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(Left side of God)


(Sun - dead star 'sol')


^^^^^^ Path continues to Osiris.

^If you continue up from 3rd eye it goes to the left of True Source and therefore misses True Source.


^ There is no straight route to True Source above the 3rd eye.

It goes to Osiris.




^ Mental Plane

^ Causal Plane

^ Astral Plane

^ Physical Plane - <You are here.



Below left is a representation of the Osiris and spiritual practice Path from the physical, through the chakras, as shown on the left.

The RIGHT side is the route to True Source.


_______RIGHT >



RA - Right Ascension adjustment through + Void.

Lost Path adjustment -




There is a break between the 6th and 7th chakras.-

This is caused by the cycle.

The break exists because of the cycle : Time : Horus : Kali.

<- 3rd Eye


None of the chakras, and nothing below and including the 3rd eye is relevant because it aligns to Osiris.

The adjustment has to be at the 3rd Eye - and for that to happen you need the true, real Living Maste - or you will be led into the realms of the Black Hole.

This has been shown and explained many times by this work. The adjustment will happen as the planet continues to lift out of the Fall but people still have created and added binding ties into the left hand reality.

This can only be corrected during the next Fall - when 'satan' will again seriously challenge you to choose that spirituality and that reality.



If the planet did not go into the Fall Phase of the continuing cycle it would anchor onto the

Soul Plane.

But it does continue with the cycle.

Mankind has created huge ties which bind them into the Fall side reality - via sex, drugs including journeying drugs experiences, alcohol, ego, vanity, wealth, power, negative emotions, attachments to emotional and physical highs (like sport) and so on.

This means the cycle continues for the reason that these people can get the chance to release themselves from these ties and attachments. If mankind had not established these ties, the Soul Plane could correct the damage to the planet - but only when the planet is in its Ascending Phase.

You. as a physical being and as the spiritual body when you leave the body are literally separated from the SOUL REALM from the 3rd eye / pituitary / master gland.

The next issue if this starts to make sense, is someone says they have the way to correct this - like some kind of visualization technique for example. It has to be very creative - it can't be a chakra exercise, can't be a breathing technique, nor a mantra, and certainly not visualization.

Please enjoy our free online chapters. We will no doubt have extra information to add - especially when the 'cue' team say it is alright to give out the Hollywood and music industry lists.

And please remember the intro video clip which hopefully gives an idea of what that was planned to be the 'awakening'.

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