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Updates - for early Sept. 2021.

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"Government Serves & Represents the people, not Rules them."



Australia and Canada are to Become Part of the New 'Republic of the United States of America'.

The removal of the PM's of these countries soon, is possibly reported because both countries have upcoming elections. Canada late September and Australia before May 2022 probably January. Presumably the voting machines will be used. Ultimately, this is part of the dismantling of the Commonwealth facet of the overall Davos Reset. UK to become part of the Republic of the USA too!

Once Europe was teeming with people who had been part of a 'sorceror empire' in the east. There were vampires (satanists who drank blood) and there were witches. When people first went to the Americas they were strongly aware of witches - as with Salem. People were escaping from the rule of these kinds of beings, so they became more hidden and discreet forming many Secret Orders like Palladins, Templars, Assassins, various Brotherhoods, and Societies whereby they could carry out their plans while appearing to be normal, even genteel level humans.

Aust. NSW's Chief Medical Officer Announces the New World Order.

30 seconds. https://www.bitchute.com/video/VtYhwxfOhtK0/ So, they do know what they are doing this for.


PANDEMIC DEPOPULATION PLAYBOOK: OPERATION LOCKSTEP https://realnewsuk.com/2021/Rockefeller.pdf

DECLARATION OF THE PEOPLE a 'How To' Guide for Everyone - new document for how the people can take action against the enemy:



US on DEFCON 2 alert.

(Upgraded before the weather attack occured.) Defcon 2 is the second highest condition level, with only alert level 1 being higher than Fast Pace. The alert status may be changed to Defcon 2 after intelligence findings indicate a risk for an impending attack, such as the case in the Cuban missile crisis in 1962.


Is Biden on the way to a 25th Amendment step down from office?

However, Kamala VP does not have the birth requirements to be president, which presents a consitutional crisis, but Nancy does!


Additional Related Topics.

New Covid Rules:'Try to Stay in the Same Spot in the House'.

Covid doctor speaking on CNN!


In the next few days the book 'Peril' will be released on Gen. Milley's fears that Trump may 'go rogue'. Also the Gavin Newsom Recall election in California, and Canada's Sept. 20th election - presumably using the vote machines. The British royals are news again with a summons to Andrew, and a doco on Diana to be shown in October likely to reveal a few points of interest. Many celebrities, actors, pop stars and sports stars, are fading from the news with new people becoming new stars and smoothly replacing them.




THE STORY OF ALLY CARTER - PART 1 https://www.bitchute.com/video/PTM3GR4lsEAd/ 44 mins. Mentions Joe being there, and many Hollywood celebs.

'60 Minutes Australia' 'Theresa's Story'

https://www.bitchute.com/video/HNpfsLYuCCcW/    - 24 mins.


There has been high - but not the highest level - Solar Activity/CME's

hitting Earth. M-class flares late August to early September. The highest level is X-class. * The solar CME activity for 2011/2012 is still up on the solar page. Incoming solar forces are important. This work was very activated during that time, and 2003 was our activation date.


Of interest. Origin Realm of 'astral entities', checkerboard, Masonic 'Order of Jesters', digital codes? 24 minutes - https://www.bitchute.com/video/yhzMcxhMim4l/ 

Reliable 2020 Election Numbers.

Source reports (Dr Charlie) that the 2020 election result was 80 million for Trump and 10 million for Biden. However, the number who voted may have been up to 150 million. "They expect up to 150 million people could cast their ballot next month, besting the 2016 turnout of 138 million." Other sources have reported that 68 million voted for Biden (and that Trump may have won every State.) If nearly 150 million did vote then the second report is more accurate.

As 'black hat' US military left all the military gear intact in Kabul, including spy planes - are the CCP going in soon to 'assist in Afghanistan'? There are still people who think the NWO is in charge so are still playing their parts - like the premiers and medical chiefs in Australia etc.

