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NEW Current Updates - January 2022.

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* Time of the 'Revelation'.

The 'End Time' was 2021 not 2012.

News items added are not necessarily in sequence.

***While we all wait to get through the agenda playing out, and for the planet to change to its Ascending Phase, we do our best to report from credible, reliable NEWS sources so that the reader has an idea of what is happening - which is not what is being said on mainstream news because msm is a necessary part of the agenda. Our work is not about reporting News. Our actual job explains the reality of this planet and how to return to True Source. *Wake Update January 2022. The Great Work



Once 'Truth Social' begins Feb. 21st

the world should start getting the truth via the media. Means the real story should begin to become known. Generally we are all waiting for the 'white hats' reset to be announced officially and the truth exposed, but as for dates, no-one has been correct. Other than it will be in 'God's timing'. All people involved as public figures in this unfolding story, currently appear to be at each others throats. The 'alt media is struggling to find material for their shows. A war does appear to be looming with Russia and the Ukraine and whoever is on the side of Ukraine and its Khazarian mafia.

Although the satanic depolutaion agenda may have been slated for 2025, by that time the planet would have been entering the Black Hole which was fully aligned during 2021 and was being aided into that 'portal' via the bases in Antarctica. That has not happened.

What do you think would be a force, evil enough to be a 'force of darkness' that is all about death? Its not just a bunch of bad people, it is an existence which these people have as their consciousness control. And yes, they think this is love and is god, just as those attuned to the remaining living star think that is god. A dark force, and the planet happens to be passing near a black hole that is 'incredibly close' - hmmm, let me think............

Interesting reality that the world of density which is this planet, is not actually the real planet. The real planet is the etheric world that was the original planet, the physical part fell here later. The physical world in which people live in physical bodies, is on the Cycle of the Ages aka the wobble which is the 'Wheel of Rebirth' and it exists because the physical density realm is caught between two forces, one of light and one of dark but both of a lower level star system Sirius. The real planet is etheric (higher, faster spinning & non-physical) and the realm of the Higher Beings and fully aligned to Eternal Life. If you do not know this and change consciousness to True God Source, then you keep returning via reincarnation, on the 'Wheel of Rebirth' - until it goes into dissolution.

*This story of remaining on the 'wheel' has gone for all the previous cycles. The response always repeats. Celebrations that the dark ones have been removed, panic when it was discovered, but as soon as it switched, the people went back to exactly the same as before, which includes the spirit coms.

Being followers of the 'Lesser Light' (Sirius) is the one thing that people miss. For many that is god, but if they persist, it will still eventually come to an end. It also may be what ultimately identifies those whose 'Names are in the Book of Life' and those who are part of the 'Book of the Dead'. Also the dead star that David Icke travelled to in his astral body (the soul body would never be anywhere near that realm) and that he described as 'love'.

There is a change of 'leadership' on this planet from the Dark Star to the Light Star. Clearly it will be great, and we support it of course. However, this work teaches of the spiritual path out of this 'false reality' and back to True Eternal Source - where there is not 'technology' which is part of the 'Path of Knowledge & Intellect' - the Sirius level (lesser light) aka 4th Realm Mind. This is all part of the 'Wheel of Rebirth'. The cycle of this reality switches to the Light, to the bringer of light, or light bearer - which also ID's Lucifer.

Why is it that people place so much credence on 'predictions' from psychics? Do we - living, thinking humans - create the reality here, or do some nebulous figures in another realm tell us what is happening? Or are most people still playing out a long gone story? Do these psychics tap into the 'magnetic tape' data base (story, but also the matrix) - eg the first time there was a WW3. The density planet-reality that exists here as a 'story' is a world that existed and exploded millions of years ago - guess they have a chance to choose True Source - but they don't, they always choose Sirius aka the same story that is the matrix.

Do some of the psychics already have what used to be called implants through which they are given info from the military? (Yet are themselves still in awe of so called 'coms from spirit realms', because it certainly is seen as some kind of superiority.) Do these spirit coms and predictions work successfully as diversions while real world stuff is being done?

How could 'cirstenw' have boarded a 'plane from Florida to California when she was clearly sick with some kind of 'flu? No-one is allowed to fly, or travel on any public transportation in the 'covid age' in the US. The current 'intel' on this is a joke. Reported by Scott McKay as from a 'source he respects' (a female who credits herself as a 'real journalist') who in her presentation of the 'intel' manages to link Cirsten's family name of Wong to the dragon elite family of Li - one of the 12 families who owned the world - and she does so by saying 'she is a Wong who is probably related to the Li's'. A very tenuous link indeed. Thereafter the 'intel' continues as if that link is a fact, quoting from her 'intel source' who turns out to be a psychic. For sure, this 'real journalist' source is 'credible'! This is an example of some of the stuff presented as news and 'intel'.

At the beginning of this covid agenda, fearful people went to hospitals with a 'flu, or a cold, but were injected with something to 'help' and that is when the same thing that is happening with jabbed, happened to those people - so it looked like the symptoms which resulted from this were 'the virus'.

The '3 Pillars of Evil' are the Vatican, City of London & Buckingham Palace, and Washington DC and the White House. There have been explosions reported (and filmed) on the 3rd floor of the White House. It looks like these places are being used for military tribunals.

additions below, from Jan. 23rd. JUAN: LAW OF WAR: "ATTACKING FORCES" HAD 1 YEAR TO SELF-IDENTIFY - MILITARY CAN NOW ACT ON U.S. SOIL 8 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/1dYe1m6yEn2a/ (dated Jan. 19th).

