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Did all the 'Lost History' take place on the blown up planet? Was the Giza power plant on the blown up planet?

Earth, like the planet which blew up, is being pulled towards a 'Black Hole' which is incredibly close, about 1000 light years off the coast of Antarctica............

This is a portal into the Pathway of the Dark Star which is a sun gone supernova - which then becomes a small 'black hole' attached to the supermassive 'black hole' at the centre of the galaxy's underside. Here is a brief look at the people on the physical planet you think is 'Earth'.

The planet which was blown up was not in this solar system and is not the area now known as the Asteroid Belt. This area has been investigated and there are no pieces of blown up planet large enough to have been a large planet.

There was a planet blown up though, and its REMNANTS hurled through space

and entered this solar system as ice covered chunks of planet size rocks. One of these hit the ETHEREAL Pranic energy world of 'Living Waters' which exists where the physical density planet Earth now exists.

This was the 'starseed' and with the Living Waters,

the physical rock remnant began to become a lush green planet again. When the blown up planet, which was called Maldek also known as Tiamet, blew apart, there were already people in spacecraft ready to evacuate their planet. These ones did come to the Anu-Earth aka New Earth, as the people recorded in Mesopotamia and Sumeria, and in areas of South and Central America. They did engage in 'genetic engineering'.

However, the higher level of this area was a world attached to the Living God Worlds,

and although a remnant chunk of planet had landed here, this planet was ethereal -Thera - and there were soul level people. These ones did create human level DNA bodies and came to the physical planet to be a Guiding Source for the 'starseed' people to learn how to become what is required to enter the Eternal God Worlds.

So, the 'starseeds' were, and are. the fallen ones

who had either participated in, or been against, what was happening on their own planet, but were left without a planet or its 'spiritual realms' once it blew up. Now, because of where this remnant chunk had landed, they all had a second chance to live again. They lived, but the reality was and is, the 'movie' which came with the chunk of rock as the Akashic Records in the 'rainbow' which encircled the former planet.

They had come from a Twin Star System known as Sirius,

not too far away, and even today the remaining star Sirius can be seen as the brighest (closest) star outside this system, seen with the naked eye. This is why they build 'Twin Towers' etc, as well as phallic columns to Osiris.

This Twin Star System is a 'path' - that is what a 'path' is or energy stream.

The Dark side of it is obviously 'dark', but the side of Light is also still part of that same path which is a dying 'path'. This is why those who now had a chance to 'live again' have a chance to 'wake up' and turn towards the Eternal God Source and escape being caught in, and on, this reality - which is still a world being pulled into the 'Dark Star' Osiris. Most of the people on the planet are those from the blown up planet. Not all are 'reptilian' as that seemed to activate aftre the 'Dark Star' died, and not all of the people went into full reversal as the Anunnaki did, but all human brains have an ancient part called the 'reptilian brain'. Some of us were not ever part of that blown up planet.

It is the True Humans who are the superiours and the guiding ones for the starseeds, not the other way round.

Now everything has been turned upsaide down and in reverse, and those who were the example of what is needed to gain access to the Etenaal God Worlds, have been attacked and reduced while those who needed to evolve have become the example of 'how to be' now dominating this planet. This has been the intentional programming of the MK Ultra Mind Control.

There can be a lot that is interesting reading about the blown up planet, and so on, but this world is still attached to the 'Dark Star' Osiris which keeps trying to take it and the people into the 'black hole'. It is a repeating cycle, which may even have only begun in recent history, called the 'Wheel of Rebirth'. The real information is about how to get to the Eternal Living God Worlds. This time the numbers who make it may be in the hundreds.


All the linked film and TV clips, 'robots' and 'ET aliens' etc are on this page.



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