BRITISH ROYALS: Those concerned about Harry's genetics, he was born in 1984. The Hewitt affair began after he and Diana met in 1986. (And William was conceived during Charles & Diana's honeymoon.) Duchess Kate's Brothers Wedding. 'Kate Middleton has not been seen in public for over 60 days' but attended her brother's Sept. 11th wedding in France.

Reports: Biden owns a company with the CCP which provides lithium obtained from Afghanistan, used for the electric cars people will be forced to buy - for the remaining population of 500,000,000 so not great sales expectations for these electric cars! Current storms focussed on Texas (oil fields) to force petrol prices up.

CANADA: TRUDEAU PAYS OUT 61 MILLION IN BRIBE MONEY TO 1500 NEWS MEDIA COMPANIES TO SECURE 2021 ELECTION on September 20. 13 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/phr7tQohOQKO/

The List from rebelInvestigates.com https://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/therebel/pages/54198/attachments/original/1631570998/Pages_1-5_from_Heritage_A-2021-00149__Media_Fund_Recipients_watermarked-4.pdf?1631570998

* Things might be quiet now but you can guarantee that the Newsom Recall result will be in the mix of 'reveals' when it all starts to unravel. Plus it is no accident that Gen.Milley's actions are in the news now, and that will be in the mix too! Also threats apparently from Nth Korea which may be a bit scary, some terrorist activity, a massive GDP downturn, Durham is back, guaranteed the 2020 election audits will headline, and 'watch the water'.

* Yellen says 'The US could run out of money in October'. This is also the anniversary of the sub-prime mortgages collapse which could have destroyed the world economy in Sept. 2008. Therefore, the timing is right, right now, for things to begin.

IT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN 1 min. https://www.bitchute.com/video/N0MuKr46quLz/ Strange preparations for a small rally in DC Saturday - or is it for something else? All of the things happening now indicate an intro to what everyone has been waiting for....

The American Constitution was signed in 1787 on Sept. 17th - of interest now to the Republic of the United States's newly acquired territories - the UK, Australia, Canada and presumably New Zealand.

New $15 million 'media centre' built at Gitmo - 'the spa'. Plus new courtoom and a new hospital for geriatrics. Durham indicts Hillary's attorney Sussmann - many tentacles link to many names.

The impending decertification of the 2020 election,

'violence' set up for the Freedom Day Rally in DC, weather war, Newsom Recall vote fraud possibility - voters are turning up to vote and being told they have already voted - new book 'Peril' on Gen. Milley's discussion with his CCP counterpart against Trump 'possibly using nuclear weapons'.........

The first intended attempt for the 'End Time' was the ARAB SPRING which took off in 2011.

In 2011 the traitors in that intended, or first phase, of a world coup announced who they were, as the people blindly obeyed what had been set in motion. On TV, Obama, McCain, Hillary, Ban Ki Moon and many more, confidently supported the 'people' bringing down their governments. Had all the intended countries fallen, the later introduction of 'covid' would have been easier.

The 'white hat' operation did not begin in 2017. In the years following 2011, a number of 'satanic agenda' components were also thwarted - such as Obama's intended 'crossed red line' invasion of Syria, and a big one - Hillary for president didn't happen! Some of these miracles were very much like the 'hand of God' stepping in.

107 : On What is Going To Happen in the Next Few Weeks.

1 hr 11 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/3oWB7cg3UJxV/ The beginning of the full release....

The DANGERS of PANICING, in a Hospital or 'Service' Situation.

In the case of the death of 'Truth Patriot' Robert David Steele, he decided to go to hospital and then his clearly expressed wishes for how he wanted to be treated - written and verbally recorded - were overridden by a family member. He was overly 'assertive' which was taken by hospital staff to be aggressive, and for that reason he was sedated.

The misinterpretation of 'panic', anxiety, and 'trauma' by current one dimensional woke thinking is a PROBLEM, evident in heavily 'trained' (indoctrinated) people who take this kind of response to be 'aggression'. It is a very significant problem, and something to be aware of if you find yourself in a panic situation of this kind. His wishes were then overridden by the family member - who would have been strongly pressured by hospital staff ( this pressuring is a problem others have experienced in a variety of hospital situations.) He was in the vulnerable age group, not particularly healthy, overweight, and he was put on a ventilator - indoctrinated hospital protocol - which is almost always fatal. The NUREMBERG Code .

