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A quick recap of what has been happening -

in the lead up to 2021.


Although we have provided videos throughout this time, emails to us indicate that perhaps some people are not aware of what is unfolding.

Here's a quick recap -


* By now it is assumed you know that the virus and lockdowns have been used as a cover for the rescue of children being trafficked, and to do with a global assault by the (satanic-pedophile) cult which had an agenda to depopulate the world to 500,000,000 via the vaccination programme.

* The issue of 'covid-19' and vaccinations will most likely disappear by the 3rd week of January 2021.

* The roles and plans of the Luciferian pedophile elite were known and documented - and the exposure, along with the operation of the military intel known as what sounds like cue, began in 2017.

* Many high profile figures of this have already been arrested and 'received justice'. As you can see from the Paul McCartney pages, a double can continue the seeming appearance of these people. They also use holograms and CGI - computer generated images.

* We have had some footage of some parts of their trials up on the original news page we had last year, and it was hard to see how there could be trails such as these, and these people would then just became free again. They weren't. They went to Gitmo and/or 'received justice' for treason.

* Millions of trafficked children have been rescued from underground tunnels during the covid - 19 time frame. Maybe a million even under Melbourne alone.

* As an example the tunnels used for traficking children in London are beneath the underground rail system known as the tube. A tunnel was recently cleared near Leighton Buzzard.

* High end treasonous-satanists don't go to Gitmo, they are taken to Camp Century in Greenland to be kept on ice in a cryogenic format while their clones are still active.

* Those involved in the Reset world coup, at the moment are revealing their complicity in the coup (treason).

* The punishment for treason - betraying your country - is execution.

* Election fraud also happened in New Zealand and in Australia. Some leaders there have commited treason.



The cue Team's Takedown from A to Z - more detailed.

1 hour 38 mins.

Very detailed information, including the Jesuit's new age.



29 mins.

It is also suggested that INXS front man Michael Hutchence did not hang himself - on a door - but this was a cult initiated murder.


More research


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