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An ancient world civilization powered by water, under attack by demons.

The news story then, and now.



It is said the 'rods of God' may be used in this battle against demons.

The “rods of God” uses a bundle of tungsten rods, dropped from orbit, reaching a speed of up to ten times the speed of sound. The rod itself can penetrate hundreds of feet into the Earth, destroying any hardened bunkers or secret underground sites.

When the rod hits, the explosion would be on par with the magnitude of a ground-penetrating nuclear weapon – but with no fallout.

All cryptocurrencies and other cabal world control set ups, are underground, such as beneath the 3 Gorges dam. 'Watch the water'? Perhaps it is like the 1908 'Tunguska Event' in Siberia - which led to interest in Tartaria.  


Clearly there are divisions - power struggles - on the Dark Side

- Nazi's against Bolsheviks (see Tartaria links), Facism against Communism, British Royals supported Hitler, but Churchill supported the Bolshevick side (against the Nazis). Hitler aimed to remove the Khazarian jew's control of the economy, and so on.......and remember, the 'ARAB SPRING' was meant to engulf the world from 2011 for a 2012 end date - and took off on the all important March date (same as 'covid' and the same date as the invasion of Iraq) - but was thwarted.


* An ancient world civilization under attack by demons.

There are some interesting videos we could add but the reasoning they present is nonsensical and often extremely ignorant. One presenter did not even know what the Hippocratic Oath was - so how accurate is the rest of what is said?

Some of these videos are related to an ancient advanced world kingdom which they suggest was destroyed in the 20th century, including an event in Gibraltar in 1904. I have been to Gibraltar - which is a small area overall - and an elderly friend's husband was born there, it is his nationality. His parents were born there about 100 years ago and they categorically know that Gibraltar was not partly 'blown up' in the 1940's to create a seaway between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean! Suggesting this happened in the 1940's is ludicrous, and embarrassing, enough, but you can see Morocco from Gibraltar, and it is a very long way away, just over 24 km, and more than a flooded canal. These sources also seem to suggest this was the Great Flood of the Bible.

The inaccuracies are also an insult to those who fought in WW1/2 and have descendents who know the reality. World history is not only that which is taught to Australians about Australia's past, nor limited to the colonization of the Americas. Some of us come from countries with a recorded history that extends back millennia. However, buildings do follow ancient architectural designs, and clearly spires and towers were built to somehow garner energy from the cosmos.

Reporting content that shows an utterly stupid level of ignorance, undermines the credibility of what otherwise includes good information, so unfortunately, as we are all now in an uneducated world anyway, it would be wrong to provide information like that.

However, there was an advanced civilization on this planet and it made or encountered a huge mistake. So, okay this might sound like a 'twilight zone topic' but - the demons and Luciferians which did get the opportunity to incarnate in this world during the 12,000 years of the Fall, still can not take possession and control of this planet UNTIL they can take it further into the 'dark spiral' at the only time they can try to do that - now - the 'end time'. They failed.

An ancient civilization powered by Water.

Water is also considered to be ether which may have been contamintaed when the 'ice rock' from a blown up planet landed here - making it a dark water known as eitr - both of which are pronounced as eter or aiter - and refers in some way to dark energy. Some of these systems/structures may well have still been in existence, but not operational, when America was colonized - after all, people had maps and went back to there.

The systems were Tors (Towers) generating power from water. They were operating 26,000 years ago, when there was a world war. 'Abel' was a Tor, as is the 'Cain' Tor. It is possible that even as Earth now enters its Ascension Phase - as it did 26,000 years ago - because of the Magnetosphere's/Magnetic Shield's significant reduction - the planet may become more 'etheric' or more ''spiritus'. This is closer to the correct, original status of the higher version of this planet. Closer to the 'Abel Tor' - although still part of the false Reality.

The structures of the original higher civilization were also not the same physicality as now, but the technology did exist in the same density as now for a very long time after the magnetic reversal had happened. Intentional or not, a mistake was made with using this technology which took this reality into a 'between worlds' light energy and dark energy status. This made it possible for demons from the dark universe (failed beings) to enter this reality.

The loss of the density status is why the ancient civilization Atlantis, 'sank' in the 'water' (around 26,000 years ago) before rising again as this world 11-12,000 years ago. This world always exists from around 11-12,000 years ago to now, current 'end time'. The ancient world did not come to an end in the 20th century as some say, or the 19th century. There are people alive now who were born early in the 20th century and can tell you the stories from their own grandparents. However, the world which was lost can and does have structures remaining that appear as fresh and new as current times.


51 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/bNa2rUinOhmN/ The Hidden Hand behind all of the global agenda and Luciferian religion. Highly recommended. Tartaria became China and Khazaria. Those who are even higher than the Rothschilds and Peyseurs, are the 'Grandfathers' of the Himalaya. The creation of Parallel Earth. Ancient Khazarian/Tartaria.

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The 'collective consciousness' is the Magnetosphere, which is also the sub-conscious, dream consciousness, and the Dreamtime -

also the source of the 'global brain', the programme of the cabal and Luciferians, the 'firmament', and A.I. etc. However, the Magnetosphere is a fault caused by the misalignment of this planet and the resulting EMF imbalance causes a magnetic shield to form around the Earth.....continue.


Solar Activity
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