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The Problem Caused Because the Satanists Want a Vegan Diet!

It seems the main reason the nutjobs are promoting a so called 'vegan' diet is because they want to 'depopulate' all the cows and sheep from the planet, not because they think it is healthier. What do they care about the people they wish to depopulate being healthier! They are also promoting eating insects which obviously are not part of a vegetarian diet but are part fo reducing livestock on the planet. This has left a big opening for some to cash in on promoting a purely meat eating diet.

There are now people out there promoting a carnivore fully meat and meat-fat eating diet even without any plant content at all.


The man promoting this is named Phil Escott. In the video interview I saw, this man does not look like his photos on his website selling his books and courses. They are photos from when he was younger.


I wanted to do more research on this (that anyone would say this) but have to confess I am having a very hard time watching the video, and it is also making me physically sick to look at this person both for what he is discussing eating, and for what he is literally putting into his body. It is so stomach churning to listen to this not very healthy looking older man, that at the moment I cannot complete looking at the video. Meat eating like this was once the norm. It is not a revelation or new information. It was the problem.


In fact for satanists, the meat eating included cannibalism. The ancient cavemen who did eat like this were the Neanderthals


What we have to say is that SPIRITUALLY the diet should be vegetarian and vegan friendly - meaning not too much milk and cheese, butter etc although a little seems to be okay. Remember that cows are being fed all sorts of steroids or even vaxx material that is then accessed from drinking the milk, and of course if you eat the body, then it is there too. It is understood that there will be people who are lower down the spiritual chain who do still need meat until they evolve, and that has always been acknowledged. However, the goal is to get to a lighter and lighter diet, and this does make the body produce the growth hormones and stem cells and other goodies that allow for a healthier life. But more important is the spiritual life.


Because the satanists have apparently supported a vegan diet it has created an opening for this kind of meat eating promotion to flourish. There is nothing new about meat eating. It is what people were doing before more information was out there about vegetarian diets. In those days of heavy meating, there were not miraculously healthy, youthful 'Greek gods' walking around.

It is also being said that exercise and fitness is 'far right' fanaticism.

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