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New Book Chapters Online. NEW INTRODUCTION Jan.11th 2021.
WAKING UP FROM THE SPELL of the OSIRIS CULT! And the Military Intelligence Operation known as 'Q'.


You Get Another Chance to ESCAPE THE 'WHEEL OF REBIRTH' -

in about 18,000 years time.




Book Chapters online below.


A great Wake Up is now happening - and it is good!

Although this work and website reports the current unfolding news of the movie and the Best is Yet to Come, our 'job' is to tell you about the righteous path off the cycle - which does still continue.

The planet does FALL again! (then rise, then fall, then rise., then fall....)

The quest for the soul to get out of endless capture on the 'Wheel of Rebirth' was the Gift we were able to give - if anyone was prepared to learn about something that was not the spiritual story that appeared to be happening.

Now we are all seeing newbies discovering there is a spiritual dimension to their reality!

And also lots of people who have been aware of aspects of this spiritual story for many decades.

This time now is changing from the descending reality to the beginning correction of that (but still on the cycle). This is a big difference in understanding, and begins the gradual fading away of the things that belong to the descending reality. So a lot of what is seen as 'spiritual' is going to change.

Now it seems to be a kind of 'finding oneself' experience - as people find themselves in a new reality that is the beginning ascending phase of this planet, and they are starting to work things out and 'find their feet'. That seems to be how things are now.

That isn't really our interest because we are not part of this reality or the new ascending reality (or its spiritual realms); and when we finish here we leave here.

However, there is still more to the story of this reality - and more about being bound into this reality (and its spiritual realms) - than is on the surface. This will become apparent and relevant when the planet Falls again, which will be 13,000 years away if the 26,000 Cycle of the Zodiac Ages is accurate.

The planet will be at a higher reality then, at the time before it Falls again, and that lies beyond the vision of 'clairvoyants' - which is really something to do with this level, including the changeover period.

The reality is that if the satanic agenda did win this battle, or does win it next time round, the ONLY answer remaining is to be able to get out of this reality - and its realms - and that is not possible without having done what this work has been teachiung about.



Book Chapters online below.


This planet always moves into its Ascending phase every 26,000 years as part of its falsely created Cycle. A cycle is also described as a wheel.

THIS IS WHAT IS CAUSING THE PROBLEM AND ALLOWING THE DARK AGENDA IN. The satanic - anti-true - side tries to prevent that, and instead pull the planet further towards the periphery of a Black Hole - because that is their consciousness and the goal is to take you and the planet through that.

As you can see, a vast number of mankind would easily let them succeed with that and willingly accept their DNA changing vaccinations and soon be cyborgs on a planet that is part of a federation of stolen, fallen planets on the periphery of a Black Hole.

A really significant majority of the world population is Mind Controlled and trained to answer to the 'voices of authority' they would easily let this Luciferian Agenda succeed and are now about to be shocked to find out that a truly evil, satanic agenda did exist and it had millions of people involved who are pedophiles, murderers and literally do worship Lucifer.

Of course not everyone was so asleep, and the MK Ultra-satanic cult knew that. Because they knew there would be people who would be awake, the cult introduced its MK Ultra 'new age' for people to adopt the satanic - Marxist world-spiritual view. This then gets people who would have persisted with the Christos view, to switch unknowingly.

*A chapter on the Alisteir Crowley, Marxist, left view will be added below, but it begins with 'do your own thing, and create your own reality with the Mind.'

Although it gets forgotten, the Christos teachings issue from True Source and began 13,000 years ago - by whatever name. The Christos teaches of things NOT to do during the Descending Phase of the planet (*see The Path to Osiris link in the section, Introduction.)

The guidelines - apart from not harming or killing others, and living as a Golden Kingdom would live - by the Golden Rule which is God's Law) apart from that, it teaches what NOT to do during the planet's Descending Phase BECAUSE these things bind your energy into the 2nd source energy stream/force - the Osiris Path.

The current Ascension is not a vertical Upwards that has 'evolved' from a lower realm. It is part of a repeating CYCLE.

The planet (or plane) does move out of its Fall - its Descending Phase - back upwards to almost its original status, which is considered the 'golden kingdom'. It is part of a cycle that repeats, so mankind has fallen before, and has 'woken up' before. Its going to be a big readjustment, but does not mean anyone has achieved a grand level of 'spiritual evolution' - which was the experience the 'children of darkness' prepped people to expect.

The idea of humans 'graduating' to a grand level of 'spiritual evolution' was part of the Osiris Path because they were going to give you an electrifying 'high' by changing your DNA and biology, into a transhuman.

