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The 17th letter of the alphabet 'cue' is the Osiris path of the cult, but is being used to 'reverse the magic'.   4 mins. This is an inside team member.


Everything is okay. We don't listen to MSM so no idea what they are telling people.

The Christ Consciousness is coming.......This is the best intro page + short intro links below.


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Trump took the hard evidence gathered by the NSA, to the Davos 'Green Reset' Economic Forum and showed all that the US government had on them.

They were told they had to comply to answer or the information would be declassified. For this reason it can be assumed that they were told they had to continue with their plan for a virus, an economic collapse, forced vaccinations and covid death camps and depopulation - continue so that it would be shown to everyone - including those who are still asleep - what was really planned for them. Yes, they were going to kill most of us!

The play has now nearly reached its finale. For sure there appears to be news on the TV but this is actually the '10 days of darkness' but we are fortunate that we can report from the real reality behind the scenes to the movie still playing on TV. This page has some good stuff, as does the next page in the lead in to the big REVELATION. This undoubtedly will be a shock for many but does not require your sympathy or aid - they happily thought good people were bad and stupid and that they were smart and wise - and dismissed people as fools and beneath them.

'Covid-19' began as an agenda for something bad, which has been blocked and is now about something else. This is now the end game of a battle between good and unbelievable evil, but an evil that many on this planet would have allowed to happen! It shows how close these sleeping and often arrogant ones who dismissed real information, came to being in a death camp. This page covers some of what is happening during the time of 'covid lockdowns', the clear and obvious holograms of people, and in some cases body doubles, an ancient political totalitarian control ideology behind it, and an obvious danger inherent in taking a vaccine which is being shown to people as dangerous, who still line up to take the shot!
There are people who are not what they seem to be, and now a silence from a previously vocal Hollywood. Revelations of pedophilia and satanic rituals, Adrenchrome and child and baby trafficking. These are all linked to a secret society cult which has controlled the world's money and banks and had a long term plan to seize full control of the entire planet and involves all the players who in reality are linked to the Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, royalty - which is still part of the original aims of the Nazi plan.

The New World Order is the Nazi World Order of the 4th Reich.

* Trump and the 'cue' operation have been dismantling the 4th Reich.

* Hitler and Eva Braun left Berlin in the end days of WW2 and went to Argentina with their first daughter who was born in 1942.

* It was a withdrawal in order to continue the plan from Argentina and the Antarctica underground base at Neu Swabian. (See links above.) The information comes from Navy intel.

* As mentioned, former Obama Sec. of State John Kerry visited the Antarctic Base on the day of the 2016 election, and Prince Harry visited there at a separate time. (See links above.)

* Hitler and Eva had 3 more daughters all born in the 1950's, one of whom is Angela Merkel.

* Hitler was the illegitimate son of the man who employed his mother in Austria, who was a Rothschild.

* Hitler's first daughter, Ann, married a man named Barack Obama sr in Kenya, while secretly already pregnant by a man who founded an Indonesian cult, Mohammed Subud, known as Bapak. When she discovered Obama was already married she moved to Indonesia and married a man named Soetoro. Some sources say she went to Iran before going to Indonesia, and that is where her son was born. Private family photos show the baby, then the young Obama with his mother.

* Obama's aunt was Angela Merkel.

Beneath the Auschwitz prison camp where many people were murdered in WW2 the tunnel system was in the pattern of the star system Orion

and the people killed there were the sacrifice. Orion is part of the Osiris path, the same Orion that many in the Osirus preparation was used for initiations - which means to create energy ties into.

* Had Trump not won the 2016 US election the plan had been to a have continuous line of cult owned Presidents from the time of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, 8 years of Obama, 8 years of Hillary, followed by 8 years of 'Michelle' Obama.

* The issue of election fraud/treason has to be resolved with total victory even if it has to go to a Military Tribunal.

* The change of DNA into a silicon/quartz type lifeform was the Osiris plan. Silicon is the dead form of a machine - silicon is sand. It was the intention to change biological form to a machine by way of the forced vaccinations. The silicon form represents the Osiris story - which is the cult's literal religion.

It represented the rebirth of the slain Osiris which his mother Isis (Sirius) reassembled the 14 body parts of, except the phallus which was made from silicon and so on......the beliefs are unhinged and bonkers - they planned to change humans into machines because of this.


"The Grande Finale"

* Had Hillary become president in 2016 there was to be a nuclear bomb attack on Seattle, a false flag supposedly launched from a North Korean sub.

* Insider code meaning of 11: 11 means 'we are going to war'.

