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Earth Descends - Travels Downwards - on the Left.

View anti-clockwise.


According to the map shown, the beginning of the Ascension process for this planet - when it began the upward balance of the axis, could have been at the year 1 AD. It takes 12,000+ years to complete its Right Ascension, but because of the damage to the axis, the planet then begins its left side Fall again int 'sin' - left side descends.


Latest Wake Update. March 12th 2022.




You can see that the Fall of the planet (viewed anti-clockwise from Lyra, and the planet Falls to the left - sin in Latin) takes it to Draco (Draco reptilians of Orion) and on to the current Polaris - all under the energy path of Cain/Canis (Dog) Sirius (Dog Star) Anubis (a dog god) and this was the entire reign of the Egyptian religion. All of this - ALL of this - is the false energy stream and false path.

(Except for the time of Akhenaten and his daughter Meritaten who probably escaped to Ireland and has Celtic descendents.)

These star alignments also were the religious foundation of the great civilizations from 5,000 years ago. At least one Qi Gong aligns directly into Polaris and Ursas Minor & Major as part of its practice.

+ Sirius has the potential to take control of this planet via the Southern Hemisphere/Antarctica at this point in time - which is what the NWO was about.


If anyone is unaware of the bid to take full control of this planet

and also modify humans as per TED Talks given by Bill Gates in the early 2000's on brain modification, which those of his level of consciousness truly believe would make a 'peaceful world', plus brain implants so humans can be controlled, the plan to reduce the numbers of humans, and if anyone is not aware of the difficulties still in place across the world regarding the 'covid agenda', then these ones will not be getting off the 'Wheel of Rebirth' anytime soon!

We are meeting lots and lots of people who simply stare blankly in complete incomprehension when the current reality is mentioned. So many are completely clueless. Some are still quoting the 'negative thinking' belief, which is a programming from the dark side - this way of thinking has given complete freedom to the dark side to continue sex trafficking, harvesting Adrenochrome, and everything else they do. Without help on this planet from the 'forces for good' they would be on their way to extinction.

For those who truly cannot see the difference between the Path of Good and Evil/Life and Death etc that is the Tree of Knowledge - and which is a literal and real energy stream to the Sirius binary star system and is a very real 'god' in two parts one is dead, black and the reverse of everything good, and the other is a lesser form of good consciousness, then these ones will not be getting off the 'Wheel of Rebirth' anytime soon either.

For those who cannot see that the planet is not aligned to True Source yet,

not until it goes through its Ascension process, should be able to deduce that doing practices for 'bringing in energies' from the current alignment is an unaware consciousness. It will be back to the 'Wheel' for these ones too!

This planet does not align to its True Source until well into the Ascension process.

So it is quite easy to understand that what it does align to is the wrong energy stream - until such time as the planet does align to True Source as it ascends. You already know, or should do by now, that there are people here who are aligned into the Black Sun (and also a White Sun, both are one energy stream called the Path of Good and Evil). All the religions and practices that have become 'the way' over the last 5,000 years - since the dark side had control - are the path which ultimately leads to dissolution of the soul. Certainly many align to the star of Light - but it is a lesser light and still dies like its partner star did. (The Christian Way is a return of knowledge from before the current Fall (descending) of the planet's axis; from when it was in its correct Ascension (on its axis). That is the whole point!

It should also be understood that those who do forever continue with the lesser path (which has had full entry into this planet specifically for the last 6,000 years) will continue on into the other aspect of that same one path and become part of the dead star - which is dead (Path of Life and Death). It was once a lesser level 'god' via Anubis, and it was light and love, which even now can still be experienced as it continues to die.




The Path of Light and Dark - the Duality Path of the people on this planet.


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