The covid jab is the "Delta Variant"

which began in India. The next 'variant' is the new "MU Variant" mostly in Latino countries, and another 'jab/variant' is being monitored in Africa. Variants differ in different countries and appear to target different ethnic groups. The jab creates an attack by variants. However, as much as possible, the jabs were changed to saline solution so the numbers will not lead to variants going out of control. (One report also suggest that 5G units may have some parts labelled 'Delta' and there is a component called covid-19).

+ As the CDC confirmed the covid tests cannot detect covid several weeks ago, How are Asian countries, Australia and NZ, able to report so many, or any, 'Covid Cases'? Vaccine has NOT been cleared by FDA. If you refused the jab don't give up your job, make them fire you - there will be law suits happening soon.

Pfizer is using agreeing to provide the 'kill shots' to countries under guarantee by law that the country provides its sovereign assets as collateral - including military bases, embassy buildings etc. Jab takes 6-8 weeks to begin producing spike proteins. Pine Needle Tea said to offset that, maybe high antioxidants easier to obtain, like Pine Bark.

Amazon web services updated Terms includes a clause for the reanimation of dead bodies - zombies - who will seek to consume human bodies and body organs.

'GEN. MARK MILLEY COMMITS TREASON'. "Trump calls for arrest of Gen. Milley."

'Weather war' hurricanes - rain bombs - currently building & raging across the US. Blackouts apparently possible by Oct. 11th - mid Oct. would appear to be due to storms. A lot should be expected by mid-October.

DC rally 'World Freedom Day' Sept. 18th weekend - expects Jan 6th 'rebellion' responses. McAfee 'dead man's switch' about to be activated.

Chlorine dioxide

Chlorine dioxide is a safe substance, which is taken internally and smells like bleach but isn't the same thing. It can safely be taken internally and will kill all flu and covid types bugs. Also good to clear cold-like infections CBD - Cannabidiol (CBD) oil has a high concentration of cannabidiol, while cannabis oil contains both CBD and THC. CBD oil is created by extracting CBD from either the cannabis or hemp plant and then diluting it with a carrier oil like coconut or hemp seed oil. CBD does not produce a euphoric “high” or psychoactive effect because it doesn’t affect the same receptors as THC. "Miracle Mineral Solutions".

Pine Needle solutions reported to remove the 'spike protein'.

Sources also recommend Curcumin (anti-inflammatory) Quercetin, and Black Seed in response to effects from the jab. If you have serious lung infection issues with fluid on the lungs, you may benefit from the medically prescribed diuretic Lasix. This is mentioned only for information purposes, as this medicine is used for heart issues with fluid build up in the lungs.

If you are experiencing a serious developing lung infection, even in the early stages, it is important to treat it within the FIRST 5 DAYS. This can be with Rhinocorte nasal spray, or if early enough, even with a salt nasal spray. Coronavirus is killed simply with hand washing which shows that the early stages can be handled, if dealt with immediately. The real danger is once you go to hospital and are put on the protocols and ventilators which appear to be fatal.

Release of the McAfee information.

It appears that something really big - something which will make the world stop and take notice - is about to happen soon (over the next few weeks and months). This is related to the release of the McAfee information and will be shocking. This release started a while back with blockchain info etc but was somewhat technical.

US now on DEFCON 2 alert.

(Upgraded before the weather attack occured.) Defcon 2 is the second highest condition level, with only alert level 1 being higher than Fast Pace. The alert status may be changed to Defcon 2 after intelligence findings indicate a risk for an impending attack, such as the case in the Cuban missile crisis in 1962.


10 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/wBzLjd2bNXKk/


5 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/6yf0elRgEHaX/ *'What You Can Do to Fight This'- Declaration further down.

