Quinoa as a Food or as a Powder

Quinoa is a pseudo grain, or type of seed used as a grain.

Quinoa Protein can help keep you feeling fuller for longer, as well as boosting your metabolism. Research has shown that adding quinoa to your diet can increase your overall nutritional intake, and may help reduce blood sugar levels. Most grains are starchy which turn to sugar quickly and therefore raise blood sugar levels and cause weight gain. When blood sugar levels are stable, insulin levels are less likely to spike.

Quinoa is significantly different and has many health balancing properties. A study with 35 postmenopausal women prone to weight gain showed that when 25gms of quinoa were consumed daily as flkes, for4 weeks, there was a significant decrease in their serum triglycerides, that is, unhealthy blood fat. It can also reduce lipid peroxidtion and increase the antioxidant capacity - i.e. no rancid fats and avoids 'rusting' blood.

Quinoa is available as a high quality protein powder for smoothies.

This is a nutrient-rich seed and a good source of magnesium, phosphorus and manganese. Quinoa compared to other grains is relatively high in antioxidants and provides essential vitamins, minerals and fibre which helps to regulate your digestive system. It keeps you fuller and more satisfied for longer.

Weight management. Quinoa may be helpful for controlling your weight due to the high protein to carbohydrate ratio. Protein can help keep you feeling fuller for longer, as well as boosting your metabolism. When your blood sugar levels are stable, your insulin levels are less likely to spike, reducing the likelihood that your body will store fat.



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