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from the Agenda - which Plans a

Coup d'Etat After the US Election

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Prepare for a COUP d'ETAT in America

After the Nov. 3rd US Election


A hidden but available document details what the Democrats have planned to seize control of government.

National Pulse Show If this coup goes ahead the globalist elite will take control. Expose this before it happens.

WARNING: Democrat Data Firm Admits ‘Incredible’ Trump Landslide Will Be Flipped By Mail-In Votes Emerging A Week After Election Day

A TOP DEMOCRATIC DATA ANALYTICS FIRM BELIEVES PRESIDENT TRUMP WILL WIN ON ELECTION NIGHT BUT IN THE FOLLOWING DAYS MAIL-IN BALLOTS WILL TRICKLE IN TO REVERSE THE VICTORY IN FAVOR OF BIDEN...... which would lead to civil war. Which President will the military side with (especially given that many military generals, like Harvard professors, have been in deals wih the CCP.



General Milley urged to remove Trump ‘by force’ if he refuses to leave office

8 mins

Now the Democrat strategy is known, you can see where this instruction fits into the picture. It is fraud through the mail in votes. *See next news item for what their plan is.

Republicans taking this to the Supreme Court will have their case thrown out and then 'someone' is going to order the military to arrest the president. You have already seen that people like General Mattis work for a Chinese company. Many top military and Pentagon and intel agencies, are part of the Deep Swamp. Obviously 'they' expect supporters are going to react in a 'predictabale' way - if it gets to this. However, the current riots have exposed the Democrats. Trump has not brought in troops to the current riots as 'they' expected him to - so they could call him a dictator - and the people are not unaware of what is going on.

'They' - those funding the riots and the Democrats - plan to change the Constitution to accept the popular vote. Currently there are protective measures which ensure there is not a mob rule possibility. After that they plan to change the Constitiution to support the communist structured CCP model New Order.


We have commented for a while how strange it is that the Democrats seem to not be truly engaged in the Nov 3rd US election.

Their candidate for president is clearly suffering from the problems of aging, they are not bothering to campaign, they don't see a need to debate, they are trying to incite racial hatred and riots. Dem. mayors and governors are behaving in a bizarre unhinged manner, and they are going to refuse to concede defeat in the election, and they have a massive strategy in place for after the election - and clearly that is where they have something planned.

Drumming up emotions and hatred towards the person is playing a major part in the strategy.

But that is a brainwashing technique, and are emotional hatreds worth forfeiting your freedom and democracy for?


Crossroads, Brainwashing. Emotions over Logic. 6 mins.


'Tucker is the voice of reason in a worsening, chaotic world. The silent majority won't vote for bullies thugs and anarchists'.

35 mins.




Short article and 1 min. video.


Trump Supporter Shot Dead, Point Blank in a Targeted Hit in Portland.

The details of this were reported on The National Pulse TV - teams of antifa/blm use spotters to locate targets (Trump supporters) who is then isolated and in this case a man walked up and shot the target point bank then calmly walked away as did all the ohers who were present. Plus CCP participation in US riots and supply of weapons.


Revolver - Are Democrats Terrorists?

2 mins.



BBC is Leading the Charge Against British Culture: It Must Go. Time for the Government to Act.

Interestingly Boris Johnson said 'they are trying to restrain me from saying this...' Who are 'they' and the UK wants 'them' out.

6 mins.


Australia -

Andrews 'must go tonight' after horrible example of 'inexcusable powers': Jones

3 mins. Andrews has many deals with the CCP and this is what they think.

The Real Chinese/CCP View of Australians After Deals

'Dumb c..t Aussies'.

From the book 'Silent Invasion'.



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Are the Protests Treason?

The government is also looking into possible treasonous collaborations involving Google and other tech social platforms, Amazon,and Big Pharma which manufactures most of its products using slave labor in China and selling for massive profits. If legally proven to be undertaking treasonous collaboration with foreign powers any and all of these including those funding the protests could be charged with high treason. Who is funding those leading the protests? Those funders include big pharma.

John A. Stormer's 1964 book, “None Dare Call It Treason,” ......promulgated the notion that

American government and institutions were full of Communist sympathizers.


This was the first response to the major agenda upset which threatens the unfolding globalist agenda to this day.

Russiagate. "There Was No Russian Hack."


Bill Binney former NSA Director Makes His Case.

What the Democrats Did



This work is a specific Teaching of the Living Life Streams which for reasons that do become apparent as the understanding of this reality increase, do caution against some practices of eastern origin like some aspects of Oriental and Yogic/South Asian. As we now know what those aspects are, it can safely be said it does not mean you can't use Chinese herbs, use acupuncture and acupressure, or can't do most exercises of physical yoga or Chi kung and so on!

We do include or will be including, some of these types of exercises in the bizarre world of covid restrictions for something that has as many cases as the common cold and as little physical effect for most people. Another effect of what is in place now, is a looming food shorage, so it is good to be able to gather energy from the living light particles of a True Source Perpetual Generator of Eternal-Everlasing Life Energy Streams.



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Remember Gandhi and Peaceful Resistance.




Cultural Marxism - in contemporary usage, the term Cultural Marxism refers to a 'conspiracy theory' which claims that there is an ongoing academic and intellectual effort to undermine and destroy Western culture and values. From 2020 it is clear it is not a 'conspiracy theory' but real, because it is now happening.
Fascism (fash-ism. Fascistic is not a word, but if it was it would be pron fash-istic. The term is fascist.) Fascism is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, as well as strong regimentation of society and of the economy which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe.The governments of Engelbert Dollfuss in Austria and Adolf Hitler in Germany are examples of fascism. Spain under the rule of Francisco Franco, and Portugal when António de Oliveira Salazar was the head of the government.

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