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Black Eye Club -

Left Eye Archon Possession.


Many Celebrities, Politicians, and Royalty have the mark of the

Eye of Horus

* This section is being constructed and there is much that can be added.

Here are some intro starting points which identifies the celebrities and those of the music industry who made a deal with the devil for wealth and fame.

Another way of saying that is that it is an 'up yours' to the belief in a True God Source. It is part of an aethiest and Marxist-Communist view that you can 'do what you want' and the Christos Guidelines, or God's Law is irrelevant or was only a way of control and hold you back from achieving your dreams.

The Initiation is about marking the 'cattle of Horus' and those who are on the 'Path of Osiris'.

Horus is the child of Osiris (the star Sirius) who was conceived after Orisis died and became 14 pieces. Some of those pieces are considered to be the planets in this solar system. The goddess Isis retrieved all the body parts of the dead Osiris except the phallus which she replaced by building one of stone then used that to impregnate herself and produce Horus. This is why there are obelisks, such as in Washington DC - reaching to the skies and the dead star system these ones worship.

Horus is to do with the existence of Time. It is called the 'Cattle of Horus' which also relates to the cow worship.

Famous names who are part of this Horus initiation include Liz Hurley (shown above) Boy George, Ryan Gosling, Reese Witherspoon, Richard Branson, Justin Beiber, Kelly Osbourne and so on. *Not surprisingly all these were arrested earlier in 2020.

It is hard to imagine why they would have done this, even for the sake of fame, power and wealth, because they truly must not have really understood what it really meant.





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