This work has covered the abundance of information pouring out from 2020.

Possibly, like us, you have had enough of the dark agenda - which took centre stage in all our lives in 2020 - of a United Nations and Davos Economic Forum plan to depopulate the world, created by the followers of a 'reversed religion' through which they believed they had a right to rule over your life. We have looked into it all, and have covered it all.

Now it would be good to move on into a new beginning for everyone who wants to see a better, happier world, without bad people controlling the economy, or dictating whether you live, die, or have their permission to continue with your businesses and lives.

The world is going to change.

We are only just beginning, and there is much more still to be added.


Guidelines for Humans to be Better at Being Human.

For a world that 'lives by the long learned rules of civility'.

This website is an introduction to the current project being worked on.

It also covers the topics of health and fitness, rejuvenation, regeneration, looking rejuvenated and healthy, relationships, difficult family relationships and communication, and upgraded guidelines for humans to be better at being human - and we will do it all within a perspective that is far removed from the preconceived concepts.

Further below is the index to various herbs and health information.

Living in Gracious Civility

- as You Would Expect from a Hoped to be More Aware World.

Introduction here.



Living by the 'Golden Rule'






Academie Therapeutics, Detox : Regeneration, Relationships etc.


Body Cleanse - Easy Way to do the One Day Weekly Fast 

   Intermittent Fasting Information :  Dry Detox   :  Keto, 8 week custom diet,

MCT,  Lycopene, and belly fat loss. Improve metabolic rate  :

Apricot Kernels Effectiveness Against Cancer

  Plant Food Natural Health

High ORAC Value

Unwanted Body Fat Programme

*** Take Care of Your Spine 

: Colloidal Silver

Clear and detox nano particles from covid tests, chemtrails etc - with Zeolites .

Index for Healing and Rejuvenating Plants



Detoxing, juice and other fasts,

Streams of the LIVING Source of Energy .

High ORAC - high level anti-oxidant values,

Raw Fruit and Vege Dietary Lifestyles, quality natural health supplements,
Healing with Herbs, Seeds, and Fruits,
Vegan based, and Vegetarian Lifestyle,
Healthy organic fruits and vegetables for Rejuvenation and Beauty
Intermittent fasting, Bio-genic - which means life force generating, and more.
Genetic Disruption - non-living codes which invade the body (viruses).
Program for Losing Unwanted Body Fat continue





   The Life Extension and Fat Loss







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