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"Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven."

Which means that somewhere there is a reality that operates completely under God's Law. Also the word 'heaven' may not refer to some cloud filled spirit world for those in an afterlife from this world, but refers to the real reality where the people - who may never, ever have lived on Earth - do live by God's rules - the 'as they do in this other version of reality'. This world - the 'on Earth' - follows the path of duality which is the Tree of Knowledge and is a different energy stream, yet the Earth reality is somewhat like a reality superimposed over the real (true) reality. It is a reality which moves much closer to that 'heaven world reality' as this planet 'ascends' - and that means the part which has fallen begins to correct itself and aligns far more towards the 'True Source' as the millennia pass by. Yet it is not the same thing. Unfortunately, this reality - the physical Earth - does remain on its cycle which is the same cycle as the zodiac so it actually does have a different, lower level 'spirit world'.

The trick is to know how to get off this cycle/wheel. So if we really were just drops in an ocean which surface as individual drops to live on Earth then return to the ocean, there would be no beings who were in a place where people were actually living 'as it is in heaven' (and the prayer tells there is!) It would be just one blob of energy. It may be ecstatic - but would it be 'you' experiencing it?

Some think the idea of going back into an ocean makes being in this world - where the prayer asks that people here will eventually live as it is supposed to be done - is the only option we have. But it isn't. This is reality is not operating properly. Your other option is to get to the reality that is operating properly!



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