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* It is reported that clones are being used for high profile people already arrested andf judged.

Tribunals are set to begin for the public in 2021 but in reality began at the beginning of 2019 - and perhaps some actually happened earlier.

* The reasons behind these will be a shock to much of the world who still have not woken up to what has been happening. Therefore, clones are used.

* There are some 255,000 sealed indictments for crimes ranging from treason to pedophilia and child trafficking, and satanic worship and abuse. Each indictment can have up to 100 people listed. This could mean some 25,000,000 people to be arrested and tried - many of them famous.

This is why there are clones, as some of those involved would cause emotional responses from some who either idolize or believe these people to be good, or have not paid attention to the reality.

* The information is that clones have been available since 1938.

* Do clones reproduce? No. Do clones have blood? It is reported that the Luciferians have been so desperate for more blood that they have used clones.

* Clones are an exact double made from just a few body cells, but they do not have a soul. The Raellian cult produced clones. This is also considered the misuse of technology and against the wishes of True Source.

* Apparently. for clones to function the real person has to still be alive. The real versions are stored on ice in the Greenland facility. This appears to indicate that those with clones are in that status.

FREE Download book here: Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (ref. first chapters. This book was written in 1932, and clones were operational - apparently - from 1938.)

* There is little doubt that all the famous people who have been executed as satanists, do have clones. The entity that was the person certainly cannot exist in the world of the Ascending planet BUT they can re-inhabit a cloned body lineage when the planet - or plane - descends again.

* Most of the clones everyone is witnessing - Biden, Matt Hancock, Pelosi etc, are saying quite silly things, including repeating old memories - because all the memories and consciousness of a person are installed in the brain of the clone. Sometimes these clones, are jumble their words, or are seen licking their hands and other slightly weird things. Mark Zuckerburg's clone looks like a robot.

It is understood that Britney Spears - serving life in prison - already had several clones of herself. Michael Jackson is believed to have had clones of himself.

"The Vril Society were also Luciferians and practiced child sacrifice and as you will learn in the video, the Vril Lizard Reptilians - Nephilim - require stem-cell rich blood or flesh to survive in a cloned body, or human body."

* Introductory steps into the Luciferian practices began to be taught widely, particularly taking off the 1960's, with the elite MK Ultra introduction of the Beatles who were to spearhead a consciousness revolution - which they did. Famous satanist Aleister Crowley was a member of British Military Intelligence and MK Ultra, and this connection comes up with a Beatles album. Consciousness did move into acceptance of a lifestyle view that is an introductory preparatory level of the Vril energy.

Look at the number musicians and actors who took the steps necessary to get a record deal or film role - attend a few sex parties and take Adrenochrome. The reasons behind the current use of clones - Biden, Harris, pop stars, actors and royalty - will be a shock to much of the world who still have not woken up to what has been happening. Therefore, clones are used.

Vril. Clones were operational in 1938 Nazi Germany. 40 mins.


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