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Next Wake Update for June 17th-18th 2023.

There are a lot of military, tanks etc, moving about through multiple US cities/States and Canada.
 US military with trucks of razor wire and sound system and magnetic pulse weapons. In LA, NY, Idaho, Carolina.... Not a training exercise. Low flying military aircraft in Texas. Military base in Germany reports heightened activity.

The USA has been poised for a second civil war.

Had just written a piece to explain to someone about the ongoing attempts since the USA gained independence from the British Crown in the war 1775/76. Then there was the 2nd Constitution passed in 1861 which was the first stage of the overall agenda rolling out now. The main plan was to lead to the collapse of the new republic which was the USA. So as a British person would I, or any Brit say that was so bad? Not at all, and maybe 100 years ago would have been supportive of that. But now we actually learn that the people involved are converted into pure evil, and that changes everything. The evil is as bad as evil gets - and none of us can have that on this planet!

So, there is the cabal side, but there are also other players involved who are against the agenda. 
This is mostly because their own ancestors were around when the new republic of the USA was subverted in 1861, then the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Let's just say there was stuff going on then with traitors who worked for the British to bring down the USA. And also those who were patriots supporting the new republic. So a movement to prevent the treason that was planned was put in place as far back as then and these are the top level people working on the 'good side' now. So Biden saying 'God save the Queen' is a bit of a giveaway isn't it!

NEW Having just written this above, here is a coincidence.

Added to the internet the same day. https://www.bitchute.com/video/pZptDbw5jfIe/ 2 mins.

A lot more is being made known from the Hunter Biden laptop, even reaching the sleeping masses, so the appearance of this particular video is also very possibly pointing to the "storm" really taking off very soon.

Is a Biden arrest imminent?

There are a few good links added on the 'News' page and as the '15 minute cities' are now being rolled out, this is a good time to review what the Agenda is, and if possible pass on that video and let others know who don't know.

NEW.   Agenda 21 Explained in 2 Minutes - RECOMMENDED.


Some of what is going on involves what is called 'off planet alien craft'.
 This may be the case, and it is reverse engineered alien craft. But also these beings came here in these craft thousands of years ago, and the technology was written in the books kept by the Hapsburgs of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and in the Austrian Secret Societies. So there is an equal chance these very real high tech 'UFO's are not unidentified at all, but the designs come from those records. This is what the Nazi's were using as the source for the high tech craft etc the Germans were building in WW2 and of course it is the real source of the development of computers in the '50's. We have a link to this on the Upper Universe page and photos, including a WW2 German Stealth plane.   There is a video on the NEWS page for more on the 'UFO' craft, which are now used by totally 'black ops' run by the cabal, using these craft for human trafficking and drug trafficking. But the REAL story is always about finding the right path to get out of this False Reality.

The consciousness that is this work, only comes to this planet once in 25,000 years.

It is not AI and the reality is not a quantum computer.

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