Now of course, we see people in droves who think that Trump is the 'saviour', also now Melania is a secret descendent of the Romanovs, the Russian royal family who were murdered in the Russian Revolution. We are also now told that people like Lady Gaga have been doing all their satanic stuff for maybe 15 years all just "to show us what is happening" - even though people like this were safely doing their satanic stuff when the dark side thought they had no opposition and they were on target for their win. None of this was Trump's plan! He was asked to do it by the military because he was a great distraction. He is also going to make a massive amount of money out of it with businesses like his Trump Truth Social set to begin on 21-2-22.

There are the obvious satanic cults dedicated to the Dark Star (Sirius B) like Freemasons and 'Mothers of Darkness' etc, but they also have the Light Star cults (Sirius A) - and both are the Path of Life & Death. The technology which caused the original Fall (towards Wormwood) could have been from the Light Star energy as much as the Dark Star energy. The Light Star cults would appear to produce the nom du jour 'Ashtar Command' which was going strong in the '80's but as a navy project. *Black Hole/Wormwood is still spitting frequencies unfortunately.


14 minutes. https://www.bitchute.com/video/WCc5oy7qTTQN/ Watch with CAUTION. Some revolting things. 'Some of the revolting actors who initially appear to be quite clean cut, include Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, and for some reason Jennifer Aniston does love to show this side of herself, and Kylie Minogue is one heck of a slut.'

WHY GOOD PEOPLE OBEY HARMFUL MANDATES 6 minutes. https://www.bitchute.com/video/AnKvtSYljqOc/

UK reversal of covid restrictions. 10 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/LTCkPnyfxDc/

THIS VIDEO DELETED YEARS AGO - 30 seconds https://www.bitchute.com/video/GMf72eW4MK5p/ *However, the ones he is talking about may well have been removed by the killshot, they are dumb and they lined up to take it. THE 'ROD FROM GOD' KINETIC WEAPON THAT FELL NEAR TONGA - 1 min https://www.bitchute.com/video/6DJ6CQ4djfX9/

Sudden reversal of covid restrictions in the UK - but apparently not reported thru msm

except the Guardian - so the people don't know! Even so, it might be lifted briefly to bring in the worst again. 8 high profile names to be revealed by Maxwell, then 8 from each of them, and so on. Reports are that Russia is about to attack the Ukraine.

The job is done?

Jan. 17th. Trump, at his most recent rally in Arizona on the 15th, did not wear a tie. Report suggests that this is symbolic, as it is in the business world, that when the tie is taken off it means the job is done. So, should be full speed ahead soon! When Trump said in the Candace Owens interview that he had the Pfizer - leaving everyone wondering what is wrong with him - he could just as easily have said FISA.

The woke attitude now has Hollywood worried because no-one wants to see the movies forced to have actors/actresses who may not be best for the roles etc. Also causing worries are suggestions that talented and deserving people - for places at certain schools, or job promotions etc - from a white background must give way to anyone of colour or some other difference. It should be reminded that some of the countries in this world WERE created and inhabited by white people, (it is their country or history) and that those who are not white, or some other difference, can create their own versions of Hollywood, Yale, successful business etc. After all, there is Bollywood and that is successful - and no-one tells them to give the acting roles only to people from Sweden for example, or Japan. K-Pop Korea does not insist its little stars must include Afro Americans or Inuits.

The Black Hole - Wormwood - spins and sometimes faces Earth and spits out frequencies,

and sometimes less so, during the time it influences here which is for about 6,000 years. Others have also noted that 2021 was the real 'End Times' year, then some bright spark says 'but it is 2022 now'. Indeed it is, and the planet was safely navigated away from the Black Hole by the military in 2021. This is why the good side had to have control from 2016. Earth should move away from the Black Hole as we get into late January (Aquarius). The Trump presidency was the distraction, and all focus was always on him, and he was never out of the news. Once the planet pulls out of its Fall (which is caused by the force from the Black Hole) it adjust its fallen left side in what is called its 'Right Ascension'.

The Sirius/Black Hole Energy Stream.

For a long time science was discussing the desire to enter the black hole. Stephen Hawkings was one of those who thought it a good idea. The thing is, where do you think the Black Hole was, that they were talking about? The nearest one to this planet perhaps?

This Black Hole has caused the current cycle of this planet, which Falls (descends) and that is where it picks up the energy stream from the hole. That is the second energy stream that entered the Garden and this reality. The second 'Tree' in the Garden. It is the Sirius Path - two stars Light & Dark, Living & Dead. The cycle, which is the Cycle of the Zodiac Ages, is a false cycle - obviously, because it exists because of the force (the 'invisible force') of the black hole. This is the reason why although Astrology can be a very precise science, the energies of the 'star signs' should not be influencing anything on this planet.

Very obvious to see how evil the Dark part of this DUAL path is - although some people do choose it - but the Light part of this path remains the path of choice on this planet, and it includes the planet's Ascending Phase. It includes that for the reason that the planet cycles back into its Fall which means it is still on the 'Path of Light & Dark' - the energy stream chosen by the people on this planet. That is the Wheel of Rebirth. They remain on that path UNLESS they choose the Eternal, Living, True God Source - which is what we teach how to do.

"The Sirius energy stream is the path which produces

'good fleets' (apparently Ashtar, nice angels etc) and also the satanists. It is what confuses people, but also humanity was born under Sirius - yet if they take that path then it ultimately leads to dissolution of the soul template.

Sirius is the chosen path of people born on this planet, obviously the good side mostly. However, it is still part of the DUALITY that is a binary star system - one dead and one living - so is the Path of Life and Death. This is the information that people on this planet have trouble with, also because it is the first one that communicates. It is the reason the Path to Eternal Life is offered. Most people argue blind that it is wrong to have to 'obey' ignoring the first port of entry to a 'spirit world' and 'spiritual communication' - they argue about it, they turn away in a huff, and basically blacklist any work trying to explain this (hence no income for the good side!) However, this is the only way to avoid going into that pathway."

