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Also known as the 'Anu' and 'Anus'. basically those from the blown up planet who came here, those who had gone into reverse, which is what was happening on that planet - Maldek. Not everyone on the planet had gone into reverse. Once those who had gone into reverse realized they had separated from their soul level and broken the connection, they then understood that there was no way back. That is why they want the HUMAN DNA and biology. They wanted to create bodies they could use to get a soul back and return to 'Eternal Life'.

The people on the blown up planet were exploring the wonders of technology and what they could do with AI, with altering people's brains, with inserting chips into people so they could be controlled or "improved" etc. They were in fact separating themselves from God and Eternal Life, and eventually they broke their connection to the SOUL level, by going in reverse. The reverse downward spiral which they accessed is the 'negative' and is not 'As Above so Below'. Its the reverse.

They broke the cords which kept them attached to the Eternal Life of the Upper Worlds. They became 'Anu'. They realized what they had done and have since tried to use HUMAN biology. This is why we have mentioned that some of the Med Bed technology is from the Anu, and they don't have the physical beds, they have a thought controlled virtual bed you can sign up for. Anu are the Anunnaki. Not 'gods' who came to this world, but the ones who had blown up their planet by delving into the 'black energy' also called the black poison (more added further down). The Sumerian Records are their records, so they might as well call themselves 'gods'!

Anunnaki, as shown in the Sumerian and Mesopotamian artwork, always have wings. Probably these are what are considered angels, as Lucifer also presents with wings. and it is not just a fallen angel. The wings come from the reptilians and Dino the dinasaur beings!

All the linked film and TV clips, 'robots' and 'ET aliens' etc are on this page.



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