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Try to live each day by the Golden Rule - 'do as you would be done by'

   Try to be kind

  Love all beings by practicing 'harmlessness'

Love Animals

Choose a Plant Food Based, vegan friendly diet, with healthy omega oils and a few 'Mediterranean' secrets


     and fresh juices


         No alcohol - except maybe a little red wine with meals for resveratrol


   Olive Oil - said to maintain vein elasticity 


.....but No Eggs - try to limit dairy



Coconut Oil for MCT medium chain fatty acids - and switch to a Keto - fat based - diet over starchy carbs.  The evidence is there for weight loss, targets visceral fat in the abdomen, anti-viral, anti-fungal functions and provides vital good oils for the brain.


   Go for a walk


   Get good quality sleep


   Take time to 'smell the roses'


Don't Use Electronic Devices that connect the fingers with the device, it affects the nervous system.



Always help another in need if it is within your ability to do so, even a kind word and empathy.


'Judge' (discern) with your Heart not your Mind.  Your Mind may be wrong.  Your Heart is never wrong!


Say something or do something nice for someone every day


   Be kind to animals

"Animals were not afraid of, nor the food for, the 5th realm people.  It was a world that had learned to Love, and it lived within an energy 'ocean' that was entirely Love and Mercy."


  STOP choosing the Lower Energies as your Lifestyle or spiritual path!

  And stop bringing them into this planet. 

You are harming the planet by doing so.

   Find out how to understand why they are not the Higher way.



1. Keep to the Guidelines.

2. Everyday place your life and guidance into the guiding Light of the Living  Master Source.

"I place my life into the guiding Light Source of the Living Master."

This planet is currently within the force of the 'invisible force' which is a dead source.  The planet does eventually move out of this.



There is an issue of a dark agenda which has now revealed itself from the shadows. Many people thought a dark agenda was only a 'conspiracy theory' but now everyone knows it is very real.

There is also a health issue with the now acknowledged to be lab enhanced virus, in that in some cases if that virus gets to the lungs it can basically destroy the blood.

Humanity and this planet has been attacked. That this planet has headed into a 'dark force' is not part of True Source. The planet was altered to take a different path.

Here are two introductory pages on this, and the reason why there are these guidelines.


The World System of the Children of Darkness continue.


Connecting Back to the Well Spring Life Streams.


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