It is expected that JFK Jnr

and his wife Carolyn, will return because their plane crash 'death' was necessary - he was the political candidate running against Hillary in NY. To return to public knowledge before the black agenda was cleared, would not make sense.

SCOTT MCKAY ON CIRSTENW - 'Mind Blowing Intel'.

5 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/PmpwQI2lmSW1/ 'Cirsten is likely still with us.' There are some truly vicious people full of hate who report. The recent passing of CirstenW looks like she was deliberately taken out or removed and protected CirstenW.

How Bad is My Batch

website https://howbad.info/


Ghana, Africa when the PRESIDENT OF GHANA goes on NATIONAL TV in Ghana .....and then proceeds to tell the Entire country about the SATANIC Rockefeller plan to put out a Virus for GLOBAL Depopulation and to destroy the Global Economy ...and WHERE TO FIND ALL THE PROOF ..... And then discloses to the country where the VIRUS was developed , The Fauci and Gates Involvement in the Satanic Agenda ...and much much more ... And then tells Ghana that he is going to END ALL VACCINATIONS ..14 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/DXtRhadMaGpc/

Plus, the Project Veritas documents obtained on Fauci.

7 mins https://www.bitchute.com/video/h6bl0enEvNhx/


3 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/Y2aHMp3PFc0j/

Djokovic visa cancelled again. Australian TV still continuing with the fake narrative. On their 'deadliest days' those who die who are jabbed always by far outnumber the unjabbed (if they even had 'covid'.)

Boris (probably the character replacement, as the real one was replaced in 2020) on the way to having to step down? (He will do eventually.) Prince Andrew, stripped of miltiary and HRH titles, to choose between a number of all bad options,with no good way out of it. It does seem that these people are all removed in a seamless, non-dramatic way. Governments are now 'finding ways' to get staff back to work. Plus the voting machine (Dominion) fraud was known to the military long before 2016 - and it is only they who need the proof to take action (which they did). The rest of the folks will find out when the military decides to let them know.

'Omicron' may be the 'vaccine' that was developed; it is widely reported that it spreads like the common cold and also builds up antibodies to covid/delta, thus providing herd immunity and making the jab unnecessary. Hopefully there is some kind of antidote that will help those who had the jab. 'Trump Social' set for rollout Feb. 21st - hardly likely if the old internet is still in charge. Better if the date was 22.2.22. And the entire transition said to complete in May 2022. Also :


2 mins https://www.bitchute.com/video/ErbT1RgYdCJd/ Also, people are not listening to CNN and m/s media fear mongering 2 mins 30 seconds report ends https://www.bitchute.com/video/9Ju8ai6WMx0/

Protocol 'London Bridge in Down' is being practised for currrently, and another code word is 'Hyde Park Corner'. There will be 10 days of everything blacked out. Also stuff about the 'alien invasion' - a crashed ET spaceship story they may still go with - apparently being briefed. Comments about the sleeping masses who are so totally unaware of what's been in play, that this planet came incredibly close to being taken as planned. *Truly, people are so unbelievably thick - I have personally met however many people lately, and they are clueless, completely over their heads, no thoughts that some of the things happening are obviously ridiculous. *Possibly this is a response caused by the nano-tech in the jab.

In reality this battle was, we believe, successfully (mostly) won during Trump's presidency, with Trump as the distraction. Now it is playing out so the people will wake up and stand up to it - meaning the people fight and win against the tyranny, and the people did it - they won the battle. They are supposed to do so because they have been given the chance to see it in action (but actually much more safely than it would have been). The problem is, so many are not seeing it at all!

Even the most ridiculous and draconian 'commands' are accepted. Recent comments have been on a speech by France's Macron and someone had to hold his (Macron's) arm up for him, and he seemed like a clone. Australian natives have willingly gone for the jab (not taken unwillingly as reported) and of those personally known to a 'Grandmother' died within one or two weeks of getting the jab. The incident with Djokovic in Australia is also ridiculous. All that is required is for people to see what was being done to them and stop it.

As mentioned Malaysia said that all visa overstays had to leave by Dec. 31st. The country we are now in at least offers almost normal life, no restrictions on entry to shops and malls, no Track & Trace, but it is winter and very cold!

Cabal and NATO tried to take Kazakhstan but this was prevented by the people and by requested support from Russia.

Updated Anything, ie Ashtar Command, or person, who/which identifies itself with Sirius is always part of the Sirius path.

Because Sirius is the path which produces 'good fleets' and also the satanists. It is what confuses people, but also humanity was born under Sirius but if they take that path then it ultimately leads to dissolution of the soul template.

Sirius is the chosen path of people born on this planet, obviously the good side mostly. However, it is still part of the DUALITY that is a binary star system - one dead and one living - so is the Path of Life and Death. This is the information that people on this planet have trouble with, also because it is the first one that communicates. It is the reason the Path to Eternal Life is offered.

Therefore, ultimately Sirius IS always the false path, and B is the tentacle of the black hole (which Sirius B became). It is the home star of the Masons and the cabal. It lies just beyond the black hole Earth is currently crossing and Sirius A comes online over this planet over Antarctica at some time in the future - presumably if that path was taken. That is the reason why cults like the Masons are trying to take this planet there. Ascended souls are NOT part of the Sirius system of either A or B or even if there was a third one. It means nothing that the things there communicate, - ask yourself, why wouldn't they?! It is a mystery why people do not check their facts beforehand when they keep supporting Sirius, but certainly it is the source of 'communications' which issue via the '1st portal' accessed out of body and which the Christos Source warns to ignore all visions and communications from. Sirius is not part of True Eternal God Source. It is the false path, the deceiver, the false communicator etc.

