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This page is added for the interesting connection of the healthy diet of the Hunza people, not so much today, but to their ancient ancestors. **Please note that we aim to override 'altered history' and we do back up all that is given - even if it is a bit tedious to go through.

This land is considered a once upon a time real Shan gri La with people once famous for their longevity, youthfulness, and often very attractive European looks.



This land is considered a once upon a time real

Shan gri La


The original ones are of interest because of their European looks with fair skin and blue or green eyes, and the association with an ancient war some 12,000 years ago (probably far more than that) which saw the ancestors of these people driven northwards to Europe and Scandinavia

- with the Norse Legends we also feature especially regarding the energy called the 'black poison'.

So they are of interest for their still generally healthy diet which was based on raw fruits and vegetables with many similarities to what became known as the

Essene, Therapeutae, or Biogenic Diet.

The Raw Plant based Diet was a specific diet amongst people in the Mediterranean region, also with the European looks which at that time was the identity of the Ancient Greeks - fair skinned with blue or green eyes, 'Irish' dark haired looks, and Scandinavian looks.

Please also note that our dating for 'Ancient Greece' is several millennia before the clearly obvious advanced status of the Minoan period of 5,000 years ago which itelf is 4,500 years earlier than the time taught as the peak of 'Ancient Greece'. Why hide the real date?

The time officially taught as 'Ancient Greece', was a time when many plays were written, philosophy and Socratic Dialogue were popular, and scholars like Plato, Pythagoras and so on, worked with the already ancient books kept in their libraries.

Libraries like the Library of Alexandria in Egypt. Plato refers back a further 9,000 years before his own time, to events kept in those records.



They had been driven out of the Indus and regions of today's Pakistan with evidence of nuclear attack on their cities.

This may seem a big leap but the evidence of that exists in archeological digs and is covered elsewhere in our work. They moved northwards.

'Forbidden History'

As is the way with the altered facts which make up 'Forbidden History' this is always explained away as from the time of Alexander the Great around 356 BC.

However, the time when these people were driven northwards was least 8-10,000 years before that, as their journey north included stopovers in Mesopotamia, Persia etc and is documented.

Plus the evidence of nuclear attack (radioactivity in archeological digs of the time period and consistent with nuclear attack) is actually dated at some 18,000 years ago.





Atens in an Empire that included the lands of Khemalot now named Egypt.

A little on Lost and Forbidden History which first of all introduces a horrible system that some in a long forgotten, pre deluge timeframe, wanted to impose upon the whole planet.

What eventuated was some kind of disaster which sent the planet into a non-tech developed status


unfortunaely still had the people who had caused this problem in the first place by wanting to set up a horrible system for the planet - which they had no right to force everyone into. These ones continued throughout the ages waiting unitl lhey could try for this again.

This is what is taing place in the world now in 2020!


Back in the time when 'Ancient Greece' really was the top civilization, was more consistent with the dates given by Plato which is more than 11,000 years ago yet consistent with when this planet was aligned correctly to True North (see marker star in link) but at the time when this planet was damaged and began to Fall.

It is believed their people were already in those areas, because they are connected to pyramids and sphinxes including in Greece.

However, they were also present in the entire regions of what is now Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Indus Valley, 'Hunza' and that entire region.

At that time a war covered the entire globe.

For these reasons and more, this connection is of interest.

Thus the Hunza region is where those who were against the 'dark energy' being harnessed for a new world system, were under nuclear attack and driven to relative safety in Europe and Greece where the attack on them, or those called the Children of Light, still continued.

The ones we refer to in Khemalot were Atenists - the same Aten identity that Akhenaten wished to return to - and their capitol city was Atens, Greece.

Hunza is located in Northern Pakistan.




Eat raw fruits and vegetables
Exercise daily
Have a positive outlook

The current day people and the ancestors of these people look European and it is known that during ancient wars, the people from this region went northwards to Europe and Scandinavia (which incidentally included the UK ) and they were also known as the Eryans.

This also includes the Eireans from Eire which is the name for Ireland, with fair skin dark haired looks, like singing group The Corrs, and my own looks and heritage too.

As with the existence of a real Shan gri La,

where the inhabitants were described as more LUMINOUS AND ETHEREAL

this was a city perhaps built from Prana or an etheric matter that was and is still the energy structure of the very much larger 5th planet and this planet before the icechunks of rock and water arrived.

The people were Etherians, Therians, Therans, Eryans.


Long ago the people used an energy it was Forbidden to use. Scandinavian records and legends tell us of the 'black poison' super energy called Eitr, which was used until people saw the horrors of what it eventually did.

But they have used it again today.

Today in the Hunza, the people are just tribesmen, peasants, simple folk, and locals.

Neither are there records of birthdates to verify the ages claimed. In fact recent videos on them show old men proudly claiming they are 75 - which is not exactly spectacular!

Nor is their diet particularly good or healthy now.

But archeological digs show that over 12,000 years ago in the region, and Hindu Kush etc

there were cities and this general region was a civilized culture - also with evidence that the cities in the Indus region were destroyed by nuclear attack. This is also where the people known as Aryans came from.

In addition, this was before the Himalayas became the mountain range they are today, as another altered fact is the ommision that this mountain range formed when two tectonic plates clashed during a massive upheaval some 12,000 years ago leading to an Ice Age.

This was the time of an ancient 'rebellion' between those of the Living Light Stream - who did not have sophisticated weapons because they are made with the 'black poison' the Eitr - and those who belonged to the 'dark star' - and who did have dark star weapons.

It is understood that the damage to this planet and its axis (which created its journey) is also the time which forced the Himalayas to their current height. That referred to the additional change that happened around 12,000 years ago which also caused a sudden Ice Age.

It could also have referred to 26,000,000 or more years ago because it is always the same story which repeats with each new Zep Tepi - 'first times' or new beginning.

The Zep Tepi is itself an interesting occurence because as soon as this current dark phase ends - which activated in 2020 - it is possible it fips back straight to the beginning again.

This left survivors or escapees to go to the Hunza region and the majority to Europe, particularly Greece which was the identity of the Therapeutae - a Greek word - for Therapist-Healers.

Okay so that was a little on Forgotten History - but not woke or revised history,

The recordswe had access to show hat before these people tried to introduce their star-tech system - using a different energy - this planet was connected to a Perpetual generting source of Living Life Energy which was everlasting and eternal. Thus we continue with opics of fresh , healthy diet, and some exercises to access the Perpetual energy.


As always we must state that anything you do regarding health etc should be under the guidance of a trained Health Care professional. We and this website, do not provide medical advice, just information and expect that you make your own decisions with professional advice and general common sense. We take no responsibility for your choices.

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