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Everything in this Universe is Within You.

.........and all of it is an ILLUSION!

In ancient Indian teachings it is called Maya meaning Illusion.

The real news is how to get OUT of it.

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Our planet is changing, not by some magic, and not because humans have evolved to a higher consciousness, but because of its cycle.

Some people will be part of a higher consciousness, and others simply will not be. Those who are a 'lower consciousness' won't enjoy the benefits of the time when this planet is 'Ascended'.

As Earth 'ascends' it will return to being 'heaven on Earth'. It will be that for as long as the planet is in that part of its cycle.

However, it does fall again, and that is what makes the 'Way' back to Eternal Life and a Higher System more difficult than it appears.

Because it is its cycle, it means it repeats.

That means the rules for returning to a Higher System that is Eternal Life are a bit different.

It is still necessary to understand how to get OFF the 'Wheel of Rebirth'.

It is completely possible to continue with 'spiritual practices' that align you into the 'Fall'! They won't be strong enough to override the Ascended planet UNTIL the cycle Falls again.

That is the problem that has plagued humanity for the many times this planet has already gone through the damaged cycle.

A very long time ago, some of the people on this planet made a mistake which altered and damaged the planet. That alteration is not the reality of this planet. It meant the planet Falls then Ascends during its cycle.

This is what created the 'Wheel of Rebirth'.

Just because the planet Ascends now, and remains 'upwards' for many thousands of years, does not mean humans have 'ascended'. They haven't. You haven't.

It also does not mean you are free of the next Fall when all the Luciferians return to rule this planet again!

While the number of cycles this planet has already gone through like this is unknown, it does repeat its cycles.

You may be looking at a million years or more since this first began.

It is probably a strategy of the 'dark side' to tell everyone that they have 'ascended', that they have 'evolved to a higher consciousness' and beaten the 'darkness'.

This way people are remain under an ILLUSION, and still doing the 'energy practices' etc which tie them into the next descending phase.

The book/course will be available soon for those who 'get it' that there is still an issue!

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This work will be adding a lot more on how to remain youthful, fit, healthy and looking YOUNG on a natural plant diet.


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This world, this planet, this universe, are part of the Illusion.



"Love, is what holds everything together." And it does. Even the dying star, the dark star, still has some 'love'.

So imagine how much a star of Light has, and then imagine even more, how much an Eternally Living Star has!



You will not find how to get to the 'Path of Eternal Life' easily available anywhere.


Another name for the Luciferian religion is 'Sirius'.




The new book/course will be available soon.




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