This Reset Agenda is still dragging on. The 'dark side' still has its power source - the black hole - nearby,

but the good side has control of operational centres to assist steering the planet away from it. The dark side was trying to resonate into it, but the planet ascends away from it naturally - unless dark tech was used, which is what was happening. There are still bad energies and pulses issuing from this cess pit.

The energies from the Black Hole do affect the left side of the body and the heart. It often does some damaging attacks during the early hours of the morning around 5 am which is a time when the soul is least attached to the body.

This page reports news of how the 'agenda' is playing out. Our actual job is as an absolute authority on the reality of this planet and how to return to True Source. The people on this planet just love the Sirius Path and the fact that it communicates!

The Sirius Path is Made Up of

a Light Star, and a Dark/Dead Star - a Duality.

That is the Path of the devil written in Genesis - Life and Death, Dark and Light, Good and Evil. That is how you ID it. It is both. And the people on this planet love it. The Path of Eternal Life is a Living Star, no duality. Those of the Sirius Path are here to take this planet into THEIR energy stream.

Therefore at this time in the Grand Cycle when the planet really accesses that path via the black hole, there are people who incarnate here from the True Reality, to ensure that does not happen, and of course there is help from the True Reality. The people of this planet would not make that choice! The assistance is not as an obvious, easily understood connection though, because the inner awareness of True Source still tests you. After the Earth moves into its Ascending Phase, it is still up to the people here to choose True God Source - and they must do that before the time we are in now.

It is not the Sirius Path. "Our Father, which art in Heaven, Hallowed be THY Name, THY kingdom come, THY will be done here on Earth as it is in Heaven......For THINE is the kingdom, the power and the glory, for ever and ever, world without end." The path of this planet is NOT the path to Sirius.

Just a reminder that if you get a cold, you still need to take something within the first 5 days. If you can, get Ivermectin or anything else that the medical sources have prevented you from getting. In the beginning even washing your hands with soap and water killed the bug, so use nasal salt rinses, steam etc. Covid is probably a 'flu, and can affect the breathing for some people. BUT if a person is put on the ventilators they almost always die. If you know this is happening to someone TAKE ACTION and stop it.

Also, recommendation from 'Erika' is that essential oils like Eucalyptus also break down the outer shell of the virus. Presumably that may include Tea Tree Oil etc. Others have suggested taking Black Seed Oil internally (but it does stimulate circulation so take it easy) and the bromelain in pineapples.

Wake Update January 2022. The Great Work

The recent passing of CirstenW looks like she was deliberately taken out CirstenW.

Hospitals have to follow the treatment protocol from the CDC and insurance companies or they can be sued, lose their license etc. But why is the Diagnosis for Pneumonia now 'Covid'?

There is no requirement to misdiagnose a condition as anything requiring the kill protocol.There are still questions, and this 'medical murder' of people has to stop. Reports : some nurses are being paid $40,000 a month to go long with it. Also reports that politicians are owners of the factories which make the test kits.

Not Out of the Dark Energy Yet.

It is not all clear yet and we are witnessing stupid behaviour everywhere - France, in the UK, and the scrappy examples who make up the Australian government - an embarrassment - with the Djokovic visa issue and a smirking government person saying "let him travel, if he can find a way to travel, to a country that will allow him in". Also the new lockdown rules for the unjabbed, no longer allowed an hour exercise time, leaving the house for work is not a reason to leave the house etc; just some examples. In reality, what is being shown on the news is what was planned; in real life you can work round these things. * Comment on Djokovic 3 mins (finishes at 3 mins) https://www.bitchute.com/video/SEVwbrIetyLM/ - the disgrace that is Australia. *Now he is 'allowed' to play.

It was said that the situation would reach 'end of the world' proportions before something steps in and changes everything. *February & March, dates like March 11th, are consistently filled with negative energies ie 'the ides of March' (March 15th), and the invasion of Iraq and the invasion of Libya both took place on March 19th making it an important date for the satanists, for war.

So who are these Crazies?

Believe as you choose!

"Best explanation is that they were written about in the Dead Sea Scrolls as the Children of Darkness - beings from a planet (Maldek) which exploded long ago in the Black Hole. They still exist in outer levels of the nearby Black Hole (from the explosion of Sirius B). A chunk of their density level planet came to this 'etheric' world as 'space ice' - bringing with it their DNA and the remains of dinosaurs. NASA has had missions to find other pieces of this space junk from a dead planet which they believe 'seeded life on Earth'. *Thus etheric soul level beings saw the arrival of dense physical form beings and landmass, onto their non-physical 'sky' realm. ** Also the land chunk is iron and magnetic which probably explains why it first began to be drawn towards the black hole.

They were a form of winged reptile, as seen in most ancient artworks, Mesopotamian etc, and they are cold blooded, soulless fruit-loops who came to an end. Obviously they 'worship' Sirius - as masons do - which is their now dead home star aka black sun. They should not really have had the opportunity for their DNA to exist again - as a failed race - but somehow they did manage it on this planet.

In an embarrassing number of ways the average person has proved what these nutjobs think - that most humans are incapable of thinking for themselves, and will accept orders. 

In reality, no government has any level of authority to behave like this, and forcing jabs violates the Nuremberg Code. That was a specific directive after the horrific experiments carried out in Nazi Germany. Yet the average people have accepted an experimental concoction being injected directly into their bloodstream.  

