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God's Law.



This planet - or plane - has many mysteries,

but in its existing status is part of (caught in) a system which includes other suns, a triune sun system which is also part of the Canis (part of Osiris) cosmology. Triune - 3 - is the power number of the magic and the astral realms. Also part of this bigger system - which is real - is the planet X, Nibiru which apparently was seen behind the sun in 2019 and passed by. Obviously the events of 2020 did follow on for the satanic Reset - but this can never succeed or happen once the planet begins Ascending in its cycle. Of course consciousness is going to change and improve - but where it is now is very bad - so it really should improve shouldn't it!

However, some of the sat-an (anti-True) teachings seem very much that they should be right, they are logical and they love the Earth etc. 'With God anything is possible' - for example.

'Anything' steps outside of God's Law, because you cannot go and do 'anything' when it is not part of God's Law and God's Will. That becomes the Marxist view which eventually leads to atheism and seeing the self as God.

Yet the unlimited possibilities of 'anything' do exist and that must mean it is 'of God' (logically). Logic and reason are how the Mind sees things, and that is still not God's Law of how things should be.

So God does allow the appearance of 'anything' to exist and be explored. It is called the 'realms of Illusion'. It is not really real.

But does it really exist? Because, only God's Realm is eternal.

Exploring and being in 'unlimited realities, 'all possibilites', 'infinite possibilites' etc is this reality - and the deeper realities you are tempted by anti-True to go further into. And it is not eternal and everlasting. Only God's Realm is eternal!

So you will have to work that one out.

And, while we are at it, is what you want to happen in the world or for your life here in this reality, what God wants?

It is why mankind and other beings keep returning to this reality which is called the 'Wheel of Rebirth' that each person has to learn to get out of.




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