* Clones usually last a few months then have to be replaced. Sometimes as they get to their use by date, they jumble words, but they also clearly outline the realities of the fraud and their depopulation plan, or say obviously unacceptable things - as part of the process for people to actually wake up.

* Bill Clinton was the son of Winthrop Rockerfeller.

* New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has several books in stores as a potential candidate for a future presidency. A lot of people like Cuoma - but perhaps they should see the video with his nipple clamps on as he participates in a pedophile sacrifice ritual. They pretend to be decent people and successfully manage to fool many people.

* The cult was going to introduce pedophila as a lifestyle choice.

* The cabal still controls the Antactica underground base/city.

* Additional prison camps being used include prison ships, and another facility being used now Gitmo is full, is the Azores. This is a group of isolated islands in the southern Atlantic region. However, there is a turnover of places that come available because of the military trial sentences.

* Guantanamo Bay prison is full. Other military prisons have to be used, and high profile arrestees are kept in Greenland. There are over 255,000 sealed indictments for worldwide and each indictment can have up to 100 names. That's a lot of arrests and a lot of trials.

The serving of indictments has been paused for 10 days between 14th to 24th and all US military and troops used for 'vaccine delivery' are now deployed for issues of lingering CCP infiltration and also the western states planned to secede.

* In the US they are literally showing that Biden is a hologram,

and if people woke up they would hear that these characters are saying stupid and damning things.

* It is reported that Bill and Melinda Gates both died some years ago. They had administered their vaccines in India to some 35,000 children and young people many of whom died or developed paralysis and serious illness. The locals attacked them and hanged them.

The Gates vaccine was to kill 2 billion western people for the cult's unhinged depopulation agenda. These characters still appear on the TV screens as cgi's, because of their part in the RESET and all of what is playing out now as 'news' is theatre for those who have blindly accepted what they have been told by TV and media, and have not yet woken up. Very soon they are going to learn that there is no Biden presidency - and there is no Biden.

* You know about the pedophiles and satanic sacrificial rituals of the unhinged, sick cult which has been running this world during the planet's Fall phase.

It has been said that some kind of harmless 'vaccine' may be needed for people who really believe covid was bad, even though they could have easily checked the stats and seen that covid is not harmful for 99.99% of people.

The trusting non-questioning masses which make up most of the world population would happily line up to take the vaccine - and be dead within one month, or for some, turned into a DNA altered cyborg. That is how the cult knew it could control humans, and that mindset also allowed them to continue with child trafficking, pedophilia, ritual satanic sacrifice and cannibalism.

There is no Biden and no Hillary, also much of Hollywood and world celebrities are no more. However, it has been asked that information is not given out at this time.

* Lovely listening to and watching General Flynn. This is the type of person who makes up an ascended world.

9mins Discusses what Hillary would have introduced keeping in mind that the cult people literally eat foetuses, and certain practices which are part of their - the Osirus 'god' - 'lifestyle'. This is a breakaway church perspective and General Flynn's faith.

* The Space Force is to be renamed, and will now be known as the Guardians.

* If you don't know about the satanic practices of the horrors who made up the Hollywood stars, I have seen some film of 'comedian' Will Ferrell playing out some of this stuff - and it is chilling. I also saw stills of Hillary on adenochrome clearly after having done something dreadful (but I would not choose to watch any of what actually took place).

* In the Osirus preparation, a well known fast food chain included a percentage of human meat in the burgers.

* The British royal family served as useful to represent a standard of decency - and British tax payers paid for that standard. Elizabeth's sister Margaret had a lifestyle that was financed by the British public and to call a spade a spade to make this point, Margaret was a useless, partying slut - whose lifestyle the people financed! Their mother, the wife of George V1 looked like anyone's sweet grandma, yet apparently she was the most ferocious monster when on the adenochrome.

* The 'senior royals' - Charles and Camilla rank highest after Elizabeth, then William and Kate, also George, Charlotte and Louis all rank higher.

* The singer Madonna was related to currently under house arrest Ellen Degeneres - a Rothschild. The guest appearance of Madonna at the 2019 Eurovision (added onto the witches page) was a satanic ritual although people thought it was a stage show. The adoring audience really demonstrates how brainwashed people generally are.





"How do you 'show' the public the truth?

How do you 'safeguard' US elections post-POTUS?

How do you 'remove' foreign interference and corruption......?

It had to be this way.

Sometimes you must walk through the darkness before you see the light."



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The 'Spiritual War' is Automatically Already Won.

A great Wake Up is now happening - and it is good.

* Although we report the current unfolding news of the movie and the Best is Yet to Come, our 'job' is to tell you about the righteous path off the cycle - which does still continue. The planet does Fall again! (then rise, then fall, then rise., then fall....)


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