And people have accepted and followed orders to administer it to others it - even while seeing what it is doing to them - seizures, dying etc and they still do it.

Overall, the majority of average humans would have let them carry out the depopulation agenda. I feel sure this lack of development is noted in some higher heavenly court of record keeping! 

However, the seeding that was recorded in Genesis never was the higher realm humans. It was an 'unofficial' creation, but they have been granted by God Source, the chance to become God Realm level. They are not yet spiritually developed, and they do get caught up in the dark energy and think it is God, but they also do have many more opportunities to evolve to the Higher Realm level.

This is the time written about in Revelation and it is a 'battle' between 'good and evil'

because this is when the Earth crosses the entrance into a Black Hole - Wormwood. In normal circumstances, the planet would not do this.  It is because of the damage which causes the wobble and tilt, and it is this that takes Earth right into the path of the Black Hole.  That realm is where the consciousness of these fruit-loops comes from - a reverse of God Source (also called Anu's - which is literally anus.)

Interestingly thermal photos show that their body temperature is much lower than normal humans so - I have been told - there are photos of normal people showing red, but these cold blooded ones show as blue. That is how you can ID them."

*It should also be added that good, innocently trusting, decent people

have also believed this b/s and that is why they took the jab route. They would never have believed something as bad as it actually is, could happen. Not all are as mindless as represented. 25 million have NOT been jabbed in the UK. Australia is waking up, and across the world people are standing up for what is right.

This is where it will be at, and where it now goes forward,

with the people of this world so that it reaches the masses. Every time the Earth moves to its Ascension Phase there is great joy and freedom, because to most, this is a one off victory. Just remember the 'wheel' continues (and that knowledge does not reach 'the masses'.)

Since the land chunk landed on this etheric (spirit) planet from an exploded failed civilization in the Sirius system, the native people and 'Grandmothers' etc may not be as significant as generally thought. To ascend to True Eternal Source returns to the etheric, not density land.

There are reasons why Trump says he took the jab, one being so he would not end up poisoned like the President of Brasil, also it apparently forces more actions that can be brought to a court of law eg airline pilots have been forced to violate their own strict code by taking an experimental substance which they are not allowed to do and then safely fly a plane. Also Trump has said he took the Pfiz-ah not Pfizer apparently - but it sounded like he took the Pfizer! Trump was a distraction. It is absolutely mind blowing the massive numbers of people who have meekly taken the jab and think absolutely nothing of it. If people were supposed to wake up in order to throw out the garbage, the garbage would remain!

Australian TV news shows clip of stocks of Covid test kits '3 for $60'. In Malaysia they cost about $2 or $3 dollars each. That, along with hotel quarantine are great little revenue raisers.


Queuing for the kill shot! OMG! What does it take to wake people up?

3 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/j22hDHZLlHrX/

Airline Pilots Sue Biden Admin.

2 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/ejxQQO4HXkun/


8 mins. Nano electronic circuits in frozen Pfizer liquid. https://www.bitchute.com/video/CRcOdcOuBc9d/ in Spanish with sub-titles.

'Basel 3' came into operation on Dec. 31st 2021 and the USD ended ready for the gold backed USN rollout. 'Basel III is a global, voluntary regulatory framework on bank capital adequacy, stress testing, and market liquidity risk. This third installment of the Basel Accords was developed in response to the deficiencies in financial regulation revealed by the financial crisis of 2007–08.'

Nearly Out of the Black Hole!

Not too many bad pulses or frequencies (if any) now issuing from the cess pit this planet has been crossing. Readers here are amongst only the few who know about this! Yet it was clearly written about in ancient texts, including being called 'the Destroyer'. In Revelation it would seem to be 'Wormwood'. So let's talk about true 'spiritual awareness' and note that the 'spiritual community' - those ones who self-righteously claimed mentioning this was 'negative thinking' - has yet to pick up on the black hole we have just passed through. (It is the 'first door').

And, right from the time Trump announced he was running for President the world went into the diversion. That means the real battle took place as soon as he was President - which took them all by surprise - now the world has been safely guided past the 'Wormwood' in 2021 - after all, we could not have had the 'Children of Darkness' in charge for this time. Once fully passed this, the planet begins the ascent part of its cycle. That means it pulls out of it and is nowhere near the black hole location, until next time round.

'Antarctica' is now beginning to raise questions,

so this aspect is starting to become known, just as the existence of 'wormwood' is still yet to be known. It was a Nazi base (submarine) linked to the Black Sun, but has always been a 'Children of Darkness' Command Centre. Antarctica is the closest point to the nearby black hole, and very much part of the magnetic frequencies aligning this planet into that black hole. Therefore it was called Satan's Command Centre on Earth.

Sat-an means the opposite of God, and answers to the source behind the black hole tentacle (attached to the super massive black hole at galactic HQ - the 'queen'.) These dead beings - who/which exist in a cess pit - only found their way onto this planet because of its Fall, and gained dominance around 5-6,000 years ago (as they do at that point throughout however long this planet has been caught on this falling then ascending 'wheel'.) It is this source which communicates with humans and is the reason many, many people will have formed energy ties with it and will be bound into returning for next time round.

This reality is one third of a larger, high frequency, faster spinning real world invisible planet,

but this third fell out of alignment and became dense matter. You are trapped here for every repeating cycle - where the Black Hole, aka 'invisible force' or 'queen of the hive', always tries to take the planet into it - unless you can find the right 'door' out of here. You must do this BEFORE the times when it is revealed, because - obviously - that is what tests your true awareness of Eternal God Source. It is all pretty easy to make choices now!

*'One third' is the 33rd and highest masonic and 'Children of Darkness' degree. Only one third. It is the top of the junk heap for the Fallen reality. It is also where the Christ-Eternal God Source alignment is lost.

