black Hole at the centre of this galaxy. This is the danger. The Black Hole is a strong MAGNETIC force and the force to pull the planet into the portal is magnetic. This is a problem until Earth changes to positive. The planet is currently passed most of that danger and is pulling upward, away and out of it. This portal is located (seen from) near Antarctica. Obviously they don't tell you this, or there would be panic. But that is where all the evil (which is the reverse of life) aka it is death energy comes from.

We have to say we have a few questions about all kinds of 'spirital organizations' perhaps of the traditional and fundamentalist kind, which required people to have the jab.

Christian & 'Ashram' Organisations Requiring the Jab.


It is well known that most of the Christian fundamentalist organizations told their people to get the jab. It was believed that the leaders in many cases were 'in on it' (part of their deal to become super successful) so part of the agenda. A quick search has also shown that many Indian based ashrams or places where westerners used to go for the 'ashram' were also requiring a jab, and for the 2023 visit schedule of one I looked at still require the jab.


As far as we know the information on the intention of the jab has been for Depopulation. It has created sterility, infertitilty, more miscarriages and stillbirths, and people suddenly dying. Why those who have 'died suddenly' were the ones affected that way is perhaps unknown. Why those ones and not others? Or not others yet? The fact is, these are the results of the jab. This is what has happened. But not in the massive numbers we all expected. The dropping dead happens over a longer period of time, and the number of deaths increase as the numbers of humans on the planet decrease. It is a gradual phasing out of mankind to around 2050. Question is, why did these spiritual organizations require the jab? Did they not know, or were they part of it? Neither answer is a good one!


Maybe you can check with any spiritual organization you are with and see if they required the jab? If you do find out anything please would you be kind enough to let us know? Thank you so much.


There are big divisions happening in the 'alternative and spiritual truthers'. People who were on the same side so to speak are now splitting apart. As said before, those who are Annunaki, attached to Sirius etc are now revealing themselves, so we will all just have to wait and see what comes out of this.


Again the sad news that a good voice for the truth about the jab, DR BUTTAR died but he was experiementing with hallucinatory plants, probably mushrooms.

We will do our best to ensure the info we provide is quality info! All you need do is keep to the Guidelines and be patient for the event we are awaiting.

The regular news is definitely being stretched out (no real stories) and we are pretty sure the $ collapse etc can be carried out at will. So maybe we are waiting for something to do with the planet? If it is it would be exciting. Or it could just be another letdown!

UPPER UNIVERSE PAGE at - http://www.soul-search.org have added a link to Mars, the Planet which was Blown Up, and the Recording that Is Perceived as Reality Happening Now! Maybe this link works but go to the page and it is up there.

News Page


Take care everyone. And if you do find any interesting issues of what seemed to be 'spiritually safe' orgs requiring the jab, please let us know, if you can.


God Bless You.




All the linked film and TV clips, 'robots' and 'ET aliens' etc are on this page.




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