DR. LUCY MORGAN FILMED CRISIS ACTORS FOR NEW SOUTH WALES HEALTH [2021-08-25] .. 2 mins https://www.bitchute.com/video/IHJ9ajdcTaBh/

2 mins : A MILITARY READINESS WARNING : MANY US MILITARY ARE DISOBEYING "UNLAWFUL" ORDERS. https://www.bitchute.com/video/NxtudwZgv3co/ military now disabled.

Crypto currencies are controlled by the cabal and run from the CCP underground servers.


CONTROLLED DEMOLITION BROUGHT DOWN THE TOWERS 12 min doco https://www.bitchute.com/video/d7c6uGmbpYCG/

'Weather War' being waged -

hitting New York State, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and other eastern states. More talk on the Agenda 21-30's plan for 'Resilient Cities'. It was a 'Black Hat' attack but averted from being much, much worse by the 'White Hats'.

US military equipment including about 15 spy planes, was left intentionally in Afghanistan for the CCP to reverse engineer, so they can counter them.

* It would make no sense at all for JFK jnr to appear before things have become exposed.

* Report : Under the 'Republic of the USA' PM's Trudeau of Canada, and Scott Morrison of Australia, to be taken down soon. For the Queen when her passing is announced, it is the long known op called Operation Londonbridge. Not sure if Charles is still around, but reports are he has been worse than Andrew.

* Australian Gestapo Agents will face Nuremberg type Trials.

Given the Recent 'Weather War' Attacks

it could be interesting to review the ancient history from Plato, on Atlantis and an ancient war which included an EMP attack and flooding etc which is a repeating story of this reality. The 11,000 BC Project. Ancient Weather War.


51 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/bNa2rUinOhmN/ The Hidden Hand behind all of the global agenda and Luciferian religion. Highly recommended. Tartaria became China and Khazaria. Those who are even higher than the Rothschilds and Peyseurs, are the 'Grandfathers' of the Himalaya.

The creation of Parallel Earth.

Ancient Khazarian/Tartaria.

Based on the interesting content of the video above, the book 'Tartar Treachery' may be of interest.

Given the recent 'Weather War' attack on the US,

it could be interesting to review the ancient history from Plato, on Atlantis and an ancient war which included an EMP attack and flooding etc which is a repeating story of this reality. The 11,000 BC Project. Ancient Weather War.


1 min. https://www.bitchute.com/video/y05IsuqgGzKk/ and

 https://www.bitchute.com/video/Dss18zlYdyCc/ 13 mins. Canada, UK, NZ, Australia.

JABBED AUSTRALIAN PARLIAMENT MEMBER WHO IS PUSHING FOR VAX PASSPORT HAS COME DOWN WITH BELLS PALSY! This has affected his right side, but the droopy eye shown in the clip is on the left.


4 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/PESI6z6KyfON/

New Covid Rules:'Try to Stay in the Same Spot in the House'.

Covid doctor speaking on CNN!

Symbols of cabal control

- include the stupid ferris wheels, same as the EU flag and 'Wheel of Rebirth'. Guess that does not look good for Singapore?

Countries Still Gestapo/Stasi-ing, Presumed to be those Controlled (Bought and Paid for) by the Cabal-China-CCP.

This is New Zealand, Australia - where quarantine camps are now being established in Queensland - Canada, Ireland, and most Asian countries, owned by the cabal-CCP.

Some Vaccines have been Switched to 'Saline Solutions'.

This has been undertaken by the military, including 'vaccines' sent to other countries and - we would assume - also refers to countries which are 'white hat' allies and also produced 'vaccines'. This does not mean all vaccines have been switched so it is still 'Russian Roulette'. This information is believed to be correct. (Until ingredients in the jab are fully provided to the FDA and made known, people still need to avoid the jab.)

This work expects to see very real crises developing in September

- with the Biden 'presidency', terrorist issues because of Afghanistan, and that Biden has bankrupted the USA - which will affect the world currency. It will appear to be rough and dire. However, the cabal country corporations are already bankrupt, and a new quantum system is already in place and ready to replace everything. The election fraud issues are known and proveable.

