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What is taking place in this world is the Spiritual Issue of this Entire Reality.


The Plan to Change the US CONSTITUTION


Intro document - Democrat Strategy to 'Steal the Election' - A Coup d'etat - copy of the actual document.


There is no question that some bizarre and unhinged stuff is already happening.

Less known is that the UK government is already an occupied government and the occupying source is calmly establishing itself in front of the population. It has its own armies and police - separate forces from the traditional forces - and these are loyal to those who have taken over.

You can see from the previous news page that some of the new armies are under an EU sourced control. Those who are the occupying police groups turn up at rallies at the end to arrest people - as happened to Piers Corbyn - and you can also discover that these are linked to CCP control. In Italy for example, CCP police now patrol the streets.

Additionally, NZ has been sold out, and the same takeover is happening in Australia in Victoria where the 'odious fool' of a Premier is owned by the CCP. However, it is now NOT so difficult to isolate the web of confusion. The formula of the plan as shown in a book published in the late 1990's, is to begin with a pandemic, then riots, martial law, economic collapse, leading to the reset.

It is intended to amalgamate all police forces into one, under the new order, operating under what is the same occupying version of police now in the EU. The current riots don't need martial law. They need the democrat Governors to request National Guard troops to end them from the Federal Government - not doing so is part of the strategy detailed in the document.

Understand that the current riots, violence, and point blank murders in the US in these organized riots, received the instructions to begin this from the CCP in a memo sent out in April to communist and socialist groups. *This work reported on that.


The document itself was uncovered by 'The National Pulse' journalist team. It was hidden and most likely not intended to be published.

The document began as a way to get rid of Trump from government. Earlier reports we still have up from a former Google insider, show how devastated the top management of Google were at the results of the 2016 election. There was absolute panic.

Most of the mainstream news are on board with the overall agenda, but there are also ongoing alarm bells about some non mainstream 'news sources' which are quite a lot out of touch with the bigger picture, specifically about discussing this document. Some sources have very little understanding of the CCP problem so we recommend reading 'Hidden Hand'. *See Recommended Books.

There already is a war and decoupling with the CCP.

There is a Quad Alliance - India, Australia, Japan and the USA. and some of the war is already a hot war. Others on board are some of the Chinese people themselves, also Hong Kong, Taiwan, recent actions by the Czech Republic indicating support. Many European countries are already trapped by the CCP and CCP police are on the streets in Italy. Switzerland is in trouble too, as are many countries in Africa, and the CCP is currently waging a takeover in Inner Mongolia. All these seek US assistance to help them out of this. It should also be mentioned that Russia has decided not to sell advanced military equipment to the CCP and is currenltly in military naval exercises with India - which is an ally in the Quad - in the areas near the contested South China Sea which the CCP decided to claim as theirs.


The Agenda Plan is Clearly Spelled out in Black and White so the Answer, or at Least a Step to the Answer, is Obvious. And yet......

It is the contention of those involved wih this plan to remove freedom and democracy, and that 'most people' are not developed enough to have democracy and should be governed by those who are 'better'. They will prove this by letting people vote themselves out of it.

This seems to be a correct observation. It could happen.

Explain how there is ANY discussion that people would vote for, and Allow, the Democratic Agenda?

How is this possible - unless the Globalist-Elite and CCP are right about 'Most People'?

Yet it is not easy to isolate who the 'most people' are, because it is not just the 'ignorant masses' and those who have been emotionally manipulated.

It is possible to isolate reality from confused analysis.

We have not yet heard good analysis from the sources that have now latched onto the document which is the actual DEMOCRAT MANIFESTO, nor about what is in play - and that can be very dangerous. Existing democrat plans for a Biden presidency are to cede government authority to Health and Climate Change organizations - which are private organizations. You are seeing governments in Australia etc give enormous power to their 'Medical Officers' - all following the WHO recommended CCP approach.

This shows you it is part of the EU-globalist-elite-reset-CCP plan.

The DEMOCRAT MANIFESTO was written after the 2016 election to find a way to get Trump out of office. This is why the democrats were on board with the riots - and the (dem) mayors were demonstrating unhinged behaviour.

The outright plan is to increase mail-in votes in the election and not concede defeat. There will not be an announcement of a win on the night in collusion with corrupt media and tech - unless there was an unlikely Biden landslide. True to the plan, just before it was very public that the document had been located, Zuckerburg announced that F/book will not announce a winner on the night.

This delay is so they know the voting counts on the night and can then basically add all the needed mail-in vote numbers to claim victory later. That is, voter fraud with votes from dogs, cats, people who have died and so on. That is the plan. Thereafter a team of 600 lawyars and corrupt judges etc will back this up. They will argue for the 'popular vote' and already have plans for the military to remove Trump.

