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The 'Firmament and the 'Living Waters'.

Here is a video said to show the Firmament which surrounds this planet, as the Dome over 'Flat Earth'.

In this work, this world exists within, but separated from, the Higher Realm which is called the 'Living Waters'. The Earth, whether flat or not, has several levels of screens around this reality including the Magnetosphere which may be related to the Ak Asha magnetic data base which projects the repeating story of this reality. There is 'wriggle room' in that story because the purpose is for consciousness to change. Of course if you access the 'programme' then you know where the world play is heading. For example, in this world, there was a repeat of the world nuclear war that happened on the blown up planet - that is why it isn't repeating this time! Also why the 'good side' knows all the moves the dark side planned. That ancient story took place on the blown up planet that was part of the Twin Star System.

That is not the reality of the Living Waters System, so right there is a clue about the 'path' your level of awareness takes you to. The Living Waters - the Living Life Stream is most certainly beyond this reality. Earth has water, but is not 'living waters' that is not what it is.

This reality includes the astral realms, the realms after death and the energy stream to Sirius as a spiritual path. This video is probably interesting but there is so much mispresentation with these sensationalized videos. They had no need whatsoever to include the audio clip about the 'glass ceiling' which immediately undermines the credibility of what the makers of this video intended to do! The 'glass ceiling' refers to any barriers in the work place like women becoming the CEO etc. It is about 'breaking through' invisible but real barriers, but nothing to do with anything surrounding this planet.

For our understanding all the 'galactic fleets' etc and all channelled content are part of the 'programme' because this world is an Illusion - most likely a simulated reality. A projection of the reality that once was. And that reality had regressed backwards just as today's consciousness is. Having technology does not make people 'advanced' or even developed'. Today, as this work has discussed, vast numbers of people are unaware that the architecture of the 1800's was advanced! They just do not know this.. Some think the buildings belong to a lost ancient civilization. But also, people themselves are far less developed than let's say as portrayed in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, as an example.

Not so long ago there were cultures that had 'Secret Women's Business' and 'Secret Men's Business'. This is not saying those cultures were developed but that was much better than what we have today. I could write here what 'backpacking' girls do with used private sanitary items leaving these things openly seen for male cleaners often from Pakistan to see and clear away, while they are still staying in a place and the men cleaning these things know them. There is so much more than this though. Someone needs to tell them. But we were discussing channelled stuff.

The guidelines are SIMPLE. Keep away from all channelled stuff, because it comes from the astral realms and will lead you further on that path - the astral debris of the exploded planet. Getting 'inner contact' and even visions can easily be projected into the brain, they are not indications in any way whatsoever of 'spiritual development' yet so many easily led people always think it is. Besides 'predicting the future' only means someone has accessed the programme doesn't it! The programme is the Illusion. You can also see from the standard of behaviour from most of them that they are not any different from any average person. If they are a bit 'magical' then they have started using that energy and that is more dangerous for you. If you keep to the guidelines you will eventually begin to align with the True Source and there will be contact from the Master but it absolutely is not anything channelled.

Again, this most likely is a simulated reality and you once were a beloved creation of God - on the planet which embraced technology via the energy they used, and blew up the planet. The 'bad side' have not fooled you with this reality. This reality is your chance to turn towards the Living God who is indeed part of the Living Waters, because the god of the planet which blew up is dead.

Flat Earth and the Firmament around this reality is definitely of interest. For example here in Mexico we cannot phone Australia. I don't know if this might be the same for all of South America. It looks like people have trouble from Chile too. The expanse of the Pacific Ocean is definitely a place that is not used for normal aviation flight paths.

Watch Video. 9 minutes.

Introductory Guidelines

All the linked film and TV clips, 'robots' and 'ET aliens' etc are on this page.



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