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Med Beds.


Technology that has been held back from the world by big pharma and the cult.



The Medical Pods are supposed to be real thing using Tesla Technology which are said to be part of the Trump team's new health programme.

Unfortunately, mostly the only sources providing information on these are insultingly stupid 'channelled' sources. If this is a new technology then why not have an intelligent, grown up, educated, credible source introducing it!

They have (also) been introduced as being an 'alien technology' which immediately also makes it non-credible. Not that 'aliens' may or may not exist, but they should shut up and let us use our own technology! This planet always had a developed level of good technology before the last Fall.

Tesla Technology is a real thing and healing medical Pods could be useful - but some people have noted that they do seem to suggest that people can be irresponsible about their health and then simply use this technology.

However, if the frequencies do offer a real answer to issues like chemotherapy then that can be considered a good thing. So too, may be the regeneration of missing limbs, lost eye sight, or body organs.

There is no evidence that this equipment keeps people young. If the elite have had these then obviously the technology did not work.

Can such technology exist? Sure it can Why not? I have been using a quantum diagnosis system via my health practitioner in Singapore for several years. For diagnosis, it does most of what is said on the presentation video for Med Beds (which we have not included because it is a truly silly video.)

The description says there are 3 levels of Medical Pod with suggestions that one of these can suppress unwanted memories. This makes it a dark and not beneficial piece of equipment for anyone who wishes to leave the false reality and go to True Source.

Some of the functions described on a childish 'alien' type video presentation with a creepy 'alien' speaking - apparently - are questionable.

Let us hope there are other sources of information.

Comments beneath video.

'None of this sounds like it will teach humanity to be better in their health choices plus in hands of corrapted humatons this will be abused and missused. Fix yourself, dont wait for magic fix.'

'Why is there so much BULLSHIT on bitchute? It makes youtube look down right honest.'




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