Useful Info from 107 on the Demon's Reason for Depopulation of Humans.

1 hr. https://www.bitchute.com/video/kfe5oNks5ROP

Are Celebrities and other Public Figures Really Stupid Enough to Think People Don't Want the Vaccine Because it Might Hurt? 24 minutes Celebrities Recommending the Vaccine. https://www.bitchute.com/video/0Gr7szS4XW9I/

FDA has not approved the Pfizer vaccine for Covid - it is 'subject to...' - they have to publish exactly what is in the vaccine.

They have to provide this information within 2 weeks of any announcement of the 'approval' on Monday, August 23rd

The TV programme 'The Good Fight' seems to be showing that the people can start up their own Common Law Courts. It does seem to be anti-Trump, but we will have to see. Also the film (2020) 'Irresistible' is a source of useful information, and 'Official Secrets'. Lots of 'reveals' coming out through movies and TV programming!

Is Biden on the way to a 25th Amendment step down from office?

However, Kamala VP does not have the birth requirements to be president, which presents a consitutional crisis, but Nancy does!

Is There a Covid Virus?

We follow what the doctors say - the doctors who speak out independently - that there is a virus which is benign for over 99.9% of the people. Those it does affect can be affected badly. The lady from the Netherlands who produced the 'Fall of the Cabal' video series, is recovering from the virus. A personal story is that in 2019 I had something that would qualify as being covid. It was airbourne and I literally felt it enter my body. It started as a fairly normal cold but it did spread and hang on, and also I was physically sick with it (vomited). It was notable and memorable, and lasted about 3 weeks.

Non compliance advice -

UK: VACCINE PASSPORT EXEMPTION 1 minute : https://www.bitchute.com/video/HnUIAsmQLUlR/

'Get them to sign if giving the vaccine'. https://www.bitchute.com/video/D9Isb6FBPCco/ 1 min. The NUREMBERG Code also new video on your legal and medical rights on Vaccine info page.

HOW DOES CDC ALREADY KNOW KIDS ARE GOING TO BE PARALYZED IN NEXT 4 MONTHS? 19 mins- or first 5 - 10 mins okay. https://www.bitchute.com/video/4YLLV5H1xaGi/

'Absolute Proof Beijing Stole the 2020 US Election'. https://www.bitchute.com/video/AaCD0xX2yAaB/ The source of this requests you please share this video. 2 hour show.

The world's money has been under the control of the 'Grandfathers' in the Himalaya behind Triads etc and the cabal.

'It Looks Like We've Been Conned' - Say Germany & Mexico.

So officially they know the PCR tests basically register the Common Cold.

Official - PCR Tests are inaccurate.

The CDC now recognizes that the PCR tests cannot tell the difference between the usual 'flu and so called covid-19.

Reliable, factual journalism sources include :

UK Column ... https://www.ukcolumn.org ... National Pulse... https://thenationalpulse.com/ ... Crossroads... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG8yy4W8nBbTle9YSpCqXeg/videos ... https://rumble.com/c/Crossroad ...Crossroads News website https://news.ntd.com/crossroads



August News

UK News

Information, film, audio, documents, and photos from Hunter (Joe's son) Biden's laptop.


Vaccine info page.


Graphene Oxide - in the jab. 1 min.



Democrat Strategy to 'Steal the Election' - A Coup d'etat - copy of the document.


Solar Activity

Intro to The the Dark Plan Named Covid.

More new content on the Introduction to the Living Source .

A War, Very Like Today's World, Happened on this Planet in Ancient Times :

The 11,000 BC Project. ... . Ancient Weather War. ... . Ancient Khazarian/Tartaria. ... . Ancient War


Other Video and Link Reveals for Sept.2021 :

TARTARIAN EMPIRE - MISSING LINK TO THE GLOBALIST TREACHERY. 51 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/bNa2rUinOhmN/ The Hidden Hand behind all of the global agenda and Luciferian religion. Highly recommended. Tartaria became China and Khazaria.