It was the kind of 'spiritual zapping' most do believe they would be experiencing. It was to have been given to you through the computer system you would have become part of.

Here is an intro video clip which hopefully gives an idea of what that was to have been - and what many were being prepared for :

BEGIN HERE: Begin at .50 seconds in to 6 mins.


As the planet corrects its FALL and Ascends back up the fallen LEFT side, it eventually reaches the region which would be expected to restore the 'GOLDEN AGE' of the 'Golden KIngdom' known as Camelot.

People on this planet are a little slow to work this out, but if the planet reached, then remained at that point, it would return to Timelessness and the Golden Kingdom.

It looks like this : -


The Path to Osiris, and the Lost Path to True Source/God.

The planet - or plane - does move from its Fall - its Descending Phase - back upwards to almost its original status. That does not mean anyone has achieved a grand level of 'spiritual evolution'. You are gradually returning to a more normal level of consciousness and hopefully hopelfully better behaviour.

Because it is moving out of the Fallen journey, it means you are now witnessing the casting out of some very real evil and disgusting, unhinged, nut job levels of consciousness.

Even so, everyone still has ties which bind them into the second energy stream and its reality - which exists during this planet's Fall - overcoming those attachments has to happen during the time that 'satan's realm' is actively representing its reality as being the 'True Source'.

Now that has been exposed.

From now on, that force/entity will no longer be active. It and some of the things that are part of that reality will begin to fade away as this planet does lift out of the 'graveyard' of the force field of dead stars - dead sols.


The Ascending phase is part of the First Energy Stream and the Falling phase is part of a Second Energy Stream - using the term 'energy stream' rather than pathway.

This planet has an inner axis and an outer axis and because the outer axis of the planet is damaged at the equivilent of the 3rd EYE in the planet, and along its 'spine' this world does not anchor into the Golden Kingdom.

At a very high level the inner and outer axis - which spin in opposite directions, - crash and the planet continues into the next phase of its cycle - its wheel - and begins to Fall again. The movement through the zodiac ages is tracked with circular stone calendars - like at Gobekli Tepe.

Then the dark entities - the Children of Darkness - gain authority again and they continue to try to get the planet and the people into the periphery of the Black Hole - which they think is 'god'.


The Correction Pathway into the GOLDEN REALM, obviously lies on the right side.

The Fallen left side rises back up to match the right side. It looks like this :-

The 3rd Eye



Hollywood & Royal Witches & Warlocks. Names, arrests, trials, executions.

MK Ultra

Mark of the Black Eye


Re-cap on Child Trafficking That Was Exposed


Michelle Obama


Underground Bases & Cities

Nazi-Khazarian Advanced Tech Craft and Hidden Bases

The 4th Reich New World Order

Titanic (and the connection to Tesla.)

Q Light & Q Dark

Q angel Identity

Ascending and Descending make up Earth's 26,000 year Cycle.

The Osiris Path

Timeless Realm

Getting clear on what Christ Consciousness and Christ Guidelines are.

Psychic Stuff and The Entry Level of the True Path.

Church Dogma.

Children of Cain

plus more


Health, Rejuvenation, Longevity and the Living Source.

Regeneration Introduction Index Academy Therapeutae

The 'Fruit' and the 'Tree' of the Living Life Streams    

The 'Tree' of Life - first energy stream - which accesses the Living Waters.


Camelot: - The Planet's Cycle Creates the Wheel of Rebirth which Never Returns 'Camelot'. Guidelines for Overriding This Planet's Repeating Fall Phase. The Higher Realm

More Super Plants

Medical Pod Technology


Right now it is a wonderful time because this planet is moving back upwards - on its fallen left side.

Let nothing detract from that, because it is great! There will be up to 13,000 years of returning to a 'Golden Age'.

But the planet NEVER actually returns to True Source of ETERNAL LIFE - because of the cycle.


The elephant in the room that keeps being missed is :

1. This planet is on a cycle. You already know that. It produces the Zodiac Ages.

2. That automatically means that instead of anchoring back into the True Source of Eternal Life, the planet (or plane) keeps going back into the cycle.

3. At almost the point when this planet would anchor back into its True Source of Eternal Life, the inner axis mismatches with the broken outer axis which begins its next Fall.

4. You are a soul experiencing this reality through the brain. That is what gives this reality a visual and tactile reality.


"Animals were not afraid of, nor the food for, the 5th realm people."

This planet was once a much larger planet.   It was described as 'Timeless'.

There were no seasons.

It was considered a Paradise, where the people were in perfect health and happiness, and their bodies did not die..







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