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Common Law and the Living God's Law.

In Common Law you are a free, Living Soul.


A Living Soul is part of the Living God Source.




The ancient scripts were not just pretty words about a healthy plant based diet, they were about the Living Source and the Living Law which is God's Law (which is Common Law). Much of the sources of teachings for the Living System were lost. The (unaltered) ancient scripts knew about the deception through legal syntax and through the money system.

For example, and as an example, when you take up what is offered by the Path of Life and Death which offers you a lifestyle or spiritual experiences etc, or when you undertake certain spiritual initiations etc of certain religions or beliefs, you enter into a contract with the provider of that energy or reality. Which is Lucifer - or by another name. Basically that is what binds you in karmic debt and you then have to work off that debt! Forever, because like Shylock, Lucifer never forgives a debt.

The Living Source releases you from that contract. It forgives it.

Thereafter you must keep to God's Law (the Guidelines) but if you argue with what you think is or is not God's Law, you return to working through your karmic debt contract. That is because you turned away from God Source.


Under Admiralty (Maritime) Law, a living soul becomes a capitalized person (not living soul) which if they consent to this they then are a business entity within the corporation - and owned by those who own the corporation.

A living soul - living man or woman - is under Common Law which is God's Law,

so it is possible to only identify yourself under Common Law and not consent to Admiralty Law which operates by your consent. When a figure of authority like a policeman says 'do you understand'? You say no I do not understand, I do not stand under you and therefore do not consent. I am not a person known by the name of xxxxxxx I am a living soul by the name of xxxxx.

Living souls became a capitalized person which if they consented to this under Admiralty Law (Maritime Law) they then were nothing but a business entity within the corporation - and owned by those who own the corporation.



PDF download on Lawful Rebellion under Article 61.

This maybe of use in Australia

For business, can you operate legally under Article 61?

Register your living man or woman ID and birth certificate UK and international.



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