Clearly this event will be followed by unrest and that is where martial law comes in. Most likely the plan is to set loyal American troops against loyal American citizens so they can kill each other.

However, it will be from an occupying military, so should the people accept this?

The ultimate plan is to remove safeguards from the US Constitution which protect people from mob rule and people exploiting that for their own ends. That is why there are protections around the 'popular vote'. The plan is to make more States because this can then increase the numbers for exploiting 'mob rule' to enable agendas to manipulate elections. The 'founding fathers' were intelligent enough to understand the dangers. In reality, the Constitution document contents may have existed from the time before the Fall.

Non mainstream news sources should be aware that issues of 'social justice' and 'police reform' though important for another time, are absolutely tiny and meaningless in the face of the enormity of the complete 'end of life as you know it' that is the issue ahead of you and us all now. There are no other issues except those related to this. The ordinary people involved in the protests are unaware of what they are being used for.

People have provided good reporting on the coup blueprint,

and those who found the Democrat Plan document have provided good anaylsis. But there is a problem when there is faulty analysis given. A woman who provided an interview available on a youtube activist news channel is not anyone who uncovered this information herself(she has picked up on it between Sept 2nd or 3rd) and her depth of knowledge is limited so she is not providing good analysis. This is mentioned because some of her conclusions pose a danger to successfully getting through this.

It is no use to keep espousing the confusion of being caught in a conspiracy web. You must now KNOW what you are doing.

Some that we previously noted as 'iffy sources' of reports and news have promoted the use of Tik Tok as harmless and 'used by kids' - so is this simply an ignorant comment or someone who is working for the agenda?

Very confused levels of analysis are rampant everywhere - such as the CCP trained mainstream media like CNN, in on the agenda. We have provided a comparison of two TV interviews - on the actions of a new intelligence chief - one telling the reality and CNN framing it as completely opposite (this is on 'a.v.now2' page.) Also some sources are influenced knowingly or not, by what is a 'Marxist spiritual consciousness'. These are the ones who have been caught in this and are the hardest to wake up. This consciousness has been taught, and the reason why it has been covered on the spiritual side of this work, because it is a very real problem.

Health passports, universal basic incomes, vaccines and resilient cities are ONLY the Democrat-elite-Davos agenda. Fear by that side is why the Transition Integrity Project document now exists. These are categorically NOT Republican plans.

Be aware that the agenda has already occupied the UK government and is playing out in NZ and Australia etc.

The picture is NOT now as confused or hidden as the confused analysis thinks it is.

There is an engineered revolution taking place funded by Soros Open Society and collaborators,

same as the document which is also a Soros project. These are the current blm and antifa rioters. Many of these ones are not aware of what they are actually doing. They are being used by the interested parties which are funding them (some are mentioned on the next page.) Obviously the riots and what they are doing will be stopped. But if the agenda gets in they will not stop and will be used for a civil war and then literally disposed of. They are not wanted or needed - by those who are funding them - in the new reset world model.

Maybe Sleepy Joe's mental acuity will be blamed for it.

Not having a clear understanding of the picture could be extremely damaging to getting through this. You have only a few weeks remaining.



Headlines continue


It is said that this reality is an ongoing replay of the same story. It has all happened before.

In 1896 novel was written by Ingersoll Lockwood entitled

''1900. Or The Last President".

INGERSOLL LOCKWOOD (1841-1918) was a New York lawyer, political writer, and novelist.

"...The entire East Side of New York City is in a state of uproar. Mobs of vast size are organizing under the lead of anarchists and socialists, and threaten to plunder and despoil the houses........."

His books include 'The Travels and Adventures of Little Baron Trump and His Wonderful Dog Bulger' (1890) and 'Baron Trump's Marvellous Underground Journey' (1893), and were recently found in the Library of Congress.

Donald Trump's son is named Barron Trump, and even more curious is a hotel mentioned on Fifth Avenue, New York which is the exact same address as Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue. The Secretary of Agriculture in the book, is named Pence.

It is a surrealistic 1896 novel, where Americans are protesting a corrupt election process while the president's hometown of New York City is fearing the collapse of the republic after the transition of presidential power. The new president is bold and outspoken with immense confidence in himself. The nation is facing a devastating depression caused by the wealthy elite.....

This may remind you of the issues now highlighted for the coming 2020 election.

During 2017, this book, as well as Lockwood's two children's books, 'The Travels and Adventures of Little Baron Trump and His Wonderful Dog Bulger' (1890) and 'Baron Trump's Marvellous Underground Journey' (1893), drew attention due to its uncanny connections with President Trump and his family.



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