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(Left side of God)


(Sun - dead star)

^^^^^^(continues to the left)





^ Mental Plane


^ Causal Plane


^ Astral Plane


^ Physical Plane - <You are here.



In the Bible, God resides at the 'North'. In the Osiris-Luciferian religion the North is the place of darkness. The starting point of the animated diagram below points North - which is where any planet is supposed to remain anchored forever. But because the axis is partly broken it falls away from the. God is the North but the planet Falls to the left side of God and towards a different light - which is ultimately 'Osiris'. (The 'right side of God' does not fall or go anywhere.)

This also indicates there are clearly different sources that are considered 'god' - and the cult/cabal Luciferians believ that source is Osiris, which is the Sirius star system. These gods and Osiris are represented with blue skin which is a result of the blue blood of the serpent bloodline.........

Pay attention to the horizontal red line.

It begins level, and there is no movement of the planet except its rotation.

Now watch the red line Fall downwards - Descend - on the Left Side.

This movement creates a cycle - a circle - with a moving North Pole which is a circular journey.



Earth and this reality DESCENDS to a lower level which enables dark and other fallen entities to enter this planet. Witches, warlocks, fairies and nature spirits etc.

These dark entities are helped to enter here by certain places which can open dark portals - like Cerne in Switzerland, and Montauk.

The reason it Falls is because there is a break in the 'spine' of the upper part of this planet (at the Earth's 6th chakra).

This was deliberately caused by the 'Dark Entities' :

- the unhinged nut jobs we have all recently witnessed.

The planet is pulled downwards by the Force of a nearby BLACK HOLE.

The planet is currently still able to pull out from this 'Invisible Force' and Ascend. Hence 'ASCENSION'.

BUT the Fall will happen again just as it begins to reach its original starting point generally called 'heaven' or the 'Garden of Eden', or the 'Golden Kingdom' (Camelot).

The Fall always happens - and that is the reason you must get OFF this repeating 'WHEEL'.


You can also see that the red line reaches as far as it is going to DESCENDING, and then is rises upwards again back to its original horizontal blue line.

The rising upwards is called ASCENDING.

It is absolutely wonderful and magnificent that the planet can pull itself out of its Fall.

However, the people on this planet believe this is a spiritual transition because they have been following the spiritual teachings of the second energy stream (which ultimately issue from the Black Hole.)

December 21st 2020 line up and cosmic stuff happened, and people are still the same as before.

Life will be good in the Ascending Phase making it harder for you to understand that the planet is going to DESCEND again, and agains, again............

It is not known how many times the planet will continue with this cycle until it succumbs to the 'Invisible Force' and is finally pul;led into permanent capture by the Black Hole.

Your only chance to get safely out of this ultimately fatal cycle, is to break the energy ties you keep making into the second energy stream (of the 'invisible force'). You can only do that during the time that you are in it. It is your only chance and it is very hard to do.

The 'new spirituality' is easy, a monkey can do it.

Even though you get to the planet's Ascension for even 12,000 or so years of it, you will STILL be back in the FALL phase and it is THAT, that you have to override. It is not easy!

If you do not understand this, you will eventually be pulled into the same dark realms that the dark entities communicate from and are trying to get out of.

The circle route that the broken North Pole follows is the 26,000 years Cycle of the Zodiac Ages aka TIME. It looks like this:


It is a false cycle.

The cycle should not exist, neither should there be a creation of intelligent beings. Doing that went against God's Law. However, True Source does work to bring that creation into God's world.

Below is a representation of the Osiris and spiritual practice Path from the physical, through the chakras, as shown on the left.





RA - Right Ascension adjustment through + Void.

Lost Path adjustment -


VOID - the break at the

<- 3rd Eye


Nothing belowand including the 3rd eye is relevant because it aligns to Osiris.

The adjustment has to be at the 3rd Eye - and for that to happen you need the true, real Living Maste - or you will be led into the realms of the Black Hole. .


If the planet did not go into the Fall Phase of the continuing cycle it would anchor onto the

Soul Plane.

But it does.

Mankind has created huge ties which bind them into the Fall side reality - via sex, drugs including journeying drugs experiences, alcohol, ego, vanity, wealth, power, negative emotions, attachments to emotional and physical highs (like sport) and so on.

This means the cycle continues for the reason that these people can get the chance to release themselves from these ties and attachments. If mankind had not established these ties, the Soul Plane could correct the damage to the planet - but only when the planet is in its Ascending Phase.

The Soul Plane is literally separated from the 3rd eye / pituitary / master gland.


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