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MK Ultra - Tavistock.


Back in the 1960's a Mind Control, Behavioural Programming plan was rolled out producing many big name pop stars. It was called the Tavistock project.

It was part of MK Ultra.

* Bands included The Beatles, who did spearhead the popularity of Indian gurus and mind altering recreational drugs of the time, like LSD.

* Other bands and singers also sold out to the satan cult for fame and fortune. These include the Rolling Stones, probably around the time they produced the song the 'Sympathy for the Devil' which was shortly before Brian Jones died. Early logos for the Stones also had the tongue sticking out which may indicate they were into some of the Kali stuff as shown in the Music Industy video below.

Also, Aretha Franklin, Prince, David Bowie, and Jimmy Page reknowned guitarist with Led Zeppelin, who also bought the Scottish home of satanist and MI6 agent Aleister Crowley.

* MK Ultra was a mind programme which began particularly in the '60's to convince people to change consciousness into acceptance of closer to the cult ways and create energy ties to that energy - which most people on the planet did. There has been until Dec. 21st 2020 to undo those ties.

* The recently released full list of those in the music industry shows that about 90% of 'pop stars' sold out to satanism to build their careers.

The new age (MK Ultra and cult) is not the same as the planet's ascending phase. The consistent reconnection into that energy, is the reason many people remain on the 'Wheel of Rebirth'.

* Many celebrities and those in the music industry began with Disney - now known as a massively linked to pedophilia, and satanism.

* In the US many of the popular bands etc were the product of a similar programme at Laurel Canyon.


"'We are seeing a society with a lot more people of lower IQ and a lot fewer people of higher IQ, in other words a dumbing down of society.....The more dumbed down people are, without them being aware of it, the more the cult can get away with it."

from youtube - 'Music Industry exposed, Full Documentary. Satanic Hollywood.'
Billie Eilish.

Research shows this 18 year old has songs about Lucifer, about dying, about burying a friend, and she has a movie or video clip where she is possessed Exorcist style, and hanging in the air. This is why she has been promoted for stardom.

'Hey, worshipping Lucifer is just another lifestyle choice, like pedophilia.........' The plans of the Davos Reset New World.

Several deaths designated as suicide have been questioned, like Chester Bennington of Linkin' Park. They all involve hanging from a door. This is also how Michael Hutchence the frontman of the band INXS died.

More names - Taylor Swift, Bono, Bob Geldof,, Ed Shearan, Adele, more to be added.

Recommended. RESEARCH.

Here is a surprise example which most thought was about a rather sweet love story, yet now we all know about sucking blood, and Iluminati symbolosm, this reveals something else entirely. See what you think.

Suckers - The Jonas Brothers. 13 mins.


Also of interest now that satanism in Hollywood, TV, and the Music Industry has been exposed.

It is worth remembering that the Christos Teachings, as do ancient Greek sources, say the problem is at the 6th chakra aka the 3rd Eye where there is a complete break between the 6th chakra and the crown chakra and all energies and consciousness in the body get rerouted into the 2nd 'tree' in the Garden which is also the 2nd energy stream path which is Osiris/Sirius.

Osiris is represented as the 17th letter of the alphabet 'Q' which the Q team has used to reverse the witchcraft magic.

Satanic Music Industry

56 mins. Documentary Many music industry performers are literally possessed on stage. This video shows Britney Spears experiencing an entity enter her in an interview. The video also ends with about 20 mins or so showing celebrities involved in this, across the world.

- shows lots of people who are on the Gitmo lists.



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The Sacrifice of Paul McCartney in 1966 for the Luciferian Rebirth into the new age of the cult.


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