For 2022 : Elections looming where some of these treasonous governments

will be voted out by the people who have had enough of this nonsense. Australia can expect a new form of government soon, probably with Ricardo Bosi as the new Commander in Chief - but the election has not yet been called, but maybe in May.

Most likely it was Julie Bishop who was Australia's Jacinda Ardern and she was removed earlier. So not sure about ScoMo's real function. Australia was one of the worst countries involved in sex trafficking of underage children and young adults, and huge networks of general filth often mirrored in the everyday consciousness. NZ, UK, USA, Canada & most Euro countries were foul and disgusting too. Also the real Boris in the UK appeared to have been replaced when he was alleged to have had 'covid'. Countries fully part of the dark plan include most Euro/Scandinavian, UK & Ireland, Canada, NZ, Australia and the USA. *More info on quarantine and issues further down.

The process of removing these nutjobs is not happening as fast as generally expected (or preferred) and not involving dramatic arrests, but is a kind of natural, non-dramatic change. The timing for the end of this is "God's timing" and means Earth has safely moved completely past the black hole/Wormwood and is beginning its ascent (which raises up the fallen damaged side.)

Ghislaine Maxwell found GUILTY

- which mean a lot of sordid and disgusting revelations are going to become public knowledge soon. This was never going to be a different outcome, and is part of the revelation path. * Now, mid Jan. 8 names of very high profile people involved in this sex trafficking, have been ordered by the courts to be released.

Breathing Fresh Air!

Travel to a safe country. In reality Mexico provides the best option, but we could not travel there. The airline we used - which has no restrictions other than wearing a mask during the flight (and we could not care less about mask wearing) - unfortunately links to American Airline which is their connecting transit flight to Mexico. That was the only flight option. Travelling info.

The 'End Time' was 2021 not 2012.

Just another example of writing things in reverse.

The nearby Black Hole is basically a cess pit, a 'galactic sewer'

that Earth unfortunately crosses because the planet's alignment and trajectory was altered (called the Fall). The Hole - the anus/Anus of Anunaki - does not come to Earth, Earth moves near to it - but would not do that without the angle alteration. It issues pulses and frequencies that register on the left side (also where the heart is) but also as sound. It is still doing this. It is a filthy thing, and Earth is safely passing its disgusting influence.

Quarantine and Other Travel Restrictions.

Many people cannot travel now because they choose to be unjabbed and because of quarantine issues. This means they are restricted to their homes and general area and subject to the whims of governments regarding new lockdowns. Of course in some places there are ways around having to do quarantine, but generally for people in their own countries who travel, they may have a week or so quarantine at their destination and then have to do quarantine when they return home - and with work commitments there is very little holiday time involved.

In Australia, citizens were forbidden to travel - 'by command of the government'. Now the jabbed can travel. For those caught overseas when lockdowns began, a return requires the official government chosen quarantine hotels costing $4,000 regardless (it is now a revenue raiser) OR they put you in one of the covid concentration camps. The country is still in a precarious situation 'fighting' for its freedom. Even so, large numbers of people are still asleep to what is happening!

Many people do not realise the actual situation - they just think they have an annoying government.

There are issues of pressure applied to get the killshot - or no job etc in the countries involved in this dark plan. However, when those providing essential services refuse to be jabbed and leave their jobs, the government has to eventually ask them to come back. Overall, it is much safer and provided more freedom to have been in 'other countries'. Malaysia was extremely good; some living in Bali were not so fortunate and moved to Mexico - where you can travel freely into the US as an illegal immigrant!

The Hadron Collider at Cern in Switzerland, which was being used to open a portal into the Black Hole

(as we covered here) is dismantled from its function as a black hole resonator. It remains but its function is different.

The Black Hole - Wormwood.

Are Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin etc Vaccines?

Jan. 3rd. Not unless there was some legal redefinition of what a real vaccine is. They are just plain, ordinary, everyday medicines that have been around for a long time. They are taken in normal doses and as far as is known, do not contain any diluted version of the virus. Usually a vaccine is a diluted small amount of the disease used to stimulate an immune response to it.

Trump and co, Ivanka etc should 'shut the fxxx up' saying he has taken the vaccine as it misleads people to think the killshot is safe. Then they may take it - and that is bad. Perhaps he says it when there is a need for a diversion? Or, maybe it somehow 'fools' the dark side into thinking he is supporting the killshot - but really!

As far as is known, there ARE people dying after taking the killshot. The shedding IS real. A friend's sister, in her '20's, went into double kidney failure after the shot. So is it safe? Maybe in the US the stuff was changed to harmless, but that does not mean that was the case for everywhere else in the world.

Omicron variant knocking out Delta etc and world 'herd immunity' imminent.

PINEAPPLES or extract from, and bromelain the enzyme from pineapple, is reported as effective against spike proteins.

Earth's Crossing of the Entrance into a Black Hole During 2021.

It has been the most dangerous point of Earth's cycle but is known to science and the military who have been watching over this 'end of the world' possibility. It had to be the military; and without Trump, 'cue' and the entire operation, the world would not have made it. There would never have been millions of people at a rally all reciting the Lord's Prayer.

Now, that dangerous passage is nearly complete, and there will not be people lifted up and into the hole. It is a known reality that happens every 25,000+ years when the fallen planet lines up with the nearby Black Hole which can be seen with the naked eye from Antarctica.

