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Path of 'Good and Evil' and Marxist/Collective Consciousness


One of the points of the 'awakened' miracle that was the 'Arab Spring' in 2011, was that these ones - used by the cabal to bring down their own countries and hand them over to the cabal - were reported by CNN etc that 'there was no leader'.

It was all a message for the new world that the people are 'leading themselves' all of 'one mind' and 'one consiousness' and 'the collective' - all of the hive mind. That was because they would all be hooked up to a computer.

It is also the Marxist view of consciousness. There is a lot of Marxist consciousness out there. While the 'white hat' side of the current battle is represented as the good side of a 'good and evil' conflict, it is very much hoped that the good side does not run from a supercomputer monitored by the 'watchers'.

You see if this is the good side of the Path of Good and Evil, then it is still the false path and you are still in the play!

So, keep in mind, people have been trained into the false consiousness for a long time, from ancient religions to the new versions. Most cannot get their heads around it not being as spiritual as they believe. As an example, if you thought discussing the very real practices of the nut jobs - being pedophilia, human sacrifice, child trafficking - addiction Adrenochrome - and how massively this religion is practised - and you thought mentioning this was 'negative thinking' (which is what made it possible for it to continue) then you have been in a programmed false consciousness.

Reincarnation is a curse that keeps people incarnating into this false reality. It is not proof of 'eternal life', after all, this reality is a false reality. Reaching Ascended Realm status is not so easy.

Also keep in mind, additional but missing information explains exactly why the chakras in the body are not part of the path to the Ascended Reality. For sure, keep them healthy, as you would for the body, mind, and emotions. But it does not make you 'more spiritual' than others. They align the pathway into the astral universe - because there is a break that makes that happen.

Other points - all beliefs do not go to the 'same God' - ask the Luciferians.

What about those who are on the initial stages of that path - the Path of Light and Dark, or the Path of Good and Evil? How did some from this work end up with some of the first works introducing the bringing in the masonic religion's energies from Sirius- how? Because they were questioning 'religion' and wondering about other religions. That is one of the first lead-ins. Doubts and finding something new.

Also because they thought it was 'good side spiritual' and the 'new consciousness', some got into it to further their careers and became the big name popstars still known today, as well as the most known Hollywood (and Bollywood) actors and actresses, sports stars, and celebrity chefs, also top politicians and billionaire businessmen. Those who accepted 'help' and bribes.

Others got into it because they were blackmailed - eg after honeytrap wild parties or encounters, or visiting Epstein Island etc.

All those people - and the nut jobs - ALL of them are part of that 'spiritual side'.


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