THE KNIGHTS OF MALTA . https://www.bitchute.com/video/2xZOTKQvwLHt/ start at 10 mins. end at 40 mins - may be a little bit arm waving Christian but has useful info. The person who trained me in Reiki was a Knight of Malta. *There is no connection between Isis and the name of the Muslim God.

ORDER OF PALADINS - mentioned above - is a Wiccan Order of Knighthood. 'We embrace the concept of chivalry and focus on. empowerment, creative expression and effective magick'. A Luciferian Order - Also Rosicrucians - Golden Dawn etc. The Georgia Guidestones associated with all secret and wiccan orders aim for the world population to reduce to 500,000,000.


The 'collective consciousness' is the Magnetosphere, the Dreamtime -

also the source of the 'global brain', the programme of the cabal and Luciferians, the 'firmament', and source of the astral beings. However, the Magnetosphere is a fault caused by the misalignment of this planet away from True Source. The EMF imbalance causes a magnetic shield to form around the Earth.

* The end times war has happened before. Those who are the 'chidren of Cain', can only work from the programme. The programme is in the Magnetosphere (collective consciousness aka sub-conscious mind, and Dreamtime.)

* If you are trying to convince people about the very real Depopulation Agenda and you quote sources whose other works are about being born from some kind of ET alien and so on, then people are very likely to disregard it as a non-credible source.

* The Astral World - world of the stars in the night skies - is 4th Realm and part of the Lower Universe (polarity reversed.).

* Those who are in contact with space aliens, specifically from 'other planets', or plant spirit devas etc, are contacting the Lower Universe (magnetic reverse) which gained access to this world.


If you are trying to inform deeply asleep and skeptical people :

* Dr. Mike Yeadon

New video. Good quality, professional information https://www.bitchute.com/video/IT750G80u45B/ 20 mins. These innoculations are not vaccines. The conditions of 'Emergency Use' mean there must be an actual emergency - and there isn't. RECOMMENDED to PASS ON this video. Plenty of easy treatments exist and existed to treat this cold/flu - Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine - and the virus is killed by SOAP. * We have not been anti-vaxxers but consider the anti-vax community were ahead of the game in what was going to be different about the future 'vaccines' - mRNA masquerading as a vaccine.
Dr. Mike Yeadon is a very credible source of information as he is a medical doctor, and is specifically qualified in many areas including the development of vaccines and as a former Vice President of Pfizer.

Dr Sherri Tenpenny

Excellent provider of anti jab info but she is not a vaccine professional or medical doctor and that means the (corrupt) authorities and skeptical people will not accept her warnings.
Unless there is information that says differently - Bio : Tenpenny graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toledo in 1980 and received a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree from the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in Missouri in 1984. From 1986 to 1998, Tenpenny was the director of the emergency department at Blanchard Valley Hospital in Findlay, Ohio. She opened an osteopathic practice in 1994 and went on to establish two more practices in 1996 and 2011.


Interesting sources of info:

'Cirstenw' can provide good info but it is often presented in a careless way, which leads to comments. She is a female in her 60's. Last video presentation (we saw) had no sound for much of the beginning yet that was uploaded as part of the video. No apology for it. In another clip and she was off taking a phone call which everyone could hear over the clip. However, she can have very good sources of intel.

Sources not used.

We have to make choices about videos included on this website. We found that videos which only have a person ranting their own opinion, or someone saying 'you are an idiot' if you don't believe what they are saying, and the videos who have someone shouting over a politician who is not given a chance to answer, expose nothing and are not useful sources of information.

Also, there are sources which although they may have good intel, this website cannot use them because they are promoting some 'wrong teachings'. As you know, this work has some specific information - and it is already hard enough to get this across! This is the reason for the existence of this website - so obviously there are issues if we promoted these things. Many of these are actually Marxist consciousness and woke. We prefer not to use videos with high levels of swearing or other bad behaviour.

There are also sources which may have good information but they are eating during it, and you can hear them! It is revolting and makes their info less appealing.


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