This is the same Black Force/Destroyer warned about that was met with 'that is negative thinking' and ignoring it. Thank goodness for science and the military! Left to 'spiritual sources' people would have taken a nasty journey that their ancestors did take. The actual dangerous part of this began early in 2021 (entering the zodiac sign of Aquarius in late January, with the most dangerous time being September to December - or Virgo to Capricorn) but it will be getting nearer to a 'Merry Christmas' as the danger begins to recede then. The Black Hole is still there, but Earth will no longer be in its mouth/entrance.

Awaiting the New System.

It is possible to get useful information from the Akasha Records (in the magnetosphere surrounding this reality) - which can now be communicated via the quantum supercomputers into the brain. Just like in the old days!

It is not unusual that science would be involved in the original reality (which is a still existing reality) of this planet because it was a science/technology massive error which caused the fall (of one third of what existed before). That third went into reverse and created a separated existence. The original remaining two thirds never changed, but does step in to help this reality. (But remains difficult to get back to. You have to know how.)

General questions on current unfolding plan include, 'Who is going to be overseeing the new form of government?' It will be overseen by the military known as the StarLink Guardians. The 'Guardians' was the name given to the Space Force by President Trump. So, the current structures of government will probably go, and be replaced by committees at the grass roots level - as was the system created by Colonel Gaddafi for Libya.

Nearly 75% worldwide so far is already under the new quantum system - under the Guardian military level. It will still take about 2-5 years for this massive change to complete worldwide. The Queen stepped down from office in 2018 but that does not mean she died. It is reported she is in the Greenland Camp and may remain there long beyond her official demise. It will take longer for some parts of the world to be part of the new system. USA first, then UK, then Australia and Canada (which will all become part of the United States and no longer part of the Commonwealth). The new system is not God, but it is good.

Remember : Wanting to reach the end game is not about 'being like eager kids wanting to open the Xmas presents'. Some people are stuck in 'other countries', it is not safe to return to their home base, and some may have to go to even more different countries just to be okay. Besides, is a world run by another computer system necessarily great?! The Guardians are just military people monitoring their systems. No computer system is ever God - not even a quantum one - it is still the realm of the Mind. It is the good side of the Path of Light & Dark.

Activity in Antarctica Base!

Top figures working for evil were summoned to their dark base in Antarctica - which is now under good side control. So they were arrested. Curious they didn't know that base is under good side control.

Astral Travelling is 'forbidden' by True God Source because until the True Passage has been accessed the consciousness travels through the 'false door' and to the Black Sun. The Black Sun is the home star and former loving source of those who are part of the Dark Path or have gone into the astral body and wandered further into the Astral Path. They feel this dead sun as being, for them, God.

128 Footballers have died after the jab and over 500 have collapsed.

Staggering Number of Deaths of Airline Pilots in 2021.

19 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/LzJDZlwaptJu/ Be careful which airline you fly with.

If the last number on the barcode of the jab bottle is 1 it is saline.

If it is #2 its a normal 'flu jab. If it is #3 it is the kill shot. Even so it could all still be Russian Roulette. Protocol recommended to dissolve 'razor blade' effect, with chlorine dioxide - see end of this page.

Was the plan for those in on the agenda, and who paid for the privilege, to remain safely in the underground cities, until everyone on the surface was dead,

then come back to the surface and enjoy their new planet? **The arrogance to think they could do something like this should make anyone angry!

Also perhaps, when these underground cities were raided by the 'white hats' and these people arrested, they were given the full sequence of the recommended doses of their Graphene Hydroxide jab concoction?

Were Graphene Hydroxide nanoparticles in the ventilators -

which made up the 'protocol' medical staff were told to follow - and paid $36,000 - $40,000 per patient? Making medical staff paid hitmen?

Communism/Marxism/Belshevism : Recent Videos from this news page : Antarctica and Greenland :

Those refusing to get the jab need to wait to be fired - then benefits can be paid - refuse the jab, but don't quit the job MAKE THEM fire you.

As the planet moves into its Ascending Phase - it changes position,

therefore altering climates in various regions - and we all want this Ascending Phase! It is moving into a new summer for some, and a new winter for other regions.'Current Earth'.

There are plants and animal species which seeded their life on this planet from the rock debris from the dead planet. These are the ones dying out and do not continue on this God World planet, but not caused by 'climate change'.

SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE SURVIVORS Recent Videos included on the news page.

The movement of money which was done wrongly

was done through countries which turned a blind eye - and nicely paid - mainly through

Switzerland, Germany, Dubai and Bahrain,

and this has been watched and monitored closely for the last 20 years.

The Collapse of the US Economy & Inability to Pay its Debt?

The US was made a corporation in 1871. Continue.


Featured Topics.

The Ancient Empire of TARTARIA . The 'World Run on Water' .

4th Reich : Nazi-Khazarian Advanced Tech Craft and Hidden Bases : Titanic : Rods of God : Empire of Tartaria :

Current Earth : Antarctica and Greenland (and the race of angels) : Still the Wrong Path!


Fitness and Health

'Therapeutae' - a timeless, natural, plant based health system practised by 'healers' and 'therapists'.

It is the Greek name for the later named 'Essene' bases in Egypt before they went to Palestine. Egypt at that time, was occupied by Greece, and even the languages spoken in the 'Holy Land' 2000 years ago, included Greek and a slang mix version known as Koine. "Koine Greek, also known as Alexandrian dialect, common Attic, Hellenistic or Biblical Greek, was the common supra-regional form of Greek."

Lockdown in 2020, left us in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was mostly fairly normal until September 2021 when the unjabbed were no longer allowed into shopping malls. That's a big blow because the malls are modern and high end, in this modern, young spirited country, and fun to go to.

People ask us which exercise is the best for those who followed up the 'Therapeutae' path to the right 'door'. The answer is, do the exercise you love best, which for us is dance classes. It is okay to do gym level yoga exercise for example, as a normal form of exercise like most exercise systems are, but less about the 'holy training' aspect some identify with.

Health and Fitness included on the Dec. news page.

** We have to make choices about videos included on this website. We found that videos which only have a person ranting their own opinion, or someone saying 'you are an idiot' if you 'don't believe what they are saying', and the videos who have someone shouting over a politician who is not given a chance to answer, expose nothing and are not useful sources of information.

Also, there are sources which although they may have good intel, this website cannot use them because they are promoting some 'wrong teachings'.

We prefer not to use videos with high levels of swearing or other bad behaviour. Plus there are sources which may have good information but they are eating during it, and you can hear them! It is revolting and makes their info less appealing.

** And FYI : We can almost never use video info sources from Australians because it appears to be normal speech for them that every other word is a foul swear word and this is not only offensive but undermines the credibility. * In case you don't believe us, here is a typical Australian woman! 1 min. https://www.bitchute.com/video/FFLRiNoc2cXF/ 



This work began by exploring the existence of the 'Essenes'.

which provided very helpful texts - from 2,000 years ago - on a clean, fresh Plant Based Diet etc which we began to follow in the '80's. Their original name was Therapeutae. It means Therapists - which is the same as Healers.

They also had historic records, including scrolls on the 'Children of Darkness'.

TIME does have a 'Year 1' beginning.

The recording of Time began straight after the Fall, around 12,000 or 11,000 years ago - specific to the time the planet fell, like a tree that had been logged. That is, it remained suspended for a while, then fell. There was a Year 1 from that specific time.

The current year, 2021 is from the beginning of the millennium which began 2,000 years ago - calculated from the original Year 1. It was a marker date in preparation for when the planet would begin its 'Ascending Phase'.

Earth's Ascension is the correction of its fall.

The Greek philosopher Plato wrote of the instant flooding of Atlantis around 11,000 years ago. In Siberia in the Arctic region of Russia, mammoths munching buttercups on a sunny tropical day, were snap frozen also dated around that time.

So, How did that lead to a Portal into the False Spiritual Realm instead of the True Portal back to Eternal Life?

Clearly the Earth's Ascension Phase is going to be good - going to be great. It is a little like a superimposed image which still overlays the fallen reality. It is good, but as the Cycle continues, it returns to the Fall phase again.

If you have the inner strength to accept the truth, then you have a chance to exit the False Realms and return to True Source.

Since the time when the woolly mammoths were snap frozen by a sudden shift in the Earth, and an island continent in the Atlantic was engulfed by water around 12,000 years ago - the planet has been aligned to a False Astral Portal. The True one was immediately lost. The False Portal is how all the 'dark' evil forces get into this planet - because they certainly don't enter from the True God Realms - they would have to be located there to do so. For this reason the first essential piece of the Lost Knowledge is to avoid the False Portal!

But unfortunately, millennia ago, no-one realized that. Life after death, astral travel, ayahuascha journeys, Oracles of Delphi or Tibet or anywhere else, all accessed the only 'Spiritual Portal' that was there. Since then, people would not let that go. So, a high being from the True Reality did come to this world to explain that. He was called the Christos.

Obviously, as the planet corrects from its Fall it is going to align more with the True Portal. The problem that has been encountered for every round of the Ascending-Descending Grand Cycle since probably nearly 800,000 years ago - is that people have established energy ties into the False Portal. People HAD to break those ties BEFORE the planet began its Ascension Phase. This is how and why people here remain energy bound into the 'Cycle of Rebirth' into this world.

Astral Portal

The Ascension Phase of the Planet.

The 'white hats' op dates back to the time of the American Civil War. There has been a definite timing involved in this and that has to coincide with the actual change in the planet to the Ascension Phase - which we have followed and covered specifically over the last 20 years. The good side has been aware of the bad agenda playing out decades. The timing to act, requires the planetary changes.

Ascension energies impacted this planet in abundance in 2006,

with lead ins before that, after the millennium - some in 2001, big input in 2003, some big stuff in 2005. This energy is the power and the glory. This glory has been powering the side of good since then.


More Links/Resources.


Recent Videos from this news page.

Climate-Metaverse - the Black Hole New Reality and Lure.



Vaccine info page.
The NUREMBERG Code . PANDEMIC DEPOPULATION PLAYBOOK: OPERATION LOCKSTEP https://realnewsuk.com/2021/Rockefeller.pdf
Graphene Oxide - in the jab. 1 min. Teslaphoresis

Chlorine dioxide info on Dec. News page.


Democrat Strategy to 'Steal the Election' - A Coup d'etat - copy of the document.


Information, film, audio, documents, and photos from Hunter (Joe's son) Biden's laptop.

Solar Activity
Intro to The the Dark Plan Named Covid.
More new content on the Introduction to the Living Source .


Plus :


10 mins. https://www.bitchute.com/video/737ho478Danf/

Non compliance advice - Get them to sign if giving the vaccine'.

UK: VACCINE PASSPORT EXEMPTION 1 minute : https://www.bitchute.com/video/HnUIAsmQLUlR/

'Get them to sign if giving the vaccine'. https://www.bitchute.com/video/D9Isb6FBPCco/ 1 min.

The NUREMBERG Code also new video on your legal and medical rights on Vaccine info page.

Reliable, factual journalism sources include :


Previous news topics.

'Absolute Proof Beijing Stole the 2020 US Election'. https://www.bitchute.com/video/AaCD0xX2yAaB/ The source of this requests you please share this video. 2 hour show.

Official - PCR Tests are inaccurate.

The CDC now recognizes that the PCR tests cannot tell the difference between the usual 'flu and so called covid-19.


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